20 Popular Chinese Tattoos Designs and Ideas

Chinese Tattoos Designs – There are different reasons people get a tattoo, some get them as art or as a memorial, and some get them to express their personality and passions. Everyone has their way of expressing themselves.

So, getting a tattoo is a unique mode of self-expression. However, ask yourself If you’re considering getting inked to commemorate the special relationship you have with your friends and family or simply because you’ve seen an influx of delicate tattoos on your IG feed. Now you can’t stop thinking about them.

Here’s what you should know before making your decision. They are the best type of tattoos that can be meaningful and stunning. You can get your favorite quote inked on your body in this lettering. No doubt it will be the best experience of your life. The fascination for Chinese lettering tattoos is maybe because they use intricate letters. For western folks, Chinese notes are more intriguing than the letters used in the English alphabet.

Why Is Chinese Character Tattoos So Popular?

The Chinese language has a lot of popular symbols and characters that make it stand out and gain an edge in tattoo designs. The Buddha, dragon tattoos, and such letters are the most popular. People take great interest in getting these letters inked on their bodies. Lettering tattoos can be different from other tattoos as they can vary from anything and everything you imagine.

Chinese Lettering Tattoos

Tips For Chinese Symbol Tattoos

  • So if you decide on getting a tattoo, make sure you got the right one. Your Tattoo must have the right meaning. Chinese lettering might be beautiful but on the other hand, it may turn out to be quite the opposite of what you intended. There are certain cases in which these tattoos end up being meaningless or can even be offensive. So, for getting a word tattoo do some research on tattoos you want to get inked.
  • Moreover, while getting a tattoo, make sure your artist can speak Chinese or at least understand Chinese. English letters can mean the same thing despite the difference in fonts but Chinese is a different language. A single letter can result in a different meaning which can have disastrous consequences if you are not careful.
  • Another thing you should keep in mind while getting lettering tattoos is your artist should also know the script by heart. Chinese characters should be part of their cultural heritage. For instance, consider those who have trained and developed their skill in Chinese and do not use generated letters from computer fonts.

20 – How To Choose A Tattoo For Yourself?

Let’s suppose you decide to follow the trend of getting a tattoo. Do you know what type of Tattoo you should get? What letters or words will represent you the best? When everybody can’t understand your Tattoo, they will explain it. To answer their questions and your queries, first, you need to do a little research. Ask yourself; what do you want? If you are a minimalistic person, then a word or two is enough. If you are extravagant yourself, then what about a sleeve tattoo? In short, your Tattoo would be something that represents you truly. So, choose wisely.

Chinese Lettering Tattoos - 02

19 – Meaning Behind The Tattoo

If you don’t want to keep telling everyone what your Tattoo means, it is better to get the Tattoo of its translation beside it. For this purpose, people usually use one Chinese word, which gives the whole meaning. Courage & Strength is the best example of these types of tattoos.

Chinese Lettering Tattoos - 19

18 – Artistic Skills

Another beautiful example of how getting a tattoo on the back gives more room to tattoo artists to show off their skills. However, while getting tattoos like these, you need to trust the abilities of your artist. Indeed, no one wants to have their back ruined with ink. It would be a permanent disaster. Isn’t it? But, giving too much instruction to the artists will restrict their artistic skills. Therefore, please give them a little freedom.

Chinese Lettering Tattoos - 18

17 – Are Ankle Tattoos Painful?

It is a fact that getting a tattoo on bones is more hurtful than getting a tattoo on flesh. However, getting a tattoo near the ankle isn’t as bad as some say. If you are planning for such an adventure, we suggest starting with small tattoos near your ankle.

Chinese Lettering Tattoos - 15

16 – Chinese Neck Tattoo

The perfect Tattoo for the neck will be none other than the initials of your name. Moreover, not only yours, but you can also add the initials of your loved ones.

Chinese Lettering Tattoos - 16

15 – Spine Tattoo Idea

Full-back tattoos are not everyone’s favorite. Some people like minimal things but also want to go with the trends. Spine tattoos are for those types of people. It gives the idea that your back is covered, yet more than half of your back is clean. You need to understand that the spine and neck are two of the most sensitive areas of your body. So, getting a spine tattoo requires a lot of courage from your side and a lot of precautions from your artist’s side.

Chinese Lettering Tattoos - 15

14 – Smaller Tattoos

Another best way for minimalistic people to get a tattoo is to go for a small one. These tiny tattoos are the most popular because others can’t see these unless you want to show them.

Chinese Lettering Tattoos - 14

13 – Inspiration To Get A Tattoo Behind Your Ear!

Attention! Introducing to you, the latest trend in the market. This specific spot for a tattoo is gaining everyone’s appreciation. Indeed, it will become a massive thing by the end of 2022. We are sure you don’t want to miss the chance to try this trend. Would you?

Chinese Lettering Tattoos - 13

12 – Bloodstained Letters

If you want to take your tattoo game to the next level, then nothing is better than bloodstains around your Tattoo. Moreover, choosing Chinese letters will make the whole Tattoo a hundred times more dramatic.

Chinese Lettering Tattoos - 12

11 – Perfect Tattoo To Get With Your Significant Other

Everyone has a different way of showing their love. Some bring flowers, and some like to take their partners on dates. However, there is one way of expressing love among all these types, which is our personal favorite. Yes, you are guessing it right. Nothing is more exciting than getting matching tattoos with your soulmates.

Chinese Lettering Tattoos - 11

10 – Tiger Encaged Letters

It is a very thoughtful tattoo. Tiger symbolizes words like power, strength, magnificent, and authority. All these words belong to the people who have a certain charm in their personalities. Indeed, it is the perfect Tattoo for those who have an intimidating nature.

Chinese Lettering Tattoos - 10

09 – Is It Safe To Get A Tattoo Near Veins?

Tattoo artists are great at dealing with these sensitive areas. However, if you have a sharp pain tolerance ability, we suggest you choose a less risky spot, especially if you are getting a tattoo for the first time. However, if you consider the pain, then bone tattoos are more painful.

Chinese Lettering Tattoos - 09

08 – Geometric Design

Only one word can do justice to the beauty of this Tattoo which is “perfection.” If you want this type of Tattoo for yourself, it is highly advised to go for the best tattoo artist in your town. A piece of art needs extreme professionalism, and only the best can work magic like this.

Chinese Lettering Tattoos - 08

07 – Cracked Tattoo On Arm

If you are a die heart fan of dark academia aesthetic tattoos, this burned tattoo design is your cue to get one ASAP.

Chinese Lettering Tattoos - 07

06 – Colourful Design

You can make everything look bright and lively by adding colors to it. However, the selection of color can be a monumental task. If you have any doubts, let your artist know. They know the best!

Chinese Lettering Tattoos - 06

05 – On The Shoulder

Another exciting spot that perfectly shows off your Tattoo is near the shoulders. These types of tattoos look fascinating with backless dresses.

Chinese Lettering Tattoos - 05

04 – With Petal Design

Arm tattoos are the most common. However, if you want to make your Tattoo look more attractive, add petals around it. You can choose your favorite color for petals. However, if you wish to take our suggestion, pink looks like a highly reasonable option. The petals tattoo is more like a girl’s thing to do. For boys, you can add symbols such as the cross.

Chinese Lettering Tattoos - 04

03 – Traditional Idea

People who have a Chinese background will understand the meaning behind the old Chinese sayings or quotes better. Every country has its personal history, which is close to the hearts of natives more than foreign. Therefore, a powerful quote with deep meaning will be perfect for this purpose.

Chinese Lettering Tattoos - 03

02 – Back Tattoos

The popular spot to get large font tattoos is the back of your body. It is not only for the lettering tattoos but for every Tattoo. Some people have broad shoulders, giving the artists more space to work their magic.

Chinese Lettering Tattoos - 20

01 – Chinese Cherry Blossom Lettering Tattoo

Cherry Blossom is such an aesthetic thing to get tattooed. The pink hues of cherry blossom give a feminine touch to the overall Tattoo. This Tattoo looks ten times more pretty on those with natural pink skin tone. So, if you are thinking about getting a lettering tattoo and don’t know, you should go with a simple one or have some print around it.

Moreover, you might feel that if you get another thing inked with the letters, it will be good or not. However, Cherry Blossom is a savior for you from all these worries. Get the same Tattoo, and thank us later!

Chinese Lettering Tattoos - 01

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do people get tattoos of Chinese characters?

Ans: Everyone has their reasons. Some do it because they think the Chinese letters look different, unique, and beautiful in their own way, or sometimes they like the meaning of their Chinese characters’ tattoos. I can’t blame them for drooling over Chinese lettering characters. They are fascinating.

Q: Which Chinese letters are well suited for tattoos?

Ans: The Chinese language is very diverse. Each letter has multiple meanings which we non-native speakers don’t understand. But we still want to get ink on our bodies because we think it is excellent. There is nothing wrong with it. However, before getting it inked, you need to know you are getting the right one. Such as 忠: Loyalty, 善: Good, 德: Virtue, and 美: Beautiful, etc. it is always wise to discuss it with the speaker of that language before getting a permanent tattoo.

Q: Is it bad to get Chinese tattoos?

Ans: Chinese letters are beautiful. and perhaps that’s why many Western folks find the notion of getting these letters etched or inked on their bodies so appealing. Even if you don’t know the language, get their part’s translation to understand it. Indeed, it is not wrong to get a tattoo. It is pretty stunning to have one inked on your body.

However, it is necessary to know the meaning to get the right Tattoo inked, but for people who don’t know it, look from afar and appreciate its beauty.

Q: What should you know before getting a Chinese tattoo?

Ans: There are many things for you to know before getting a tattoo. Such as, if you have a western name, you shouldn’t transliterate your name while getting a lettering tattoo. A pure phonetic translation may not be possible, and it ends up into something you don’t want.

Another important thing is that English and Chinese are very different languages. Even when we sometimes translate them, we don’t get the right end. For instance, there is a chance that English phrases might not translate well into Chinese. So, it is better to use a Chinese term to avoid mistakes.

Last but not least, you should have no doubts if you want a lettering tattoo. It is a lifetime decision. So, it would help if you were confident that it is something you like. Once it is inked on your body, it is difficult to remove. There are tattoo removal techniques, but they are expensive, time-consuming, and more painful than getting a tattoo in the first place. Instead of going through so much pain, it is better to choose wisely first, so you don’t have to regret it later.

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