Omar Borkan’s 100 Latest, Hottest and Most Stylish Pictures

Omar Borkan pics – We get so worried about being pretty. Let’s be pretty kind. Pretty funny. Pretty smart. Pretty strong” Brit Nicole. People have become too superficial and materialistic. Most of these common people are inspired by beauty so much that it is all that is given importance to these days. Gone are the days when an intelligent person received instant fame and gifts and became a topic of discussion.

Beauty itself is not bad as it is created by God but the standards that the human race has adopted with regards to a pretty face are ugly. In 2013, such an event occurred that it shocked the whole world. Saudi Arabia is known for its strict rules with regards to the mingling of men and women and moral standards so men with good looks should beware when entering the country.

Latest News and Pictures of Omar Borkan Al Gala


Read on to find everything about this handsome guy, but first, here’s a simple bio about him:

  • Profession:Top model/photographer/Entrepreneur/ Samsung ambassador
  • Date of Birth: September 23, 1989
  • Zodiac: Libra
  • Nationality: Iraq
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Religion: Islam
  • Siblings: 1 brother (Ain Borkan Al Gala)
  • Height: 1.93 m/ 6 feet 4 inch/ 195 cm
  • Marital Status: Married to Yasmin Oweidah
  • Children: 1 son (Diyab) born on 8/September/2016

↓ 100 – Omar Borkan’s Famous Controversy

An actor, a photographer and a poet born in Iraq and raised in Dubai to follow a career in fashion modeling was attending an event in Saudi Arabia when the organizers thought that Omar Borkan is devilishly handsome and can become a problem for the women there so he was deported from the country in April 2013. It would not be wrong to say that Omar Borkan is one of the hottest men alive. For some people, exile becomes the biggest defamation and for Omar Borkan it changed his life overnight. He became a topic of discussion all over the world. That incident changed his life forever, got millions of fans in a very short amount of time. This incident also brought a brand new living style for him when he started receiving gifts from women; a brand new Mercedes G55 as a gift from a woman on his birthday.

This incident has two aspects; the other side is that the actor may have used this whole scenario to become famous and to highlight his public profile as he is seen wearing eyeliner and kohl in many of his pictures. It took Omar Borkan three months before admitting in July 2013, in an exclusive interview to a private magazine he admitted that the story was fake, he was never deported. He was dancing inappropriately in a family event and he was questioned by the national guard but never asked to leave the country. Well whatever was the motive he got the best out of this whole scenario.

omar borkan latest news and pictures


↓ 99 – What is Omar Borkan Doing Now?

Omar Borkan now a days is one of the top middle east model and official ambassador for Samsung NXMini & Galaxy Camera 2,Galaxy K zoom.He is a great inspiration for men’s fashion specially the Arab men style. A lot of Arab men follow Omar Borknan fashion and his dressing style as can be seen in the following pictures. Masculine charm oozing from those mysterious eyes set under thick eyebrows and a beard common among Central Asian Men, no doubt about his pretty features. Also have a look at these 10 Most Handsome Arab Men in the World.

omar borkan latest news and pictures

↓ 98 – Omar Borkan in a Traditional Arab Attire

Omar Borkan being a model is seen here posing in the traditional Arab attire with a thobe of black color combined with a kaffiyeh in red. He keeps his beard most of the time as it adds to his handsomeness.

worlds handsome man

↓ 97 – Omar Borkan HD Wallpaper

Brown embroided thobe can be worn to festive occasions as is worn by the model. The kaffiyeh here is tied around with the igal.

 Style Omar Borkan

↓ 96 – Casual Look in a Hat

Normally the model is not seen in western clothes but you can see that he is enjoying wearing these as well. Rn B cap with a classic white t-shirt is looking great on the guy. sexy handsome man

↓ 95 – Omar Borkan Wearing All White

For women across the globe, he is looking like a vision in white. His looks enhanced by this all white outfit.  sexy arab man

↓ 94 – French Style Beard

Gray Thobe, worn with a cap and a chin strap beard french style. Here are Top 10 Arab Countires with Most Beautiful Women

Omar Borkan pictures

↓ 93 – East Meets West

Again you can see that he like to wear a kaffiyeh with western wear also. White Jacket and traditional Jeans look good.  omar borkan with girls

↓ 92 – Omar’s Awesome Winter Look in a Beanie

   omar borkan winter fashion

↓ 91 – Omar Borkan Beard Style

Also see these  25 Popular Beard styles for Arabic Men.

Omar Borkan white dress

↓ 90 – Omar Borkan’s Never Ending Swag

Omar Borkan swag

↓ 89 – His Awesome Sunglasses Collection

Omar Borkan sunglasses
omar borkan Sunglasses style   Omar Borkan Stylish Dress

↓ 88 – His Intense Looks

Omar Borkan Style

↓ 87 – Omar Borkan’s Beautiful Smile

Pictures of omar borkan

↓ 86 – Omar Borkan’s Modelling Pictures

omar borkan hot pictures

↓ 85 – As a Samsung Ambassador

omar borkan sexy photos

↓ 84 – Omar Borkan’s Amazing Colour Coordination

Omar Borkan Hot pics

↓ 83 – Taking a Selfie with Fans

Omar Borkan Selfies

↓ 82 – Who is the Cute One?

Omar Borkan pics

↓ 81 – Omar Borkan’s Interview Outfit

Omar Borkan Outfits fashion

↓ 80 – Omar Borkan in the Swimming Pool

omar borkan mugshot

↓ 79 – Attending an Event

omar borkan looks

↓ 78 – Hanging Out

omar Borkan in western outfits

↓ 77 – His Love for Cars

omar borkan in jeans

↓ 76 – Playing Basketball

omar Borkan hot pics

↓ 75 – Hot Stuff

Omar Borkan Fashion

↓ 74 – Modelling as a Groom

Omar Borkan fashion show

↓ 73 – Wearing a Traditional Kurta

how to dress like omar borkan

↓ 72 – Handsome as Ever

omar borkan eyes

↓ 71 – Black and Red Outfit

Omar Borkan Dresses

↓ 70 – Borkan’s Love for Horses

omar borkan Clothing

↓ 69 – Omar Borkan in a Shaven Head

omar borkan clothes

↓ 68 – Summer Look in Shorts

omar borkan casual style

↓ 67 – Classy Look

omar borkan casual fashion

↓ 66 – King of the Desert

Omar Borkan black dress

↓ 65 – His Eye-Piercing Stare

omar borkan beard style

↓ 64 – Making Hearts Flutter

omar borkan arab dress

↓ 63 – Muscular Arms

Omar Borkan Al Gala street style

↓ 62 – Glimpse from His Travel Diaries

Hot arab men

↓ 61 – The Most Handsome Gulf Man

Handsome arab men

↓ 60 – Dashing Looks

good looking arab men

↓ 59 – The Most Sexy Beard

Dubai Hansome men

↓ 58 – Angelic in White

cute arab boys

↓ 57 –  A Treat for the Eyes

arabian sexy model

↓ 56 – Fierce and Fiery

arabian sexy men

↓ 55 – The Most Photogenic Man

Arab man style

↓ 54 – In a Black Blazer

Arab fashion men

↓ 53 – Swag Looks

Omar Borkan photos

↓ 52 – Omar Borkan Working Out

According to Borkan, the gym is where he can release his stress.

hottest pictures of omar borkan

↓ 51 – Vacationing with His Son

Here’s a picture from a recent picture he shared from his vacation with his family in Fujairah Beach resort.

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 50 – Omar Borkan’s Beach Look

omar borkan latest pictures

Top Facts About Omar Borkan

↓ 49 – All Set for the Weekend

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 48 – Glowing in the Sun

omar borkan latest images

↓ 47 – Confidence is the Key

omar borkan latest picture

↓ 46 – Omar Borkan as a Rising Entrepreneur

He has now started his own shop online which has exclusive products from Borkan’s collection. The products include the headscarves like he wears and bracelets for women, but he plans on expanding the product range soon. You can access the shop online or visit the store in Business Bay, Dubai.

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 45 – Tall, Dark and Handsome

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 44 – The Perfect Family Man

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 43 – Mesmerising Eyes

latest pictures of omar borkan

↓ 42 – Omar Borkan Street Style

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 41 – The Secret of His Perfect Beard

All the beauty doesn’t just come naturally, it needs to be maintained properly. Which is why here we see Borkan perfecting his beard lines with a laser session.

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 40 – The Perfect Gym Look

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 39 – Modelling Shoot

omar borkan pictures

↓ 38 – Omar Borkan with His Wife

omar borkan latest pictures

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 37 – Hanging Out at the Club

Truly when you wark hard, you get to party harder.

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 36 – Omar Borkan with His Brother

omar borkan with his brother

↓ 35 – The Best Smile

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 34 – Omar Borkan Height

You can see here that he is even taller than his security guards!

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 33 – Omar Borkan’s Childhood Picture

Here’s a picture of Borkan from when he was 6 months old.

omar borkan pictures

↓ 32 – Omar Borkan’s Morning Run

omar borkan pictures

↓ 31 – Hanging Out with His Little Man

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 30 – The Right Motto for Life

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 29 – Charming Looks

omar borkan latest images

↓ 28 – The Handsome Devilish Looks

omar borkan's pictures

↓ 27 – Perfection

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 26 – Tanned Look

latest pictures of omar borkan

↓ 25 – The Right Look for Haters

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 24 – He’s Not Just a Pro at Modelling

He isn’t just all about good looks. One of his hobbies is playing snooker which he has been doing since he was 7 years old so you can imagine how good he is at this.

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 23 – The Man Who Has Everything

Love, fame, money, loyalty, respect, what else could a man want?

latest pictures of omar borkan

↓ 22 – Looks with Attitude

latest pictures of omar borkan

↓ 21 – With His Pet

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 20 – The Perfect Summer Body

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 19 – Looks That Kill

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 18 – His Fall Look

latest pictures of omar borkan

↓ 17 – Rainy Day Look

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 16 – Looking Amazing in a Hat

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 15 – Reading

omar borkan latest pictures


↓ 14 – Wearing Ripped Jeans

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 13 – Snowy Day Look

latest pictures of omar borkan

↓ 12 – That Smile!

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 11 – Wearing a Parka Jacket

omar borkan hot pictures

↓ 10 – Casual Look

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 9 – The Most Awesome Couple

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 8 – The Pride of UAE

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 7 – The Most Handsome Man

latest pictures of omar borkan

↓ 6 – Impeccable Style

latest pictures of omar borkan

↓ 5 – Enjoying Icecream

latest pictures of omar borkan

↓ 4 – Water Sports

latest pictures of omar borkan

↓ 3 – Morning Selfie

omar borkan latest pictures

↓ 2 – Rocking a Snapback

latest pictures of omar borkan

↓ 1 – The Hottest Gulf Man

latest pictures of omar borkan

latest and hottest pictures of omar borkan


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