20 Modest Ideas on How To Wear Abaya Scarf To Cover Face

How To Wear Abaya Scarf: The term brings to mind pictures of beautiful Muslim girls wearing elegant scarves over their heads to hide their beauty. This excellent approach increases a girl’s beauty by concealing something that society norms think is important for her to seem beautiful, her hair deserves a lot of attention. As a result, the hijab’s entry into mainstream fashion is both inevitable and appropriate. The fashion police have begun to sit up and take notice. An increasing number of females have begun to wear the hijab without fear.

Every year, London has a Modest Fashion Week, which celebrates hijabs and full-body covering garments in all their grandeur. We decided to give you our review of the finest ways to wear the Abaya scarf because it has become such a huge element of fashion.

How To Cover Face With Abaya Scarf

It is considerably harder to identify what is suitable for wearing an abaya scarf and hijab. The discovery of modest attire in chick ways for business interviews, jobs, weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions can be a lot more challenging and difficult than it is assumed. The abaya scarf can be designed in a number of ways. It is not just in Muslim countries, it is known all around the world. According to personal preferences and choices, niqab styles can be carried out on any occasion.  

The women in public can style the abaya scarf and niqab to cover the face, by wearing it very nicely with an under cap to avoid slipping. There can be an addition in the elegance of the veil with brooches or clips, according to the situation she is in as she has to carry a more of a  professional look in the office, she should avoid over-accessory use ideally. Rather, she should go for a neutral tone hijab that would be more suitable and can make your clothing look extremely graceful.

Also, have a look at Modern Abaya Styles.

Ways To Wear Abaya Scarf At Events

If you’re invited to a birthday party you can wear your pretty colored abaya scarf with a stylish hijab and a niqaabi or a half niqab and pair it with any accessories like broaches or a flower band. Similarly, if you’re invited to an event at the beach so you should wear a bright-hued abaya with a subtly toned hijab and a niqab, you can also pair it with a hat to match the beachy vibes.

In past years, I have witnessed many hijabi and niqaabi women in every field of life making huge achievements. Be it in the financial world or in fashion or even in athletics, Muslim women have shown over and over that they don’t ever get hindered by their hijab and modest clothing in any way. There are millions of possibilities in your veil to appear good each day while dressed modestly for work, party, school, or any other place you want to go, so you too shouldn’t be puzzled about wearing your hijab.

How To Wear Abaya Scarf Comfortably?

In my personal opinion, as I’m also a hijabi, I prefer wearing lightweight hijabs for covering my face. as they are more breathable and more comfortable for all people, because we also have people with medical situations with us, some have asthma and breathing problems so chiffon or silk hijabs work best for them.

If we talk about the best materials in hijabs, I will count in jersey hijabs, these are the most comfortable fabric for a hijab. Jersey is a stretchy, lightweight fabric that holds its shape without the use of pins. Its level of comfort not only makes us desire to have more of it. It is appropriate for all seasons. It works effectively in hotter regions since it absorbs sweat quickly and is long-lasting enough to keep us warm in the winter.

Moreover, we have a lot of other options like linen hijab, crinkled cotton mesh fabric, satin hijab fabric and for winters, pashmina hijabs, polyester hijabs, and viscose hijabs.

A Few Pointers About How Wear Abaya Scarves In Chic Ways

  • Begin with completely dry hair. While wearing the hijab, you’ll have to tie your hair, however tying wet hair can damage your roots. 
  • Blow dry or air dry your strands fully before tying them back or putting on any layers of clothing over your hair to avoid damage or even hair loss.
  • At the crown of the head, tie your hair in a low ponytail, bun, or braid. Brush your hair back into whatever style you like.
  • For a neater line, bring the volume to the back of the neck, or raise your bun higher if you desire a bun-shaped profile.
  • If your braid falls past your shoulders, tuck the end inside your top’s neckline to keep any hair from falling out.
  • Avoid tying your hair too tightly because it will become uncomfortable and give you a headache throughout the day. Without yanking on your strands, try to keep them away from your face.
  • Hair damage can also be caused by pulling at the roots on a regular basis. If you generally wear your hair in a tight bun, change it up once a week for a softer braid to relieve tension on your roots.
  • For accessories, you can go for beaded pins, floral hairbands, cute and dangly hijab pins and last put not the least you can also wear a hat with it.
20 Modest Ideas on How To Wear Abaya Scarf To Cover Face

↓ 20 -When to Wear Bright Color Abaya Scarves?

Bright colors can energize both the wearer and others around them, producing a positive cycle. “Because [bright colors aren’t the standard, they will draw attention, and other people will usually appreciate them and will say things like, ‘Oh, you look amazing.’ Wearing color will not only lift your spirits, but it will also lift the spirits of those around you. You’ll be astonished at how many people will grin just because you’re wearing a bright outfit.

Here this Niqabi /Hijabi fashion influencer has beautifully paired the bright yellow chiffon hijab scarf with a burgundy-colored abaya which goes so well with the whole look. Both the abaya and the scarf are complementing each other. she has covered her face with a niqab using the same hijab and some hijab pins to make it stay in place.

Here is a tutorial for an easy 2 minutes niqab tutorial


↓ 19 – Ways to Wear Dark Colored Abaya Scarf

People who like wearing dark colors are ambitious, intentional, and sensitive all at the same time. Because interior aspects of a person are most significant to them, dark hues assist them to shift emphasis from their looks to their personality. Darkness is associated with strength, elegance, discipline, and mystery.

If you are someone who feels comfortable wearing dark colors more so this idea is definitely for you, you can pair that dark-colored niqab of yours with a slightly bright color to add some life to your look. just like in the picture below a very beautiful, glossy silk niqab is paired with a very tanned yellow colored long abaya dress which is going so well with the whole look, you can wear this look at a girls day out or a date with your significant other, moreover you can also wear this look at a meeting and if you are a mom you can also wear this look at your child’s birthday party.


↓ 18 – What to Pair Earthly Toned Abaya Scarves With?

An earth-tone is a color that can be found in many places in nature, including the sea, sky, flora, and land. Earth tones include browns, greens, reds, yellows, oranges, greys, whites, and shades of black, as well as any hue or color typically seen in nature. Earth tones are all muted hues with a grey undertone.

earthly toned abayas go so well with olive greens, khakis, browns, and white scarves. You can pair a Mint green abaya with a white inner and a chiffon scarf niqab just like in the picture and you can dress it up and down.


If you are having a girl’s day out, just chilling with your girls at a beautiful lake, you can carry a brown shiny silk kimono abaya with a beige shaded hijab and off course a half niqab to cover your beautiful face. You can also add some accessories to the look to make it more of a chick look, for that you can add a chained belt and a flower headband. Enjoy your day girl!

↓ 17 – khimar with Attached Niqab

Traditionally, khimar has referred to any piece of clothing that encourages modesty by covering a woman and shielding her from the eyes of strangers. In some places, the phrase is applied to any veil or headscarf that resembles a hijab. The Khimar is a long, cape-like veil that reaches just below the waist. The Khimar is a famous Egyptian hairstyle that totally covers the hair, neck, and shoulders while leaving the face exposed.

If you are a person who likes something easy to wear which takes no time but does the job so khimar niqab is a perfect match for you, it’s a three-layered hijab which you tie on your head and put the two layers back and set the front part along the midline of your face leaving your eyes behind. Some women also like covering their eyes so for that you just need to put the middle layer in front as well.


↓ 16 – How to Wear Jilbab Abaya Scarf?

The phrase also appears in the Quran, however, it refers to a protective article of clothing rather than a specific garment. In Indonesia, a jilbab can be any head-to-toe modest outfit, including a headscarf, although it usually refers to a long dress or tunic in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. It is worn by women of all age groups.

↓ 15 – Half Niqab Trendy Styles

This niqab style is so loved by teenagers. As it is so easy to wear a half niqab and it literally takes a few seconds to wear it. It is easy to style and is so chick. This style has become a go-to niqab style for many young ladies.

↓ 14- How to Wear Abaya Scarf with Kamasha?

It is actually for people who like to cover their chest and back both with a single hijab, it is a 3 layered niqab just like a khimar but is a little bit different in design, as kamasha is square-shaped and is not till knees from the back.

You can wear it out, with a kimono abaya, it looks perfectly fine with it.

20 Modest Ideas on How To Wear Abaya Scarf To Cover Face


↓ 13 – How to Wear Abaya Scarf with Nikabis ?

Niqabis are a smaller version of half niqab , they only , actually cover your face, while half niqabs also cover your chest. Niqabis are worn my women of all ages, be it a college going girl , a housewife, or a women over 50.

20 Modest Ideas on How To Wear Abaya Scarf To Cover Face


↓ 12 – How to Wear Abaya Scarf with a Mask?

This style is so in trend due to the pandemic unfortunately, everyone had to wear masks for their lives so, most women replaces their niqabs with some cute masks because they both do the same job. You can wear a mask to cover your face, and a hijab which goes well with the look. Just like in the picture, a floral mask is paired with a dark colored hijab and to balance out the outfit, a pastel colored kimono abaya is worn.

20 Modest Ideas on How To Wear Abaya Scarf To Cover Face


↓ 11 – What to Wear with Niqab at a Family Event?

Family events are so much fun, all the cousins and other family members join to spend time together, you need to look significant yet sober in the event, to pair a dark colored abaya with a dark colored scarf but a niqab in contrast with the dress looks perfect for a family event. You can add a beaded belt to add some spark to the outfit.

20 Modest Ideas on How To Wear Abaya Scarf To Cover Face


↓ 10 – How to Wear Abaya Scarf Fashionably for Weddings?

For a wedding look, you can add pleats, pearls, and layers to add volume and glamour to your niqab abaya scarf. most people wear bright colors to weddings, if you do so, pair it with a lighter hijab, like shades of pastels and beiges etc.

To accessorize your look you can wear some jewelry like bangles, earrings, broaches and other traditional jewelry.

20 Modest Ideas on How To Wear Abaya Scarf To Cover Face


↓ 9 – How to Wear Abaya Scarf for a Professional look?

If you are a working women and you have to follow the dress code at the office then you must know that Plain hijabs, or headscarves, should be worn instead of patterned ones. Gray, white, navy, and black are all good solid colors to use. Pins and an under cap can be used to keep the hijab in place so it doesn’t seem sloppy.

20 Modest Ideas on How To Wear Abaya Scarf To Cover Face


↓ 8 – How to Wear Abaya Scarf on a Girls Day Out?

In the light, girls have a good time. The girls make the most of the day. Whether it’s brunch or coffee in the morning, gals know how to do it right. And it’s fashionable.

lets stat from the color scheme of the outfit, its manly beige and black. The boots are matching the jacket which is adding a very sober yet classy touch to the outfit. The earthly toned satin maxi that hijab and the niqab are blending so nicely together, it is a very basic yet very stylish outfit.

20 Modest Ideas on How To Wear Abaya Scarf To Cover Face


↓ 7 – Styling a Scarf to Cover Your Face

20 Modest Ideas on How To Wear Abaya Scarf To Cover Face


  • To begin, fold the scarf into a thin band and tie a knot in the centre.
  • After that, drape the scarf over your head and tuck both ends behind your ears. While you’re doing that, make sure it’s long enough to cover your entire face.
  • Second, wrap the rest of the scarf around your face, making sure your lips and nose are hidden.
  • Pass the rest of the scarf through the space over your head. If your scarf isn’t long enough, you can use it to keep it in place. If it’s the other way around, wrap it around your head and throw it over your shoulder. This should be enough to make it firm.

↓ 6 – Ways to Cover Face with Shemagh

Shemagh is used to cover head by Muslim men generally but now it is used by women too. Women style shemagh with their outfits to make if a little bit casual and baggy, in very unique and creative ways. It is also used as a face mask just like satin scarves, mostly in middle eastern countries and Asian countries too. It is available in many colors, what ever color you want it to be in, you can also customize your shemagh from any local store.

 Here is a tutorial: How to cover your face using a shemagh

20 Modest Ideas on How To Wear Abaya Scarf To Cover Face


Buy similar here: Shemagh

↓ 5 – Step by Step Method to Wear a Niqab with Your Scarf.

To wear a niqab or to cover your face with the same scarf that you are wearing over your head, you simply need to follow these easy four steps

  • Wrap an under scarf over your hair and drag it back.
  • Pin a safety pin through a corner of your scarf behind one of your ears.
  • Bring the hijab over your face in the midway and pin it behind your second ear.
  • Wrap the scarf’s long end around your head. Wrap the hijab’s end over your head one more time, and you are good to go!


↓ 4 – Step by Step Method to Wear Niqab with Under Scarf

  • A tubular under scarf is simple to put on and keeps your face covered. If you want your under scarf to match your hijab, choose a tubular under scarf in the same color as your hijab. You can choose a color or design that compliments your hijab if you want the face-covering to stand out.
  • Choose a vivid floral design or a striking color if you have a basic cream-colored hijab and want the under scarf to stand out.
  • Find the under scarf’s center and poke your head through it. Bring the upper half of the under scarf straight into the middle of your face so it sits along the tops of your cheeks now that it’s around your neck.
  • Fold a square scarf in half vertically if you don’t want to use a tubular under scarf. Then bind the corners behind the back of your head with the long straight side over the midline of your face.
  • Fold the long edge of your hijab or shawl down a few inches to softly frame your face with the hijab. Then, position the middle of the hijab on your head so that the folded edge falls about 1 inch onto your forehead.
  • The benefit of wearing an under scarf and a hijab to conceal your face is that you don’t have to do much adjusting or pinning. Simply wrap one end of the hijab over your neck and over your shoulder.
  • Here is a link where you can buy some chick under scarves Best under scarves

↓ 3 – How to Wear Abaya Scarf With Accessories?

We’ve just seen the emergence of a slew of hijabi/ niqabi bloggers who have shown all of the misconceptions about them to be false. One of the most popular and incorrect beliefs is that hijab/niqab can act as a barrier between a woman and her desire to dress up. Many modern fashionistas have disproved this notion, embracing their modest styles in a variety of ways.

There was a time when hijabi/ niqaabi women struggled to locate suitable bridal gowns, evening gowns, or even everyday clothing. Today, we can see how the modest style has dominated the fashion scene all across the world. It’s incredible to see how any trend can be delicately arranged to accommodate a girl who prefers to remain covered up. This gives fashion more clout in terms of what it can achieve and how it can cater to varied styles. That’s why, today, we’ve compiled a list of hijab/niqab-friendly accessories that many people assumed wouldn’t work with the headscarf but actually did! Continue scrolling to see what they are!

  • Coronets 

The very first one we have is this queenly splendid coronet. you can wear it to a wedding or a costume party and be a Queen.


  • Enamel Pins

If you are a student and you wear that niqab on a daily basis, you really need to add some spice into it before you get bored from your basic niqab style. You can style it with a very delicate flower shaped enamel pin or a pearled or beaded broach. you can also go for something with dimonties.


  • Floral Headbands 

If you are that girl who’s always in her own fairyland , this flowered headband is definitely going to make you feel like a fairy queen. It looks absolutely adorable with that hijab and niqab on. Also , you can wear it as a snapchat filter.


  • Beret Hats

Bossy girls always find their ways to live that boss style. For girls who are a fan of bossy outfits and aesthetic looks, this vintage beret look is for you. You can wear this look with a pair of cool shades to make it look more classy and bossy at the same time.


  • Baseball Caps

For hot weather, it is very essential to have something over your head to protect it from the sun. Here’s where these hats come in handy. you can pair any colored hat with your abaya scarf according to the color scheme of your outfit, whether you are on your way to college or your office, it’s always a lifesaver.


  • Classy Shades

Who says, hijab and niqab stop you from being fashionable and chick, here is an example of how you can style your abaya scarf in a very chick and cool way, simply wear some cool sleek shades with it, yeah as simple as that. If you get a gold chain for your shades then that’s more than perfect.


  • Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are a terrific way to dress up a streetwear look. You don’t need to attach it to your hijab to wear it with it; simply put it on and it will suit your head. It is critical to purchase a bucket hat in your ideal size; otherwise, your day will be ruined.

20 Modest Ideas on How To Wear Abaya Scarf To Cover Face


Buy similar bucket hat from Black bucket hat unisex

  • Satin Scarves 

Last but not the least, my very favorite square satin scarf style. A very chick option to accessorize your Niqab look.

here is a tutorial for that styling square satin scarves


↓ 2 – How to Wear Abaya Scarf With Volume?

  • Choosing the right hairstyle if the first step to get that desired hijab/ niqab look. It kills all the chances of hindrances in your way to volumize your hijab
  • If you have really thin hair and your bun does not do that volumizing job, it’s time to get a volumizing scrunchie to volumize your hijab so that your niqab stays in place
  • Always wear an under hijab cap , it not only volumizes your hijab but also helps it to stay in place through all the day.
  • Choose the right material hijab for appropriate occasions. It is very important to understand that you don’t need to go over the board just don’t make yourself uncomfortable in order to get that volumized hijab look, by layering tons of hijabs.

↓ 1 – Where to Buy the Best Abaya Scarves?

Here are some links where you can Buy the best abaya scarves.

pastel colored abaya scarves

solid colors chiffon abaya scarves

Satin head scarves

For more hijab fashion trends Latest Hijab Fashion Trends


Q1. Do hijabs keep you cool? 

A: In the heat, any wind helps the hijab keep the hijab cool, and it only feels like a normal hat on the head’s scalp. they utilize a warmer fabric in winters. To keep the sun off their faces, some ladies wear sun visors or caps with their hijab. To keep warm they may wear a winter cap on top of their hijab like a beany cap or a beret. 

Q2. Which hijab material is best for summers?

A: Due to sweating, silk fabrics should be avoided in the summer; they will slip and appear unattractive. Wearing an under hat or a cotton bandana is another alternative; this way, you can still wear chiffon or similar fabrics and the Hijab will not slip forward.

Q3. What are some best fabrics for comfortable hijabs?

  • Linen.
  • Cotton.
  • Georgette.
  • Rayon.
  • Silk.
  • Jersey.

Q4. Which material is best for hijab?

A: Chiffon is the most popular hijab fabric since it is both comfy and attractive. Cotton, silk, and synthetic fibers combine to make chiffon. Flowy and light compositions provide comfort and an elegant appearance. It’s available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Q5. Is Black the only color allowed for Muslim women?

A: No, although it is suggested that ladies wear hues that are not overly appealing. Furthermore, the purpose of wearing a headscarf is to sanctify a woman rather than to turn her into a sexual object (which is the unfortunate case of a lot of women today).

Q6. Are Muslim women required to cover their face too?

A: The ‘niqab,’ which covers the face and body, is not required, according to the vast majority of academics.

Q7. How do you interact with society with a covered face?

A: We all navigate this digital world without it anyhow, in this era of social media, mobile phones, digital transmission, and so on it is not a problem anymore to communicate or interact with a covered face.

Q8. What is an abaya and what is a jilbab?

A: Abaya and jilbab are two different types of Islamic dresses available to Muslim women. An abaya is a long garment or cloak that is usually black in color. However, a jilbab is a headscarf that covers the entire head, including the hair and ears.

Q9. What do you wear under an abaya?

A: Many women are unsure why they should wear an abaya and layering is one of the most popular ways to style abayas today. You can wear a dress or clothing underneath to tie the look together or offer color contrast, or you can ass a kaftan style piece or a kimono to it more dimension.

Q10. What scarf colors are in trend these days?

A: White, beige, black, cream and brown scarves, as well as grey and red scarves, are among the most popular new monochromatic scarves. These ultra-stylish scarves would be more acceptable if worn with bright colors or prints.


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