Awesome Outfits Ideas to Wear at Carnival for Chic Look

Carnival outfit ideas

Everybody loves a good carnival. With the bright colours, fantastic glittering outfits, music and dazzling lights who wouldn’t? But what would you wear when going to such an amazing event? Well here at Outfit Trends we are going to bring to you some ideas of how to dress up for a carnival and will serve as a complete carnival dressing guide. ...

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12 Cute Mori Girl Outfits and Style tips for Mori Girl Look

Autumn Japanese Mori Girl Style

Mori is Japanese for ‘Forest’ so straight away the thought of earth and nature is there. This would be the correct assumption for the style of a Mori Girl. All things natural and simple. In this article Outfit Trends will bring to you the tips and tricks of how to dress Mori along with some cute mori style outfits for ...

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18 Best Spring Casual Outfits for Girls to Try This Season


Looking for inspiration of what to wear in this spring season? You are on the right place, all the combinations we have arranged for you can change your look dramatically. You will definitely look very fashionable and modern in these casual spring outfits. Spring has always been considered as the fashion’s biggest season and most colourful one. It is all about ...

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150 Most Romantic Muslim Couples Islamic Wedding Pictures


This collection of 150 Most Romantic Muslim Couples Islamic Wedding Pictures will simply blow up your mind that how romantic the bride and groom can look on Islamic wedding.We collected these pictures of Islamic weddings from all over the world and sorted out the best 150 for you. If your big day is soon and you are planning to have some special ...

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20 Cute Tomboy Style Outfits for Teenage Girls This Season

cute tomboy style outfits (11)

Want to know how to dress like a tomboy? Maybe you want to know what the latest tomboy style fashion trends are? Today outfit trends will reveal some great and simple tomboy styling tips. We will first cover the basics of this look then you can see some cute girls in tomboy outfits and few tomboy celebrity looks. Tomboy or ...

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Hijab Swag Style-20 Ways to Dress for a Swag Look With Hijab

muslim girls swag style (19)

Who says that Muslim girls cannot have swag with hijab?These days Hijab fashion is not what it use to be a decade ago.From  hijab street style to funky look ,now a days it is as much trending as any other main stream fashion .For those of you who don’t know what swag is, we will tell you what it actually means. Swag ...

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15 Cute Prom Outfits Combinations for Teen Girls

kendall Jenner prom style

Want to know how to dress up for the prom? Want to know what the latest prom outfit trends are? Or what accessories to wear? Well look no further! This article is going to put these queries to bed. Use the styles covered here and take some ideas from the images to create your own belle at the ball look. ...

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8 Basic Makeup Products Every Girl Must Carry all the Time

Makup bag essential kit

Basic Makeup Products Every Girl Must Carry all the Time-Ever wondered what all makeup items the models or celebrities carry in their bags all the time ? Makeup can make any woman look pretty and attractive but most of the women don’t know how much makeup they should put on and what product to use. A well-stocked makeup bag is ...

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Top 12 Celebrities Braided Hairstyles for Year 2015

celebrities braided hairstyle (6)

With winter in full swing you need to decide the new trends in fashion such as clothes, hairstyles etc. It is good to change your dressing styles and hairstyles every then and now.  Today we will discuss some top celebrities braided hairstyles which you can copy for a chic look. Since every year trends and styles change, we thought of ...

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