How To Wear A Madisar-Tutorial (Videos) For Beginners

How To Wear A Madisar. More or less, Madisar style sari is mostly affiliated with the traditional Indian culture and even today’s women prefer to go this particular style to show off some extreme cultural beauty, and it looks like, they are able to make that happen. So this Madisar or Koshavam is a style of sari fashion that originated among the women of Brahmin community in the native Tamil, India. In even more traditional times, the Madisar-inspired sari was supposed to be a customary wear for women after they got married.

So, this was all about the pre-modern origination of Madisar that marked its note in the best of Indian fashion right now, which is why it is still here. In order to go along with the modern times of today, madisar is mostly worn by women in order to stand out or to create a cultural costume get-up, which mostly happens in festivities and celebrations. And you could too if you look at what the rest of the post is about. Here are some tips and techniques to go by when you plan or accurately wearing and nailing a madisar look, and we are sure you will. So have a look, before you go about it.

Step By Step Video Tutorial

9 Yard Saree

Tamil Lyengar Madisar

Step by Step Guide To Wear A Madisar

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Step #1 – Get The Pleats Ready

At first, you must make sure that you get done with the pleats and that they should be in the right number, depending on your style. For a typical traditional madisar style, about 5 to 6 pleats are to be created in order to get the look that it’supposed to have. Furthermore, the pleats only have to be on the end of the saree and that would be enough. This comes off as one of the advantages of madisar because it comparatively does not demand too many pleats in order to look exceptional.

Step #2 – Arranging The Pleats

Now the next part is to make sure that you have arranged the pleats in the right way, as in the way which will bring the most typically authentic look of a madisar, and that’s just skill and beauty. But need to worry, we are explaining right here, what needs to be done. So you have to keep the pleats on your left, and that means, always, on your every try. Also, the pleats should continue to your back and then end. Now just simply focus on holding the pleats with your left hand, gently. Do not disrupt the arrangement!

Step #3 – Work On The Saree

So, now the real work has to initiate, and that’s working on the saree part. You are done with pleats and did a good job with it, but now the saree’s flow has to be focused on too because that will bring out the entire look of your madisar. So bring the saree’s flow all around your body so it appears as wrapped. Now tie a know on the left side of your waist. Make sure you do not disrupt the pleats, the pleats should easily tackle the presence of knots. And it will, we believe in you!

Step #4 – All The Tuck-ins

Some real effort now has to be put in for tucking in and ensuring that you are doing it the right way. So once you are done with the wrapping, you have to bring it to the front and tuck one of its edges to the left and going all the way to your left side, you then must tuck the remaining into the center. And you are good to go, with a perfect initial madisar-inspired get-up.

Step #5 – Further Arranging The Pleat

So you are nearly done. Just make sure that properly follow the previous step, because only then, this step will be any use. What you really have to know is that this type is actually quite complex and you should only go for it if you are comfortable with all of its tactics and only in a suitable weather, because its material can be heavier and not very light. So you are done with pleats and the wrapping of saree, now what you have to do is bring the entire saree to the back so that it flows within your legs.

Step #6 – The Final Tuck

As eccentric as it sounds, these are some of the final tucks you must keep in mind. This basically involves the final tucking in of your saree at the back, which is at the level of your waistline. Make sure it’s properly done and does not periodically fall out.

Step #7 – The Minuscule Details

Some minuscule tricks to go by as you prepare a native madisar look, but it will be worth it, we are sure. So, you must then bring the saree from your left side while also keeping an eye on the shorter edge. You can tuck the shorter edge slightly to the right after you are done with the left side.

Step #8 – More Wrapping

As we said, this practice involves quite a lot of wrapping and tucking and some more wrapping. So the third last step too involves bringing the saree around your body again. If you really want to do this, this all won’t be a hassle.

Step #9 – Border Arrangement

Now, the border’s arrangement is also important and there is really not to be done with it to make sure it’s perfect. Just focus on connecting the 3rd (more wrapping) and this step. It means when you are all wrapped up, pass it on to your right shoulder and the border will be arranged in the way it’s supposed to.

Step #10 – The Border Tuck-in

So once the border is all about arranged and intact, you need to nicely bring it to the front, and tuck it in, and that we can assure will officially be your last tuck-in in this complex yet worthy process.

Follow these steps in order, and check out the videos too for some very easy beginner guidance. We are sure you will get the knack of it and nail your first ever madisar look.

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