20 Stunning Skirt Outfits Combinations for Plus Size Ladies

plus size women outfits with skirts (6)

Larger ladies can sometimes avoid skirts at any cost however there really is no need to. There is an abundance of shapes, fits and styles for all ladies so don’t be put off and shy away.But ,how to wear plus size skirts with different outfits? what are the latest fashion ideas for curvy women with skirts?And what lengths should be considered?what ...

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12 Cute Minion Outfits for Babies/Toddlers You will Love


What are the two cutest things on earth? For me the answer would undoubtedly be minions and babies, combine the two and you definitely get an overdose of cuteness.If you are looking for ideas how to dress your baby in minion dress?latest minion outfits for kids then this post is for you. In this post we’ll be sharing some interesting ...

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15 Best Bandana Outfits Combinations for Perfect Bandana Look


Because my partner is constantly wearing bandanas we have them everywhere in our house. He uses them for work, because he is a chef, as well as day to day wear with his own personal style. But what about the ladies? how to wear bandana outfits? What styles are great with bandanas? What colours and patterns are acceptable? Outfit Trends ...

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16 Cute Summer Hairstyles for College Girls to Stay Cool


Every college student knows that your hairstyle is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to finish off that stunning summer outfit both of which are essential traits when being a student. It does not matter whether your hair is long, short, straight, curly, fine or thick; there is a style to suit everyone. But what styles are in this ...

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20 Cute Outfit Ideas for A Graduation Party- Style Guide


I remember my graduation like it was yesterday and can safely say it was one day that finding an outfit for took me weeks. Graduation can be a stressful yet exciting time for students so it is wise to get your dress sorted as soon as you can. But how do you dress up for graduation party? What dresses are ...

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How to Dress up for Night Party- 25 Cute Night Party Outfits

cute outfits to wear at night party (1)

Dressing up for a night party can be pretty challenging for most girls as they fuss over the right colour, the right dress, the right make up or hairstyle and so much more. If you need to attend one of these and are looking for suggestions,as what outfits to wear for night party ? what hairstyle and make suits for ...

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12 Cool Summer Casual Outfits for Teenage Girls

printed shorts

It’s almost time for school to finish and you girls can enjoy flaunting your favorite outfits whether you are partying at the beach or hanging out with your friends at Starbucks. But wait! Is the scorching summer heat puzzling you about what you should wear?How to beat the heat and what casual outfits to wear that are comfortable and yet give ...

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 5 Fun Ways to Personalize Your Look with Name Jewelry

name jewelry style (9)

Name Jewelry Fashion Ideas and Trends Donning the name necklace became a trend when Carrie Bradshaw showcased the classic Carrie name necklace on the TV hit series show Sex and the City. From then it became a huge fashion statement and celebrities added this must-have appendage to everyday outfits. The name necklace expanded to all jewelry pieces and it became ...

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25 Easy and Gorgeous Hairstyles For Walima Function This Season

top walima hairstyles (3)

We have seen that most of the girls find lot of trouble and difficulty during the walima functions that what should be their hairstyle! They get much messy during this walima session and fail to come up with suitable kind of styling. It is these formal events and sessions in which it is essential for you to come up with ...

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