Dragon Tattoo Ideas – 20 Best Dragon Tattoos For 2022

Dragon Tattoo Ideas: Dragons are legendary creatures and gained immense popularity due to their mystical features. The symbolism of dragon tattoos covers a wide range of meanings depending upon the civilizations. Eastern civilization considers dragons as noble creatures with intelligence, strength, and grace. Other civilizations may consider it evil symbolizing fearfulness and rage and take it as a bad omen. Based on their designs, this particular tattoo design can be considered as good or evil, masculine or feminine. One of the distinct features of this design is that it can be done in various styles, detailing, and shadings offering a wide range of options to choose from. So, if you are looking for a tattoo that allows you to showcase traits associated with a dragon, this article is the right one for you. Here, you will find a wide range of dragon tattoos with their meanings and get inspiration for your next tattoo.

What Are The Best Dragon Tattoo Designs?

Before you dive in, there are some dragon tattoos that are popularly worn by both men and women. Undoubtedly, these designs are both visually appealing and meaningful. The dragon tattoo can be manipulated to fit different parts of the body. One of the most popular placements for this particular design is the back as it is smooth and offers a wide area. From tribal design to mythical, this article offers a bunch of fantastic designs to help you with choosing the right one for yourself. All you need to do is just scroll down and pick the design that best suits your personality and matches your traits. However, there are certain tips and tricks that you need to keep in mind to get the smoothest experience possible and ensure that the tattoo turns out exactly how you would want it to.


Tips And Tricks For Getting A Dragon Tattoo

It’s common to want a tattoo and even if you have the perfect design in mind, there are certain questions that may come to your mind when you finally decide to get one like what if the tattoo fades? What if you regret it afterward? what if you don’t like it? Here are some tips and tricks that will help in answering these valid concerns and should be taken into consideration.

  • One of the most important things to do is to select the best artist you can afford, you need to check different portfolios and go through their work websites.
  • Determine which dragon tells the story you want to tell. Different cultures symbolize different meanings, so make sure you go through the mearnings of the tattoo before you decide to get one.
  • Decide where you’d like the tattoo on your body. To avoid regretting later, go with a design that will compliment your body in the longer run.
  • Follow proper care instructions provided by the tattoo artists to ensure that the design lasts longer and does not fade or hurt.
  • Take inspiration pictures with you when you visit the artist to give you an idea of the design you want, also decide if you want your tattoo to be colorful or all black.
  • Mentally prepare yourself before you get the tattoo as it will bleed a little and know that it will be with you for years.
  • Above all, trust the process and know that this will be an enjoyable process. Have fun with it!

20 – Japanese Dragon

The Japanese dragon known as Sekura symbolizes power, masculinity, and passion. this particular design is considered to be a symbol of forces that are used for good of others. This design best suits the back and you can incorporate an entire scene with multiple characters and depictions. This particular design looks best in full black ink and on the entire back of the body. This design is more expensive due to the cost involved and the time required to bring it to life.



19 – Dragon and Snake Tattoo

Snakes are associated with healing and dragons focus on the natural elements and forces of nature. The combination of both in a tattoo symbolizes the conflict between intuition and intelligence and shows the contrast between modern and traditional society. This super unique tattoo design symbolizes regenerative power and looks best in a larger size.



18 – Chinese Dragon

Chinese dragon tattoos symbolize ancient energy and unconquerable spirit. There’s nothing that can compete with the overpowering might of a Chinese dragon. Undeniably, this particular design is one of a kind and looks best on the arm. This design looks flawless when you combine black and red ink. If you’re looking for a design to best depict your unconquerable spirit, this is the one to go for.



17 – Dragon With Flowers

This is one of the most common designs inked by tattoo lovers. A dragon with floral elements symbolizes love, passion, grace, and strength, and the wearer of this tattoo is depicted to have a free spirit who loves beauty. This alluringly graceful combination looks best in different colors. You can go with different flower designs. This tattoo requires a larger area of the body and looks best on the bicep, waist, back, or shoulders.



16 – Baby Dragon

If you’re looking for a dragon tattoo design that is small enough but preserves most of the details of the creature at the same time, go for this design. This badass tattoo design can remain hidden if you want it to and you can flaunt it whenever you like. This design looks best on teenage girls and women and will look best in full black ink. This design symbolizes fearlessness and free-spirited nature.



15 – Dragon Tattoo on Hand

This design symbolizes protection, power, and wisdom, and the wearer of this tattoo is depicted to possess the ability to become both a wonderful ally or fierce enemy depending on how he is treated. This looks great when done in black ink. However, keep in mind that this particular design cannot be covered.



14 – Celebrities With Dragon Tattoo

While you are planning to get this super cool tattoo design, check out the trendiest celebrities’ dragon tattoo designs to create a bold style statement. Lindsay Lohan’s style is surely admired by many, here you can see her flaunting dragon tattoo depicting her rebel nature to perfection.



13 – Red Dragon

This tattoo design symbolizes courage, raw power, wisdom, and the wearer of this tattoo is depicted to have a protective nature and have a habit of reasoning things. This tattoo design will look best when done in colored ink and on the side of the back, arm, or even thigh. This design is all about capturing the intensity of the dragon. If you have a fierce natured spirit, this design is perfect for you.



12 – Tribal Fire Dragon Tattoo

This dragon tattoo design is generally made in black ink and fire is made in combination of red and yellow ink. This tattoo symbolizes energy, fortune and the wearer of this tattoo believes that this tattoo brings good fortune and luck. This unique tattoo design will look good anywhere on the body and it looks best in medium size. This design is for both men and women.


11 – Dragon Ball Tattoo Designs

Dragon Ball also known as Shenron, is a magical dragon who can be summoned only after all the dragon balls are collected. This specific kind is considered to be sacred and is a unique design that not many people have. This design looks best on the arms or thighs but can be worn anywhere on your body. This design is specifically for dragon ball z lovers and looks incredibly cool.



10 – Dragon Tattoo Ideas for Men

Men are mostly looking for tattoo designs for the chest, back, or arms. This powerful artwork looks good anywhere on the body. This design involves a snake-like Asian dragon tattooed on both arms with two heads and comes up to the chest. This design signifies masculinity and power. This design can be worn in all black ink to make a stronger impact.



9 – Matching Dragon Tattoo for Couples

One of the most beautiful dragon tattoo designs is this one featuring both dragon and phoenix and symbolizes a balanced union. This particular design signifies love and trust and represents perfect marriage serving as one of the best ideas for tattoos for newlyweds and couples. You and your partner can wear this design anywhere on the body including the back, shoulders, neck, arms tr even on your wrist. This design will look best with colored inks and will allow you to showcase your love for your best half.



8- Modern Dragon Tattoo Ideas

To give your tattoo a contemporary and modern look, go for this design. This design involves a dragon tattooed delicately on the hand. This tattoo can be worn on the neck, hands, or even your shoulders. This ultra-modern design signifies sophistication and makes you stand out. This design looks best with black ink and is time-consuming because of its delicate design.



7 – Welsh Dragon Tattoo

The Welsh dragon, also known as ‘the red dragon’ symbolizes authority and this design has been more prominent in the folklore of most cultures. The folklore says that the red dragon represents Wales and the white dragon represents invasion. This design looks best in red color and will suit anywhere on the body. This design will look best in medium size.



6 – Dragon Eye Tattoo Design Ideas

One of the most prominent features of the dragon is their eye as they cause a strong visual impact. If you are into tattoos, specifically dragon tattoos, you should definitely check out this design. This design features the Smaug dragon eye peeking through ripped skin. The eye will be the focus of attention in this design and signifies mesmerizing penetrating stare. This tattoo will look best with colored ink and the preferred location for this one is arm or shoulders or somewhere it can remain visible most of the time.



5 – Dragon Calf Tattoo Designs

Getting a tattoo can be somewhat painful, if you want to ensure that you bear as much less pain as possible, you can go for a dragon tattoo inked on legs, specifically on calves. This design will serve as an inspiration and you get to flaunt this unique design especially during summers. This design will suit both men and women and will look best with colored or black ink.



4 – Feminine Dragon Tattoo Ideas

This linework dragon tattoo is the best choice for women. This delicate design signifies power and strength and is delicate enough to give a modern and alluringly attractive look. This design will look best with black ink and the most suitable placement of this particular design is arms or calves. You can also add flowers of different kinds to the design to add more fun and playfulness to the design.



3 – Dragon Tattoo Designs for Neck

One of the popular placements for tattoos is definitely the back of the neck. It looks super stylish and you can hide it whenever you like. This design will look best in small size and with black ink. There are different variations you can opt for, you can add floral elements, or add wings to the dragons to make it stand out. This tattoo design will look good on women and teenage girls.



2 – Mythical Dragon Tattoo Ideas

This mythical design symbolizes leadership and good fortune and is often used to signify powerful companionship to assist those who are worthy. This particular design involves displaying 3D and different elements can be added to make this tattoo come to life like sea, boats, people. This helps in depicting a story, it can be worn anywhere on the body and looks best with colored ink.



1 – Red Dragon Tattoo Ideas for Teenagers

The red dragon tattoo design looks great and signifies love, passion, and strength. The red ink of the dragon represents magical powers. This design will look best on the back and in medium size with red ink. This design will definitely look good on teenagers.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do dragon tattoo symbolize?

Ans. Dragons tattoos come in the latest tattoos for 2022. Dragons are legendary creatures that symbolize strength, intelligence, and power. This particular tattoo design depicts the freedom of one’s soul and life.

Q. Is a dragon tattoo evil?

Ans. Depending on the art style, color, and size, this design can also symbolize fearlessness, passion, and supernatural power. It also embodies the chaos and the untamed nature of the wearer depending on the style they opt for.

Q. What is the most popular placement for dragon tattoo design?

Ans. The most popular placement for a dragon tattoo design is the back. This area is the smoothest and largest and provides more space to show off the tattoo.

Q. Do dragon tattoos bring luck?

Ans. In Chinese culture, it is believed that dragon tattoos bring good luck. Dragons represent good fortune, wisdom. power, passion, and intellect.

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