25 Best French Beard Styles for Indian Guys

French Beard Styles For Indian Men. Among one of the most high-on-demand beard style among Indian men is French beard style which is due to the reason for low maintenance and easy to grow a beard. All a man has to do is to grow out a mustache that will be connected to the curve of the beard growing under the chin and around lower lip.

Please note that in French beard style there is no need to maintain sideburns and no beard is needed around jawline or around the neck. Being attracted to French Beard style, many celebrities opted for it and believe us they looked their best in French beard style.

The Best French Beard Styles For Indians

Many Indian superstars from different age groups like Amitabh Bachan, Shahrukh Khan, Ranveer Singh, Hrithik Roshan and many more are not only fond of having a French beard but they have themselves spotted with French beard style many times by Paparazzi on various public and private events and ceremonies. Indian youth have gone boundaries to copy the same French beard style in order to get the same gem to look like their Indian superstars. Having a beard helps you to make your routine hassle free.

Whether your facial hair turns out to be black, brown or grey, having a French beard will never go wrong that is why it is the most popular style in the east as well as in the west. However, one can try multiple styles with French beard to further brighten up their day to day look because French beard is a style that encircles area around your mouth blessing you with head-turning looks. Upcoming below are plenty of French beard styles that you love to adopt!

french beards for indian men

Ways to Grow French Beard

Getting French beard style has now become one of the hottest Indian trends this year. In fact, French beard trend is not limited only to India and it has now crossed borders and tingled every men heart around the globe. Following are few steps when followed will result in healthy and quick French beard growth.

  • Use specific shampoo for your beard hair and keep beard hair untangled and cleaned. If you are unable to keep them clean, it’s better to have a clean shave rather than a smelly French beard.
  • Trim your beard properly and frequently and the beard should not look more rough, messy or untidy.
  • It’s better to check your workplace policy on having a French beard.
  • Do note that you have to always wash your French beard after having every meal so that no leftover pieces would remain in your French beard.
  • It is preferable to keep a separate comb for your beard and always keep the beard comb with you. You should also check out these 50 Popular Goatee Beard Styles for Different Face Types.

↓ 25 – Van Dyke Beard

Powerful men have adopted Van Dyke beard and continue to wear and maintain it. Inspired by the famous artist named Van Dyke, this classic French beard style has been opted by many men around the globe and all have rocked the look so far! So giving a heads up to try this look today. However, modern styles have no specific parameters to follow for but all to be grown in natural ways.

french beard indian guys

 ↓ 24 – Thicker French Beard Style

Want to make your face look elongated? Why not try growing thick French beard that will apparently make your chin look more solid but do consider keeping the rest of the facial hair thin as keeping another facial hair thinner will make look thick French beard thicker giving you a bold and handsome look. Sideburns make the difference to French beard design. Why not discover innovative French beard styles like the one pictured below.

French Beard for Indian Boys

↓ 23 – Thick W-shaped French Beard Style

W-shaped French beard can be grown in thick and thin styles separately and that purely depends on your choice. In order to form the W-shaped beard, one needs to grow a soul patch that leads to lips. It is important to have a patchy disconnect between the French beard and the mustache that will prevent the style from looking too thick and heavy. Without French beard, the look of a man remains incomplete.

indian men french beards

↓ 22 – Thin W-shaped Beard with Disconnect

Dying to get rid of real bad boys look? Go ahead for opting thin but dark colored beard. Make sure to keep facial hair trimmed around the edges and clean shave any extra stray facial hairs so that overall look can become more sharp and sleek.

French Beard for Indian Boys

↓ 21 – Thick and Wide French Beard Style

A real intense manly look can surely be created with thick and wide French beard style. It is preferred to use dark colors of facial hair and here you get dark, tall and handsome bold masculine look that you have been craving to get!

French Beard for Indian Boys

↓ 20 – Stubble French Beard

Not into much thick French beard? Want to avoid too many manly looks? You can give a trim at morning to keep the length short and for a clean look. Here are 20 Best Facial Hairstyles For Indian Men.

Indian French Beard Styles

↓ 19 – French Chin Styled Beard With Patchy Disconnect

Want to opt for the friendly look without being clumsy? Giving a round shape keeping the edges of curves much softer. With such French designed and styled beard, avoid an intense patchy disconnect between your mustache and beard.

French Beard Styles for Indian Boys

↓ 18 – Square French Beard

Want to regain your sex appeal with some bolder look again? If you want to strengthen and uplift your face and jawline then prefer having square French beard. You can take help from trimmers to create the best angular sections at all the four corners of the French beard. Straight edges of French beard will help to make your square beard style look more perfect.

French Beard Styles for Indian Men

↓ 17 – White French Beard

Going towards your 40’s but confused what to opt for? We would recommend you to go for a white beard or light brown shade. You can use special beard dye colors to get a uniform shade. The growth of hair can be improved by using regularly beard hair oils and by maintaining super standard facial hygiene.

French Beard Styles of Amitabh Bachan

↓ 16 – Tight French Beard

A beard which is cropped close to your lips is named as tight French beard. In order to maintain the tight French beard style, you need to crop the beard tightly around your lips so that your facial features and bones structure can be more highlighted. Moreover, the dark-colored beard will intensify your overall look supported by more manly features.

French Beard for Indian Boys

↓ 15 – Soul Patch with Wide Beard

Bohemian Facial Beard style can very easily be translated into French beard style. All you have to do is to surround your soul patch with a real wide French beard so that your masculine style can be maintained.

French Beard for Indian Boys


↓ 14 – Thin French Beard

Want to avoid the thick intense French beard? The tip here lies in keeping your beard look really thin, sleek and manicured as this style is friendly and open.

French Beard Style of Salman Khan

↓ 13 – Hard Man French Beard Style

The real bursting intensity of masculinity can be brought up by Hardman French beard style. The real angular look can be given to your face with this Hardman French beard look.

French Beard for Indian Boys


↓ 12 – Chinstrap French Beard

Joining your sideburns, this amazing French beard style using a chinstrap is just the right way to show off your hardcore masculinity.

French Beards

↓ 11 – Full French Beard

Do you have a skinny outlook and want to ditch skinny look? You need to only grow a section around your mouth so that the longer and fuller look can be made just for you.

Indian French Beard

↓ 10 –Salt and Pepper French Beard Style

For those facial hairs, that have started to turn grey while few remain black can opt for Salt and Pepper French beard style. Here are 23 Best Tips on Styling Short Beards.

Virat Kohli French Beard Style

↓ 09 – Anchor French Beard Style

An anchor French beard style is one which has a slight disconnect between the upper and lower portion which look like a reflective anchor shape of the cut.

French Beard Styles

↓ 08 – The Lazy French Beard Look

Feeling lazy this morning? Try to go for rough messy French beard but equally good handsome look.

Lazy French Beard Style


↓ 07 –  Even SRK Couldn’t Ditch French Beard Style!

The Bollywood King Khan couldn’t be able to ditch French beard style. Feel free to copy Shahrukh Khan’s French beard style and don’t forget to admire him. A man can appear clumsy, lazy or sophisticatedly eccentric just by the type of beard that he chooses to keep and maintain. Other than Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachan many Hollywood leading celebrities like Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp have played an important role in popularizing French Beard style as their fan following is around the globe.

SRK French beard style


↓ 06 – Signature Style of  Raees (Shah Rukh Khan)

A semi-formal French beard style of Jeremy Renner that covers almost all chin area with the mustache being sharply and neatly trimmed but the chin area and mustache should not have to be connected with each other and that is how Jeremy Renner has been rocking the whole look from over the years and many years to come!

French Beard for Indian Boys


↓ 05 – The Signature Style of French Men

Looking for a sexy, classic and mature look all wrapped up in one? We bet that women from every part of the world will drool after you will opt for Ryan Gosling Signature French beard style. Don’t miss out these 20 Best Patchy Beard Styles for Indian Men | Tips and Styling Ideas.

French Beard for Indian Boys

 ↓ 04 – Royale French Beard

Royale French beard is a French-styled beard that consists only of mustache and a long but thin soul patch on chin below the lower side of the lip. The neater and trimmer the royal French beard, the more handsome you will look. Rest of the face should be cleaned shaved to give cleaner look and bringing all the focus on the royale styled French beard.

french beard

↓ 03 – Imperial French Beard

The most eccentric French beard called Imperial French beard is mainly because of its whiskers length. Some of the men prefer to maintain an imperial French beard with a neatly styled handlebar mustache. Although the Imperial French Beard is one of the least common French beard styles because of its high maintenance nature it looks equally good as other French beard styles adopted by men worldwide.

french beard

↓ 02 – Classic French Beard

A very similar style of chinstrap being paired with a closely trimmed mustache is what most men called classic French beard. Classic French beard is more of a fuller look but with the cheeks being cleaned shaved along with extended sideburns to envelop our jawbone to your chin. The length should not be too long or too short but the facial hairs of classic French beard should free flowing or loose as it will spoil the neater gentlemen look and can lead to a clumsy overall.

French Beard for Indian Boys

↓ 01 – Aamir Khan French Beard In Lagaan Style

French beard in Lagaan style inspired by Aamir Khan is another most adopted style by teenage boys. As far as Aamir Khan French beard style is concerned, it consists of a soul patch under lower lip and on the chin. The cheeks and the jawline should be shaved neat and clean so that a sleek and stylish look can become more apparent on your face.

French Beard for Indian Boys

How to Take Care of French Beard

Beard hygiene is the most important factor for all beard adopters. No matter what type of beard you go for, it is mandatory that you keep your beard clean as a smelly, untidy and uncleaned beard can be a source of tons of bacteria which can cause many skin infections. The first symptom of a bacterially infected beard is constant itchiness that you feel every time. It is preferable to wash your beard every day with beard shampoos and after shampoo, conditioner can be used only after getting oiled with beard oils available easily at your nearby markets. After washing beard, you can gently dry it off with a separate towel especially used to dry beard. After drying, always untangle your beard hairs especially if you have long beards. Use a separate wide-toothed comb to untangle hair of your beard. You can use beard waxes and oils to keep beards really well-groomed. Regular moisturizing of French beard should be done once in a week depending on your skin type and your locational weather of living.

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