Thigh Tattoo Ideas 25 Best Designs with Meanings

Thigh Tattoo Designs With Meaning: Tattoos on the thighs are considered unattractive by most women, and they are less visible than tattoos on other parts of the body. That is incorrect, these tattoos look just as good as they do anywhere else, or we may state that the thighs are the best place to get inked.

You only need to know the best tattoos and the right spot to have them. Women enjoy wearing stylish shorts so imagine wearing such shorts with a tattoo on your thigh, resulting in absolutely stunning thighs. Tattoos on the thighs draw attention to your legs and make them appear more appealing. Plus, thighs are a great place to have a tattoo of any size, whether it’s small or large, a colorful tattoo, or a black and white one.

Furthermore, getting a tattoo on the thigh might be advantageous since some people do not want to reveal their tattoo for personal reasons, so if it is on their thighs, they may hide it beneath their jeans or pants.

Thigh Tattoo Ideas

The following are some ideas for you to consider; you may choose any of them according to your preference. If you want some colorful tattoos for your thighs, you can have them; if you are looking for any meaningful tattoo ideas, you can get them; and if you want black tattoos, you can even have those.

If you’re unsure which tattoo to get this year, then you may get an idea of which would suit you best from all of these different designs. But, before we get into the ideas, there are a few things you should know before and after getting a tattoo.


  • When getting a tattoo or any other sort of tattoo, always dress comfortably. Wear loose shorts or skirts when getting a tattoo to make it easier for you and your artist.
  • Tights and pants should be avoided for at least two to three weeks since they can cause severe pain. After your tattoo gets healed, you can wear whatever you want.
  • Running or exercising after getting a tattoo might cause pain; nevertheless, you can resume gym activities after 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Although a tattoo on the thigh is not much painful for everyone due to the fat on the thighs, it is possible that it will hurt you depending on your skin type and can take up to 4 weeks to heal properly.
  • If you’re getting inked on your thigh, go for larger tattoo designs since thighs are a place where bigger tattoos will be more noticeable and will look better than smaller ones.

25 – Colorful Ones

If you love colors and are looking for colorful tattoos for thighs, then here is a good option for you. These flowers on your thigh will make it appear more attractive. In your tattoo, you might include butterflies sitting on flowers. These vibrant butterflies and flowers will stand out, and everyone will admire your tattoo.

Thigh tattoo ideas

24 – More Flowers

Tattoos on the front of the thighs pop out more than those on the back. Here is an option for you if you want to tattoo a design on the front side of your thigh. On your front thigh, get a lovely lily or any other flowers of your choice made by your artist. You may get these flowers tattooed on both front legs if you want to make your thigh look slimmer with a tattoo. Depending on your preference, you may add color or get a black and grey flower.

Thigh tattoo ideas

23 – Floral Design

Here is another flower pattern idea for you, but these are black and grey flowers. These pointed dark grey flowers will appear just as good as the multicolored ones. You may get this tattoo on the corner side of your thigh or wherever you want, depending on your choice. But keep in mind when looking for larger patterns, always choose the corner side of your thigh since it will be easier for the artist to make a whole design.

Thigh tattoo ideas

22 – Skull Tattoo

Most people get tattoos for several reasons. If you’re looking for meaningful tattoo designs to have on your thighs, here’s an option: get this skull with flowers inked on your legs. This skull with flowers has a deeper meaning. The flowers signify beauty and a beautiful life, while the skull-head represents death. When these two things are combined, they represent present life and life after death.

Thigh tattoo ideas

21 – Quotes

Are you a quotation lover and want to get your favorite phrase tattooed on your thighs? Then go for it as a quote will look great on your thighs. You may wear your favorite shorts, a mini skirt, or ripped jeans to show off your tattoo. However, if you want to keep your tattoo private, you may easily hide it beneath your pants or trousers. You can get whatever text you want, whether it be short or a long detailed text.

Thigh tattoo ideas
Thigh tattoo ideas

20 – For Special Ones

Not everyone gets a tattoo just for enjoying life or for joyful purposes. Many people get them for specific purposes and their loved ones. For your special memory or to remember someone, you can get this unique tattoo on your thighs. If you’ve lost someone, this “until we meet” tattoo on your thighs will show your love for them and your belief that you’ll see them again one day. You may make this tattoo more attractive by including butterflies. This tattoo will be close to you, and if you don’t want others to see it, you may cover it up using your clothes.

Thigh tattoo ideas

19 – Powerful Woman

As previously said, a tattoo on a woman’s thigh indicates a woman’s strength. Get this powerful woman tattooed on your thighs to make yourself appear more strong. Add flowers to the tattoo to make it more appealing. You may have this tattoo with or without color, as you like.

Thigh tattoo ideas
Thigh tattoo ideas

18 – For Animal Lovers

Animal tattoos are the most popular type of tattoos; you may try these tattoos in 2022. Such tattoos are great for animal lovers. Women who adore animals may get them tattooed on their thighs. You may select any of your favorite animals to get tattooed, and this will enhance the appearance of your leg.

Thigh tattoo ideas
Thigh tattoo ideas

17 – Huge Lantern

Lantern tattoos symbolize finding one’s path in the dark. If you are related to this, finding your way in life, and wanting a tattoo relevant to your life, then you may get this big lantern on your thighs. This lantern is mixed with flowers to seem beautiful. You may easily have this tattoo on your thighs since it demands a lot of space.

Thigh tattoo ideas

16 – The Solar System

Some females are interested in galaxies and the universe and, for such people, this one is the best tattoos they can get for their thighs. The solar system tattoo represents the person who values inner peace and personal space. If you want to get a unique tattoo, you should try this. This solar system on your thigh will appear stunning and enhance the look of not just your thigh but the entire leg.

Thigh tattoo ideas

15 – Butterfly On The Thigh

The butterfly is a beautiful insect, and when it lands on a woman’s thighs, it makes the most lovely tattoo. If you want a small and beautiful tattoo on your thighs, this is the one for you. Put this beautiful butterfly tattoo on your thigh to enhance your beauty.

Thigh tattoo ideas
Thigh tattoo ideas

14 – Mother-Child Love

If you are a mother seeking a tattoo for yourself, this is the tattoo for you. Get this lovely tree with a mother and her child tattooed on your thighs. It will convey your love for your child, and this elegant tattoo will cover your thigh and look lovely.

Thigh tattoo ideas

13 – Cartoon Tattoo

Get these cartoon character tattoos on your thighs if you want some cute tattoos. It will look adorable and, you may get these tattoos both with and without shades, depending on your choice. You can tattoo your thighs with any of your favorite cartoon characters.

Thigh tattoo ideas

12 – Roses And Blackberries

Here is a good option if you don’t want only a flower on your thigh. Get a rose tattoo surrounded by blackberries. It is the most simple and beautiful of all the previous tattoo ideas. If you value beauty with simplicity, this is the one for you.

Thigh tattoo ideas

11 – Mandala Tattoo

This mandala tattoo is another idea for you. This tattoo requires greater area, making it perfect for the thigh. Mandala tattoos have a purpose; these tattoos represent balance and perfection in life. 

10 – Women, Women And Women

Smoking tattoos are the most well-known tattoos. This smoking girl tattoo is suitable for your thighs. You may add different-sized flowers around the smoking girl to make it more vibrant and engaging.

Thigh tattoo ideas

9 – Cherub On The Thigh

The cherub tattoo signifies protection for the person who has it. Cherub’s wings symbolize protection. Some people get baby cherub tattoos for their children. You may get this cherub tattoo on your thigh in any size you prefer. This massive cherub tattoo will look great on your thighs and, like the Cherub, will bring you positive vibes.

Thigh tattoo ideas

8 – Medusa

Women with snake hair called “medusa” reflect a woman’s strength and power. Women get these tattoos to express their strength and power. It also represents new life since the snake sheds its skin and grows a new one. These Medusa tattoos are suitable for your thighs. It is a unique tattoo, and everyone will admire and get inspired by it.

7 – Sun Tattoo

If you’re seeking a tiny and cute tattoo for your thighs, this rising sun tattoo is a great option. The meaning behind this rising tattoo is that, just as the day begins with the sun, this tattoo signifies a fresh start or beginning for you. It also represents the changes that have occurred in your life.

Thigh tattoo ideas

6 – Symbol Of New Beginnings

Ship tattoos indicate new beginnings, new homes, and a new way of life. It also signifies good luck for you. You may get it on your thigh if you want good luck and new beginnings in your life. It also represents bravery and, if you believe you are brave and want to express it through your tattoo, this ship is perfect for you.

Thigh tattoo ideas

5 – Dream Catcher

Dreamcatcher tattoos are symbols of protection for a loved one. People acquire these tattoos for their loved ones to protect them from evil and wish them good luck. You can get these dreamcatcher tattoos on your thighs for your loved ones. Colors can be added to your tattoo to make it more visible and attractive.

Thigh tattoo ideas

4 – Memories Of Childhood

Everyone cherishes their childhood memories and wants to keep all of them. You can’t keep your special childhood memories with you, but you can get a tattoo of them. Get this adorable tiny baby tattoo on your thighs since it will look great on them. Your memory will live on in the form of this tattoo for the rest of your life.

Thigh tattoo ideas

3 – Devil Woman

A crying woman with devil horns portrays the helpless woman on the inside, yet she has to be strong in the eyes of society and for herself. You may have this tattoo on your thighs to remind you that you are strong and you should not give up at any time. This tattoo will look great and will encourage you.

Thigh tattoo ideas

2 – Ornaments

You can also get these beautiful ornaments tattooed on your thighs. These ornaments reflect life as it grows from childhood to adulthood. It also denotes protection at various times and in different situations.

Thigh tattoo ideas

1 – From Thigh To Foot

If you’re a crazy tattoo lover, you can get tattoos all over your legs. It will express your real passion for tattoos when you get them from your thighs to your feet. You can have a variety of designs including, flowers, animals, insects, or any other meaningful tattoos of your choice.

Thigh tattoo ideas
Thigh tattoo ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you walk after getting a thigh tattoo?

Ans. After getting a tattoo, you can walk gently. Whenever you get a tattoo, it takes time to get healed properly. So, after that avoid running and exercising.

Q. How bad do thigh tattoos hurt?

Ans. Tattoos hurt differently depending on the skin type. It usually doesnt hurt much because of the fat. Also, it won’t hurt you much if you take precautions and follow your artist’s instructions. In the case of excessive pain, visit your tattoo artist right away.

Q. What should you wear while getting a thigh tattoo?

Ans. Always wear comfortable clothing when getting a tattoo anywhere on your body. Wearing fitting and uncomfortable clothing, such as jeans or tights, is not suggested for receiving a tattoo. Whenever getting a thigh tattoo, wear comfy shorts or a mini skirt.

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