14 Pro Makeup Tips for Older Women from Professionals

Pro Makeup Tips for Older Women from Professionals- Every woman is born beautiful, so she must age beautifully. No one but a woman herself can benefit if she focuses on her health and beauty throughout her life, yes, even after she is sixty or seventy.

Self-care has no boundaries. Invest in yourself, in your appearance as much as you want, because it will make you feel more confident in yourself and help you live a happier life. No one can ever stop you from feeling beautiful, and you have the right to feel so by doing it in any way you want. The truth is with age, we all change the way we looked in our early twenties- our skin gets saggy, we get wrinkles, we have more pigmentation and discoloration- but so what? You want to fix it all and feel fresh again? Pick up those makeup brushes, your favorite eye color, and doll-up for yourself! 

How to do Makeup for Mature Women

We already talked in our last post about Best Outfits for Women Over 50 With Styling Tips, but today, we’ll be focusing on Makeup. Because makeup has the power to let you soar high, walk with self-assertion, and feel gorgeous about yourself. It is not constricted to age, height, weight, color, or race, but it is universal. It’s always your choice to apply it the way you want, and with time, you learn what shades, palette, or techniques reflect YOU. It is only a mere misconception that older women cannot use makeup and look gorgeous with it. With a few tips and tricks, not only can you apply makeup with absolute perfection, but it can make you look a few years younger and more glamorous. So, even if you are a 50-year-old woman who feels the need to look beautiful and glammed up, get yourself a notepad and write down all the pro tips that we will give you today.

Everyone can pick up makeup brushes and apply rough strokes on their face, but that’s not the right way of doing anything, including makeup. The technique is everything! If you apply makeup like professionals, you can enhance your features and look almost ten years younger than you are. It is better to follow some professional tips regarding makeup when your skin is saggy or wrinkly than just wing it and ruin your skin even more. Not that you should look young, but a fresh appearance won’t do you any harm. If you are in your fifties, sixties, or above- a makeup fan, or someone who wants to apply makeup to feel better, this is the right place for you. Outfit Trends has put together the top twenty makeup tips for older women from professionals to help you out.

makeup tips for older women

Do’s and don’t’s of applying makeup for older women.

Our fashion industry has some renowned makeup experts who decorate faces of every age and guide us on the right way to do it for the ultimate fabulous look. Experts like Ariane Poole, Trish McEvoy, Pat McGrath, and many other beauty gurus reveal the secrets for older women to look younger and more radiant! Here are some pro makeup tips, do’s and don’ts given by professionals for older women:

  • For a smoother and better application on wrinkly and dry skin, never forget to apply primer before the actual makeup.
  • Make sure the primer is not fatty or oily and suits your skin.
  • Get yourself a lightweight foundation because a heavier foundation will make you look older. Make sure the foundation is moisturizing and fits your skin-type.
  • Avoid putting your concealer right under your eye. 
  • Using a dark-colored concealer will help you hide any acne spots, age spots, or wrinkles.
  • Cream eyeshadows work best for older skin. Regarding the application, limit the eyeshadow to the top of your eyelid.
  • While applying mascara, focus on volumizing your lashes rather than lengthening them. A volumizing mascara will help you achieve this look.
  • Using different colored mascara like dark blue also helps your eyes look less tired and more rejuvenating. 
  • Highlighters and illuminators make you look gorgeous! Apply them in the inner corner of your eyes and on top of your nose for a more glamorous look.
  • Put a natural blush on the apple of your cheek instead of your cheekbone and blend it in thoroughly. Use a natural and light-colored blush.
  • A heavy eyeliner does not look good on women older than 50. If you are going for an eyeliner, make sure it is thin and delicate.

↓ 14 – Using A Colour Corrector

Makeup artist Callista Lorian who is very widely known for her over-the-top makeup looks on older women, says that colour correction is everything you need for a gorgeous makeup look. Professional makeup artists mostly use colour correction to hide blemishes, acne spots, and age spots with different colour creams. The idea behind this is to hide the scars under different colors before covering them up with a concealer. Lorian suggests using peach-toned correctors on Caucasian skin tones. Orange colour correctors work best with dark-colored skins and pink color correctors for olive skin. Following this tip will make you notice visible differences in your entire makeup look.

14 Pro Makeup Tips for Older Women from Professionals


↓ 13 – Choosing the Right Foundation

You have always been told to use foundations that match your skin tone perfectly. Well, that should not be the case after you have aged a certain age. The same colored foundation will make your skin look pasty. For this reason, makeup artist Linter advises older women to use a warmer shade of foundation. You can also avoid making your skin look cakey to mix your exact-match shade of foundation with a darker foundation. Also, do not forget to use a lightweight foundation that is also moisturizing. also, remember the following two points

  • Using a foundation brush ensures a better application, and it helps your foundation stay for a much longer time.
  • Please do not put a concealer on after the foundation but before it. This will help the concealer stay on the area under your eyes.

Pro Makeup Tips for Older Women from Professionals


↓ 12 – Focus on Your Lips!

As you get older, your lips also get saggy and asymmetrical. Focusing on your lips can improve your whole look a lot. Use a lip-liner to shape your lips the way you want to. For filling the lipstick in, use a lipstick brush instead of applying directly from the tube. Blend your lipstick in thoroughly, and if it’s too matte, do not shy away from adding gloss. Try using different-colored lipsticks to refresh your entire look. Linter says that severe colors age you, so if you are going for a red, make sure it is a sheer one.

Pro Makeup Tips for Older Women from Professionals


↓ 11 – Highlight All the Way

A highlighter can make your face look a lot more radiant, and it accentuates your face structure as well. Makeup artist Jami Svay has a fantastic makeup tip for you concerning applying highlighter! She advises older people to only use a highlighter in the places where the light falls on your face, for example, nose bridge, cheekbones, brow bone, inner corners of your eyes, and even your collarbone if you want to! 

↓ 10 – Brows Matter a Lot!

As you age, your brows start lessening. So, every brow hair is essential and must be taken care of. Do not tweeze your eyebrows at all; instead, use an eyebrow brush to make them look nice and clean. Makeup artist Linter is of the view that an overdone eyebrow can ruin your entire makeup look. Therefore it is essential to use a light-colored brow pencil and apply it with a soft hand. Do not give yourself cartoonish brows, and always try to keep your eyebrows’ natural shape.

Keep the following two points in mind.

  • For eyebrows, always brush them up and then fill them in with your eyebrow pencil.
  • Do not try to make your eyebrows look identical, instead fill them according to their shapes.

Pro Makeup Tips for Older Women from Professionals


↓ 09 – Adding Color to Your Face

You have always been told to direction your blush from your mouth to your ears for accentuating your face structure. But as you grow older, this rule does not apply anymore! Older peoples’ faces tend to look more gaunt if they apply blush that way. To avoid this, you can apply blush only on the apple of your cheeks. It will give subtle colour to your face, making you look refreshed.

Pro Makeup Tips for Older Women from Professionals

↓ 08 – Putting on Eyeshadow

Older people usually have the misconception that they can only wear brown and bone-colored eye shadows. These colors are very light and cannot hide any discoloration on top of your eyes. Makeup artist Laura Geller says that it is high time older women start using jewel tones and sage colored eyeshadows. It will make your eyes look less droopy and fresher.

Pro Makeup Tips for Older Women from Professionals

Two Senior Ladies making Make-up


↓ 07 – Applying Eyeliner

It’s only a mere misconception that older women cannot look gorgeous with eyeliner. Eyeliners accentuate your eyes and take the attention away from your eyebags and droopy lids. You don’t need to use black colored eyeliner; you can look just as lovely with light-colored eyeliner. You can also line your lower and upper waterlines with beige colored pencils to make your eyes look bigger.

Pro Makeup Tips for Older Women from Professionals

↓ 06 – All You Need to Know About Coverage

Instead of directing all your focus on hiding blemishes and acne marks, try covering the center of your face first with foundations or BB creams. This is the place that needs the most attention. For the best coverage, use a foundation brush and move it in back and forth strokes.

Pro Makeup Tips for Older Women from Professionals

↓ 05 – Primer is Essential

Using a good primer suitable for your skin type will turn your face into a smooth canvas and make the makeup stay put for an extended period. You can also use lots of moisturizer before applying makeup to hydrate your skin.

Pro Makeup Tips for Older Women from Professionals

↓ 04 – Embrace the Imperfections

Freckles are super trendy these days, and every other girl on TikTok is faking them. Lucky are those who got them naturally, so why not embrace them! There are numerous products in the markets used to enhance your natural freckles and make them look popping.

Pro Makeup Tips for Older Women from Professionals


↓ 03 – Don’t Overdo

You cannot hide your freckles or wrinkles, so applying a generous amount to them would ultimately draw more attention. Instead, use a wet sponge to apply a sheer layer of specifically a hydrating foundation not to look plastered. I also recommend that you go through these Dating Outfits For Women Over 40.

Pro Makeup Tips for Older Women from Professionals

↓ 02 – Conceal It

Applying a creamy and lightweight concealer over the sheer application of foundation would do the magic for you and give you a perfect look. The undereye bags and inner corner of your eyes need the most focus for your eyes to look more awake and bright.

Pro Makeup Tips for Older Women from Professionals


↓ 01 – Skip Powdering the Face

The days of touching up your face with a face powder may have gone when you cross 50. But do not worry, it is only to make your makeup look even better. The face powder may give it a dehydrated look enhancing your facial hair, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Pro Makeup Tips for Older Women from Professionals


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the things that I should consider while buying a foundation, being an older woman?

A. It’s a sad but true fact that your skin tends to get dry and loose as you grow up. For this reason, you have to be very careful while selecting a foundation for your daily makeup routines. Using a moisturizing foundation is good for your skin as it also keeps your face moisturized and hydrated, but that is just not enough. Always incorporate separate moisturizes and Hyaluronic Acid into your makeup routine for more hydrated and smooth skin.

Q. What product is best for setting makeup on aged skin for longer periods?

A. Older women tend to complain about their makeup disappearing after a short while if they do not set it with setting powder. Others complain about setting powders going into the lines and wrinkles on their faces. Worry not! There is a perfect solution to your problem, and that is a setting spray.

Q. What products are the best for a quick 5-minute makeover for an older woman?

A. Sometimes you are running out of time and are in a great hurry. For that purpose, you can get yourself a tinted moisturizer. It will give your cheeks a natural tint. Other than that, you can also get a BB or CC cream that can give your skin a perfect and smooth look, hiding all those blemishes and dark spots. These three things will provide you with a perfect makeup look in less than five minutes. 

Q. What are some of the tips that professional makeup artists have for older ladies’ skin?

A. Before applying makeup, you should also try and make your skin look smoother and better. For this reason, exfoliate and moisturize your skin beforehand. 


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