20 Best Spring Family Photoshoot Outfits to Try This Spring 

Spring outfits for family photoshoots: Got a family photoshoot coming up? Need some inspo? We got you covered. Family photoshoots are very important and something to look back on when the years go by so it is extremely important that they are memorable. We will present to you 20 of the best spring family photoshoot outfits to try for your family. These outfits are easy to wear and not over the top either so if you are somebody that likes to keep photoshoots simple then you will like these outfits.

It doesn’t matter if you are a family of two, four, six or a single parent. This article includes an outfit for every family. All families are perfect which is what family photoshoots try to capture. They capture the love, happiness and warmth that a family provides. Family photoshoots should be taken seriously and all families should have at least one to remember and cherish. Spring is one of the best seasons to have a photoshoot and these outfits are according to that season.

What to Wear for a Spring Family Photoshoot?

A family photoshoot can be very tiring and draining especially when there are kids around. What every family needs to make sure they carry is a big bag full of essentials. Essentials such a lunch because everybody will get hungry after a few hours and if the shoot isnt complete, the hunger might cause hindrance. It is also important to carry extra clothes and comfortable ones to change into when the shoot is over. Makeup for the ladies that want to touch up their makeup during the shoot and dont forget sunblock. Make sure to enjoy the shoot while it lasts and not stress too much about it, mothers tend to do that. Enjoy and cherish the moment with your family.


• DO make sure to be in the moment.

• DO plan some activities if you have kids because they tend to get bored.

• DO have at least one family photoshoot in your life.

• DONT forget to use sunblock.

• DONT forget to bring water and stay hydrated.

• DONT panic you got this.

↓ 20 – How To Wear A Black Dress With A White Tshirt

This outfit is simple yet cute. The mother wears a plain black spaghetti strap dress and the father is wearing a plain white t-shirt with black shorts. The contrast between the parents’ outfits is very nice. The children however sport chicer looks than their parents. The baby girl wears a striped jumpsuit while the toddler wears a white t-shirt with a cute brown dungaree. Here are some more Ideas on How to Wear the Little Black Dress.

↓ 19 – How To Wear An Orange Dress With A Blue Shirt

This family choose to keep their outfits pretty and simple too. The mother wears an orange off shoulder dress while the father wears a blue formal shirt with shorts. The kids are dressed in matching outfits that are lace dresses in a nude color. This family looks super cute wearing this outfit.

↓ 18 – How To Style An All White Family Outfit

Both the parents are wearing white in this picture. The father is seen wearing a white t-shirt while the mother wears a white maxi dress. The father has styled his white t-shirt with brown jeans while the mother has styled her dress with a brown sweater. The babies are dressed in green and floral prints with bow pins to add to their cuteness.

↓ 17 – How To Dress For A Field Shoot

This family stands in the middle of a stunning field. They also chose to wear white. The parents are wearing blue while all three kids are wearing white. The two girls are wearing white dresses while the toddler is wearing a white shirt with a grey waistcoat. The mother is wearing a pretty floral top with a brown skirt and the father wears a blue shirt with blue denim jeans.

best spring outfits for family photoshoots

↓ 16 – The Perfect Family Photoshoot Outfit

This family looks quite gorgeous. The perfect spring photoshoot. The mother is wearing an all-white maxi dress with a sunhat and holds a basket of flowers. The father is wearing a brown shirt with black ripped skinny jeans. The baby girl is wearing a pastel green dress while the baby boy is wearing a black t-shirt with grey jeans. This shoot is ethereal.


↓ 15 – All Black Family Outfit

If you are somebody that loves black then should try this outfit. The mother is wearing a black full length dress while the father wears black jeans with a grey shirt. The baby wears a black t-shirt with a grey shirt on top and brown jeans. The contrast between the outfit of all three looks great.

best spring outfits for family photoshoots

↓ 14 – What To Wear For A Simple Shoot

This shoot is about a mother and her baby only. This is a very elegant shoot. The baby is wrapped up in a shawl but the mother is wearing a beige outfit. Beige palazzos with a white dress shirt and shoes. This is super simple and very cute for a single mother.

↓ 13 – How To Style An All Black Family Outfit

The mother wears a black shirt with black jeans and so does the father. The babies are dress in white and black. One is wearing a white shirt with brown jeans and the other is wearing a white shirt with black dungarees. This family looks super cute.

best spring outfits for family photoshoots

↓ 12 – How To Style A Baby’s Outfit

This baby looks super cute in this green dress. The parents are wearing an orange dress and white shirt with brown jeans. The baby however is the show stopper. Looking extremely cute with a white bow pin that matches well with the dress.

↓ 11 – How To Wear A Striped Outfit

If you love striped then you will love this family outfit. The mother wears a striped jumpsuit while the father wears a striped tshirt with black jeans. Only one of the kids in dressed in a striped dungaree and the other one is wearing a pastel blue dress.

↓ 10 – Grey And White Family Outfit

This family of four looks so cool in a grey and white contrast. The father wears an all grey outfit, grey sweater and pants. The mother is wearing all white pants and a shirt paired with a fur shawl. The kids are wearing grey shirts with blue and grey jeans. This family is dressed in all cool tones and looks super good and perfect for a spring photoshoot.

↓ 9 – How To Plan Family Outfits With A Red Dress

This family of five looks so cute! The mother is wearing a red dress and planning an entire family outfit with a red dress is a hard job but they did it perfectly! They planned the contrast nicely. The three kids are wearing white and the one kid that wearing a blue dress has it matching with her father’s blue shirt. The mother’s red dress stands out and looks gorgeous. Here are some more Father and Son Twinning outfit ideas.


↓ 8 – Couples Shoot

These two look so in love! Their outfits are so simple but it still looks so chic. The girl is wearing a tea pink dress and the boy is wearing a black t-shirt with black jeans. They look super good together and their outfits are not too much either. They are just in a field and looking stunning. Their outfits are perfect for spring especially the girl’s dress, it is the perfect spring dress.

↓ 7 – Family Of Four

This family looks great in their outfits. The mother wears a cream colored dress and the baby girl wears a pink dress. The father and son both wear blue tshirts with jeans. This family is wearing simple outfit but it still looks like they put so much effort into their shoot. This is how it should be.

↓ 6 – Mother Daughter Outfit

This mother-daughter outfit is making my heart melt. The mother is wearing a white dress with a white cardigan on top and a brown sunhat. The baby is wearing the cutest floral pink dress with brown boots that match her mother’s. This is a very cute shoot and the outfits are extremely stunning. If you are a single mother and are looking for a good outfit for a shoot with your daughter then this might be the one!

↓ 5 – Perfect Spring Outfit

This family looks so good standing in the middle of a sunflower field wearing the best spring family photoshoot outfit. The mother is wearing a white shirt with a baby pink palazzo and the father is wearing a blue shirt with black jeans. The toddler is also dressed similar to his dad in a white t-shirt and blue denim shorts. This is a super simple yet good looking family outfit so give it a try if you want to wear a white outfit.


↓ 4 – Black And Grey Contrast Outfit

This family looks super cute dressed in black and grey. The mother is wearing a black plunge neck dress while the father is wearing a grey shirt. The kids look super cute in their polka dot black and orange and floral dresses. The kids are also wearing sunhats in dark brown and beige. Sunhats are a cute accessory and kids like them.

best spring outfits for family photoshoots

↓ 3 -How To Wear A Grey Outfit

This family chooses to wear grey and cool tones. The mother wears a floral tea pink dress while the father and son are both dress in matching outfits:- A grey t-shirt with brown jeans. This family looks super pretty. They are dressed in cool tones which are perfect for spring. For more inspiration, do check out these 110 Cutest Matching Mother Daughter Outfits On The Internet.

↓ 2 – All Black Outfit for Spring Family Photoshoot

This family looks super duper cool in this all-black outfit! The mother is wearing a black dress with a black sunhat while the father wears a black t-shirt with a grey blazer. The infant wears a beige romper with a black bow headband and the toddler wears a white shirt with black dungarees.


↓ 1 – All Brown Outfit

This couple looks stunning in this brown matching outfit. The girl wears a brown slitted sundress with a sunhat while the guy wears a brown shirts with a white t-shirt underneath it. This outfit is super cute and perfect for a couples photoshoot. It is simple and pretty.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What to wear on a family photoshoot for four?

A. This article includes at least 6 outfits for families of four that you can look into for inspiration. All the outfits are easy to style and put together so don’t worry about that. If you like to stay simple then you will like the outfits.

Q. How to plan a family photoshoot with a baby?

A. This article includes many outfits with babies. Most of the outfits include baby outfits too. Planning a photshoot with babies is a little harder but its not impossible. There are also some tips to keep babies from ruining the shoot. Babies can be distracted easily by bringing along their favorite toys and games and making sure that they are not wearing something they are uncomfortable in. If they are uncomfortable in it dont make them wear it but if you really want them to wear it then make sure its only for a few minutes until the shoot is done, change them into something comfortable right after.

Q. How to dress for a family photoshoot?

A. It is completely up to you how you want to dress for a family photo shoot. You don’t have to dress a certain way because there are no rules. If you want to dress simple then dress simple but if you want to plan proper outfits then go ahead and do that! Don’t think that because it’s a photoshoot you have to dress up so much for it, just wear what you’re comfortable in.

Q. How to prepare for a Spring family photoshoot?

A. This article includes tips for packing a bag for the shoot. You need to make sure you get a good night’s sleep before the big day and make sure you are staying hydrated and eating properly. Shoots can be very tiring so make sure you eat and sleep well. The rest of your family should also be well-rested because even if one person is groggy your shoot could be ruined. It’s a special day so you should do your best to make sure everything is perfect!

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