10 Cute Emoji Tattoos for Girls to Try this Year

Being an excessive WhatsApp user, it is normal to have a slight crush on its cool and creative emotions and even more normal to wish to possess all those emoticons in their physical form. Now, due to the app’s popularity, its emotions are being sold away as stuff toys and more.

But what’s even cooler is to get it engraved on a body part and be awesome wherever you go, which is now possible – thanks to the tattoo artists. So, below are some ideas to get the cutest and the coolest of emoji tattoos and rock on to endless heights.

Cool Emoji Tattoo Designs

Cool Emoji Tattoo Designs

#10 – Cactus Emoticon

The Cactus emoji is a very cute and attractive little pot of cactus with an unusual magenta flower at top. Exactly opposite of what cactus plants look like in reality, but its tattoo will surely be worth the pain of tattoo engraving.

Cactus Emoticon

#9 – Love Affair Combo

A rather humorous way of congratulating your girlfriend for her new love affair but nevertheless a very unique idea to get a cool tattoo. Plus your friend would keep this in mind as the coolest approval she got.

Love Affair Combo


#8 – Delicate Smiley

Look at how the delicacy of the tattoo is going along the girl’s thin finger posture and looking immensely classic. Simple tattoos always are distinctively unique, and they don’t always have to be bold or dark.

Delicate Smiley


#7 – Random Tattoo Combo

You know, emotions, especially the ones from WhatsApp are all very appealing that while selecting, you may want to try out all. But something random like this, like picking up three to four of your favorite will work great as well.

Random Tattoo Combo


#6 – Food Love Tattoos

Food for love, food for life, works everywhere, even when you are about to get a tattoo. And why shouldn’t they, when we know that the food emotions are really the cutest and mouthwatering.

Food Love Tattoos


#5 – Devil Tattoo Idea

Who says being a girl, you should have hearts engraved on your body, when there is something classier and cooler. More from the reference of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, be devil, be classy.

Devil Tattoo Idea


#4 – Kiss Mark Emoticon

Yes, the gorgeous red kiss mark emoji from WhatsApp is on its way to ease you of deciding which tattoo to get.

Kiss Mark Emoticon


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#3 – Rainy Umbrella Cuteness

We bet this is definitely the cutest of umbrella we have seen (both in design and in real life). The delicacy and design makes it all so very artistic and attractive and the limited space could not be any cuter.

Rainy Umbrella Cuteness


#2 – Red Hearts Beauty

Beauty, cuteness and simplicity is all here. Yes, hearts will always be our favourite because they have so much class, so much style and always nail our colour Red.

Red Hearts Beauty


#1 – Sun and Moon Tattoo

Despite being gender-neutral, this sun and moon tattoo is uniquely girlish and one of the classics. The idea, the art and beauty is nailing all we know about appealing tattoos.

Sun and Moon Tattoo



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