Author: Amrta

Hi! My name is Amrta. I am a 22 year old with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a holder of a Post Graduate degree in Business Administration as well. I currently reside in Muscat, Oman. Though I have studied business at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level, I have had keen interest in fashion since a very young age. Along with that, my love for reading and writing, paved the way for me in terms of blog/content writing. I am here today, at Outfit Trends, to channel my passion for fashion and flare for writing and help build my skills as I go forward. As an amateur writer, I aim to use my time here to develop skills that can help me become better at what I love to do, while I also hone in on the skills I already possess and aim to create a fruitful experience here at Outfit Trends.