Best Glitter Mehndi Designs-Our Top 30 Glittery Mehndi Picks

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs –  Have you heard the phrase “Everything with Glitter is Better”, so this phrase can also be referred for mehndi.  Adding glitter in mehndi is the latest trend this year because it can be easily wash out with water or simply peeled off when dried out.

Young girls who love the shimmers, jewels, etc that include glitter also, glitter mehndi designs are quite popular in them. They might want to sneak a peek into this article. This article brings 30 cute glitter mehndi designs, all glitter lovers would want to have a look at them. By adding A certain amount of glitter or sparkle to mehndi gives it the radiance.

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Stunning Glittery Henna Patterns

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (27)

Tips and Tricks For keeping the Glitter Last Longer:

  • Apply glitter an hour earlier before going to the occasion.
  • Let it dry completely as it takes time to dry.
  • Buy Cosmetic Glitter as quality matters.
  • Avoid Water as it is water-soluble.

↓ 30 – Chromatic  Blossoms with Butterfly for Feet

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↓ 29 – Blush Blossom Burst

The glitter and jewels added in the black mehndi design make the hand backside look stunningly awesome.  All age group of girls can opt this design for some festival. The paisley, blooming bud and blossoms on one side of the hand in the form of a vine compliments each other a lot and enhances the hand beauty.

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↓ 28 – Flourish in Ultramarine

As glitter mehndi is well-practiced today.  With it, one can add color and elaborate the mehndi design. Like as in the mehndi design below in the photo the full hand is covered with brown mehndi and its central portion where the paisley exists,  is outlined with blue and golden color glitter. That makes the mehndi designs look more beautiful, attractive, and very stylish. In short, the shimmering and sparkling colors of glitter becomes the point of attraction and enhances the beauty in comparison of the pain brown mehndi.

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (16)

↓ 27 – Razzle Dazzle with Glitter

Want to razzle-dazzle with glitter then just go for this glitter mehndi design. As this glitter mehndi design is very well elaborated and intricate. The hidden peacock in the design makes the design look extremely good.

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↓ 26 – Blend of Paisley With Glitter

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (23)

↓ 25 – Aquamarine Blossom Waves

This aquamarine blossom wave glitter mehndi design in the photo adores the palm and forearm beautifully. The creepers, blue glittered flowers, and the leaves with spirals complement each other very well. Want to make a less complicated design then one can reduce the number of vines and keep the mehndi design on the backside of the palm only.

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (30)

↓ 24 – Efflorescence Motif

This glitter mehndi design with the flower as a motif, leaves vines going outwards to the index finger of the backside of the palm makes the design look marvelous. One must have noticed that everything that had glitter on it grabs the attention and becomes the point of attraction, therefore, the flower motif filled with blue and gold glitter makes the entire design alive and vibrant.

↓ 23 – Sparkling Glitter

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (19)

↓ 22 – Vogue Chain Style

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (28)

↓ 21 – Flourish with All Gold

The gold glitter design in the photo below is so intricate and when gorgeous rhinestones added in the blossoms vine complement each other so well that brings out the whole design very elegantly.

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (22)

↓ 20 –Twinkle Little Star

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (2)

↓ 19 – Leading Edgy With Gold

The delicately designed golden color glitter mehndi on the body parts not only enhances the beauty but also makes one look fashionable like in the photo below. For summer season this design would work fantastically for glitter lovers.

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (8)

↓ 18 – Fascinating Droplets With Blossoms

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (18)

↓ 17 – Radiant Rainbow

This Glitter mehndi design not only adds shimmer to the mehndi but also helps to last longer. Girls who adore radiance and want to stay for a longer time period can adopt this methodology.

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↓ 16 – Briny Deep Blue

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (31)

↓ 15 – Stunning Sterling Silver

The glitter mehndi is absolutely safe for skin. One can apply it as mehndi but remember that it’s not mehndi. The Silver glitter mehndi design in the photo is looking absolutely stunning with the red nail paint. All young girls can opt for this design.

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↓ 14 – Geometrical Turquoise

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (10)

↓ 13 – Shooting Stars With Spirals

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (17)

↓ 12 – Double Shaded Spade

Note that glitter quality is very important. The Art and Craft glitter can’t be used for this purpose as it can irritate and scratch the skin. Remember that only use cosmetic glitter.

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (5)

↓ 11 – Flanking Sterling’s

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (7)

↓ 10 – Intricate Glitter Design

One can imagine that their hands are shrouded in precious stone.

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (21)

↓ 9 – Hummingbird

If uniqueness is your style then surely you would love to add glitter in mehndi design. Don’t get tangled, this glitter mehndi design that’s a hummingbird is one latest trend and is unique.

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↓ 8 – Flower Tikka Style Motif

The modern tikka style as a central motif in this design not only enhances the beauty of hand but also makes it stylish. The blooming flower in the design with the purple and blue glitter brings out the design very well in a way that traditional tikka style is turned into a modern look. Even though the full hand is not cover in mehndi.

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (26)

↓ 7 – Flourishing Green Rose

This glitter mehndi design is not as simple as it looks. The thick green roses are quite prominent and are neatly done. Green glitter applied on the mehndi that is to dry gives this design a completely different look.

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (20)

↓ 6 – Tattoo Style with Spirals

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (25)

↓ 5 – Soothing Lavender

Planning to attend a festival then adding glitters,  jewel, and gems will make your glitter mehndi design standout from all your friends in the same event. This soothing lavender glitter mehndi design in the photo below will do all the work for you, as it is one gorgeous design. But if your outfit is of different shade then can opt for that shade of glitter that balances or compliments the outfit.

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (11)

↓ 4 – Blowout with Smoky Grey

It’s never a compulsion that mehndi should always be on hands and foot. Instead of that one can also apply it on the back, shoulder etc. This glitter design is resembling a tattoo style implemented with two shades of glitter. Just make your own fashion statement.

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (9)

↓ 3 –  Uniqueness – Aerial Bird

Interest in getting a tattoo? This article brings you to the easiest and the prettiest way to have it. The photo below carries an Aerial Bird as a glitter mehndi design. The mixed colored glitter sprinkled over the brown mehndi makes the whole design go wow.

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (32)

↓ 2 – Oceania Glittery Paisley

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (3)

↓ 1 – Siren Pink Spirals

Adding Glitter to the design do avoid trouble, as it covers all the flaws present in the design with all the shine.

Best Glitter Mehndi Designs (13)

Do let us know what you think of our collection and what else you would like to see.

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