14 Cool Toe Rings – Ideas How to Wear Toe Rings For chic Style

As we all know that toe Rings fashion is in trend since late 90’s. This toe fashion is mush attractive and almost every girl now loves to wear them along with other jewelry. It’s give you an attractive look in your complete personality. Expensive and trendy toe fashion rings is basically a matter of good choice.Common questions which every girl has in mind are,How to wear Toe rings, on which finger to wear toe ring, how to make toe rings your self at home?when to wear toe rings? what are the different types of toe rings etc etc. Well all these questions will be answered here.Just stay focused .

These rings are very easy to wear and remove.You can wear toe rings with all the outfits depending on the occasion. Mostly girls wear them in summer season with jeans.You should wear these rings on the 2nd finger of your foot next to thumb.But there is no hard and fast rule for this.Girls who love to go funky,they wear multi toe ring combos.There are  variety of  stylish toe rings designs that has been introduced again by  well known fashion designers.You have a variety of trendy toes rings changeable from the delicate stuff to fully round style in shape. New designs of toes rings  are superb and especially designed which designers kept in their mind while designing those latest trends of wearing toes rings. I would like to share different styles with all the fans.
1. Small design of toes rings
2. Medium design of toes rings
3. Large designs of toes rings

Small Design Toes Rings
These designs are much attractive with the regard to their exclusive style as well as versatility. Incredible designs are now here in these innovative collections of toes rings that are really wonderful. Women can take them as casual wear or formal purpose according to their choice. Beautiful combinations of color beside  up-to-date designing have made toes rings among all latest fashion. Teenage girls really love to wear such rings..

Medium design toes rings 
It is another incredible variety of toes rings. Medium design toes rings are generally recommended all the women having round face cut shape. Marble toes rings as well as other modish stuff that has been launched in medium size of the toes rings are really trendy these days.Use of medium toe rings are preferred mostly in semi casual occasions.To further enhance the beauty of your feet , try putting matching color nail polish with the ring colors.The images given below give great ideas to wear toes rings with different color of nail polish.

Large design of toes Rings 
The large size of toes rings appear really elegant to those ladies having small size of face cut. Large size of ring enhances the innocence of ladies at every age. Both pin styles and rings that have been designed only for ladies who have different choices.  Now let’s see the gorgeous colors of the modernism. You will be pleased to see the incredible chain style of toes that will definitely make you feel more flimsy. Women can also wear these on marriages where they simply look rocking.


Bead Design.

toe rings

DIY Toe Ring.  One of the best thing i like about foot jewelry is , you can always make the things your self .You can easily make the toe rings yourself with little creativity.Beaded DIY toe ring is very popular way used make at home.

Toe Rings Fashion

Silver Sterling  Toe Rings.

Toe Rings 2015

Silver Toe Rings with Stones.

sterling silver toe rings

Heart Shape Toe Ring.

slimming toe rings

Mutli Combo.

Multi Toe Rings

Stylish Anklet with Toe ring.

Latest Fashion of Toe Ring

fitted toe rings

Floral Toe Ring

Funky Toe RIngs

Cute Toe Rings

Cool Toe Rings

Colorfull Toe RIngs

Barred Foot Rings

adjustable toe rings



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