10 Short Height Plus Size Models Breaking the Stereotypes

Plus size models with short height. A few years back it would be impossible to imagine a girl with short height and plus size to be a model. But times have changed. People no longer want to limit themselves because of what society defines as beautiful. You are beautiful if you feel that way, this is what the plus size models prove. They prove that beauty can come in all sizes and all shapes and this break all the typical stereotypes associated with beauty. These girls set their own trends and inspire others to do the same.

Most Popular Short Plus Size Models

It is generally considered that to be a model, a girl must be more than 6 feet tall. The models we will be discussing today are all shorter than this. Yes, today we have with us a list of the world’s sexiest girls. They are all what some people would call as “over-weight” or “plus-size” and yet they manage to be more fashionable than the slimmest girls around. These girls are all under the height of 5′ 11″ and so come in the category of curvy supermodels with comparatively average or short height.

#10- Tess Holliday – The Shortest Plus Size Supermodel

Here’s the latest edition to the list of short plus size models. Ever imagined that a plus size girl with height of 5’4″ can be a supermodel? Well here is Tess Holliday, due to her short height and size 22 she was criticized and rejected by many for pursuing a career in the modelling world. But just this year she was able to get a contract and be featured in Vogue. Despite being bullied and rejected all her life, this girl broke all stereotypes and did what she dreamed of. She is the girl who became the world’s first size 22 supermodel!




#9- Courtney Maxwell

This model has a height of 5’11” and size 16. She has made her name as a great professional model and is also busy helping other plus size models make their way into the industry. She is a proof that despite being short and plus size, one can be a chic model with great looks.


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