40 Best Round Mehndi Designs With Step by Step Tutorial

Best Round Mehndi Designs – Most women have a love for mehndi and its enchanting smell. And the love for round mehndi is also very natural as it’s the most traditional and classic mehndi style. Moreover, it’s really easy to make which is what makes it really popular.

As far as simple and easy are concerned these types of designs are always favorite for mehndi designing beginners and young girls.

Latest Round Mehndi Styles

Can’t make the perfectly round circles for your mehndi? Here’s a tip, try using a small floating candle or a bottle cap to make the round design. Another tip is to first draw the outline with a pen and then cover it with your mehndi.

40 –  Minimalistic Round Mehndi Designs

Simple and minimalistic designs have become popular everywhere – be it in makeup, outfits and even mehndi designs. You can follow Dr. Azra as she’s the pioneer and trendsetter of such mehndi designs.

round mehndi designs
round mehndi designs

39 – Diamonds on Foot and Hand – Round Mehndi Designs

The design in the photo below is elaborated with the multi-colored diamonds that not only add more beauty to the mehndi design but also add more beauty to one’s hands and feet. Anyone who wants to have a traditional look can go for this round mehndi design with diamonds

Round Mehndi Designs (25)

38 – Step By Step Guide – Round Mehndi Designs For Palm

The photo below will act as a guide for beginners and young girls who want to have a perfectly stylish round mehndi design.

Round Mehndi Designs (8)


37 –  Round Bridal Mehndi

The design in the photo below is of the backside of the hands and it’s the perfect design for brides who don’t want extravagant designs all over their hands and feet.

Round Mehndi Designs (13)


Want something even simpler? Go for a simple round mehndi thappa, surrounded by small dots and cover the edges of your fingers with mehndi. If you’re fond of wearing big rings, this design will help you show them off.

round mehndi designs

36 – Big Spiral Plus Circles With Blue Nailpaint

Round Mehndi Designs (33)

35 – Leafy Style

Round Mehndi Designs (20)


34 – All White

It’s never a compulsion that full hands should be covered in mehndi designs. As in the photo below, only some part of the hand’s backside is covered with brown mehndi. It makes the whole attire not only elegant but also graceful.

Round Mehndi Designs (1)


33 – Classic Blent With Blue Toes

The design in the photo is a modern form of traditional round mehndi design as an Arabic touch is given to it by filling up the gaps with mehndi.

Classical touch in this design is coming from the dotted diamond pattern. Girls who are looking for a modern but classic traditional round mehndi design can opt for this design.


32 – Spiral With Petals

Round Mehndi Designs (10)


31 – Hallow Cinnamon Brown Circle

Round Mehndi Designs (14)


30 – Round Round Round


29 – Circles and Semi Circles


28 – Delicate Flower

This round mehndi design not only covers half fingers but also a thin portion of the wrist, therefore, whoever opts for this design – one thing that will surely be done is that there will be no need of wearing a bracelet and rings.

This design is not an easy one, to perfect this design one needs to practice on some mirrors or on hands.

Round Mehndi Designs (29)


27 – White Bracelet

Round Mehndi Designs (3)


26 – Sun Flower Style on Thigh

This photo below will make one realize that mehndi is not manufactured only for hands and legs it can be applied to different parts of the body. As in the photo, a tattoo style round mehndi design is designed on the thigh. Here are some more Popular Mehndi Tattoo Designs to Try.

Round Mehndi Designs (5)


25 – Stylish Crescent

Round Mehndi Designs (18)


24 – Silver Jewels with White

Round Mehndi Designs (4)


23 – Glittery Blue With Diamonds

Round Mehndi Designs (34)


22 – Edgy White With Middi

Round Mehndi Designs (2)


21 – Chinese Sign

Round Mehndi Designs (31)


20 – Circle on Yellow Toe Nails

Round Mehndi Designs (30)


19 – Black Tattoo Style Mehndi

Girls who are not willing to have tattoos can design a black tattoo style round mehndi design on their back and after a week or two, get a new one.

Round Mehndi Designs (36)


18 –   Geometry with Circles

Round Mehndi Designs (38)


17 – Paisley With Circles

Round Mehndi Designs (40)


16 – Dotted Net Style Abstract

Round Mehndi Designs (42)


15 – Petals with Circles on Shoulder Corner

Round Mehndi Designs (12)


14 – Full Arm And Hand

Round Mehndi Designs (40)


13 – Basic Leafy Vine

The round leafy mehndi tutorial is for those young girls who cannot properly design a leafy vine. This photo will act as a guide for them, on how to perfectly design a leafy vine beautifully.

Round Mehndi Designs (19)


12 – Triangular Crescent

Round Mehndi Designs (23)


11 – Shoulder Design

Round Mehndi Designs (39)

10 – Modern Round Henna Design

The Round Mehndi design in the photo below only covers the palm, not the fingers. It turns out to be a very stylish look yet its a traditional design but the change in the color of the mehndi to black makes it more modern. The Peace sign in the center is also very eye-catching and of course meaningful.

Round Mehndi Designs (35)

9 – Red Nail With Diamond

Round Mehndi Designs (15)


8 – Leafy With Flower

Round Mehndi Designs (21)


7 – Simple Filled Round

The design in the photo below is the simplest of all. In this design, a simple round shape is designed in the center of the foot and then filled up with mehndi and on the toes, arrow shape lines are drawn.

Round Mehndi Designs (11)


6 –  Center  Plus Fingers

Round Mehndi Designs (37)


5 – Net Style

To create uniqueness in the round mehndi design, net style is added with multiple dots. Yet another stylish round mehndi design

Round Mehndi Designs (17)


4 – Arm Design for Bride to Be

Round Mehndi Designs (41)


3 – Leafy Abstract

The delicately leafy abstract designed inside the circles is making the whole design look fabulous. For Nikkah especially, this design can be picked up as most Muslim girls want to keep everything simple on that day and want a heavy filled-up mehndi design for the wedding day.


2 – Sundanese Style

In the round mehndi design in the photo below, more focus is on the hand. In this design, all the geometrical shapes are involved, semi-circles, lines, diamonds, circles, triangles, etc. combining these all brings out a gorgeous design. Girls who are looking for Sundanese round mehndi design, this one would be a perfect pick for them.

Round Mehndi Designs (26)


1 – Symmetric Semi Circles

Anyone who is interested in covering the entire palm, then this design is perfect as it covers almost the full hand with a good size of symmetric semi-circles with petals and horizontal and vertical lines. Its a great design for youngsters.

Round Mehndi Designs (6)


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