These 6 Common Fashion Mistakes Every Women Should Avoid

Hello Everyone,I am Vivara Fashion Blogger and i am taking over Outfit Trends Blog today! I shall be highlighting the common fashion mistakes that most women make without knowing they are committing it .Below i have put my own pics to show how you can avoid them.

Hope you enjoy!

6 Fashion Mistakes not to make!

1. Looking messing when running errands!

I would never go to the supermarket, petrol station, or anywhere looking a mess,”You just never know who you are going to see!” but you don’t always have the time to pull out a rockin outfit and style it with your favourite accessories, its’s about throwing on a cool and effortless look that is so quick and easy but still looks fabulous! ‘Effortlessly Cool!’

2. Un – Manicured toes!

“The number one fashion faux pas is having un-manicured toes, “Especially during the summer months, if your feet aren’t presentable, please don’t present them!”

3. “I would never overdo on jewellery when wearing a beautifully detailed dress, “The dress itself is already running the show, and too much jewellery will make you go from classy to tacky real quick.”

4.  Confusing over sized with ill – fitting!

Oversized sweaters, blouses, and dresses are very in right now—but there’s a right and wrong way to pull off this trend. If you wear something that’s too oversized, you’ll end up totally losing your shape and looking sloppy.

5.  Wearing trousers that do not fit properly!

There’s nothing worse than wearing a pair of loose trousers that are actually meant to fit snugly. It makes you look fairly disheveled overall, and like you really have no idea how to put an outfit together.

6. Showing just a little to much skin!

As we’ve seen, skin is definitely still in, but there is absolutely a limit to how much you can stylishly bare. Even an inch or two too much, and your look can easily go from alluring to trashy.

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