Stylish Hijabi Must Haves in 2016

Hijab Styles (3)

Stylish Hijabi Must Haves in 2016 source Let 2016 be your most stylish year yet. Check out our list of the essential must-haves that every stylish hijabi will want to have in her collection, and start prepping your wish list, to get ready for a gorgeously fashionable year! Gorgeous nudes source Nude colours are one of 2016’s hottest shades – ...

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What to Wear with Red Hair?18 Cute outfit for Red Hair Girls

Cute Outfits for Red Haired Girls (5)

What to wear with red hair? Recent trends have shown a rise in a liking for red hair. There are so many shades of red to choose from but the decision which is very difficult is how to dress to enhance your beautiful red mane. Getting a glamorous look that helps you flaunt your beautiful red hair often at times ...

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Cozy Winter Outfit Idea-20 Cute and Warm Outfits for Winters

Cozy Winter Outfit Ideas

Cozy outfits for winter- Let’s face it, we hate leaving our warm, fuzzy blankets on a winter morning. Add to that the anxiety of getting dressed, while staying warm and looking stylish. It may sound impossible, but don’t worry we got you covered.  How To Look Cute And Stay Comfortable In Winters So we rummaged through all our favorite bloggers to come ...

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Despite the fact that all New Year’s resolutions were made before 2016 even started, you can still promise yourself a few things. Especially because New Year is a great time to consider your beauty routine and change or develop some new habits. And although some of them perhaps are already a part of your daily routine – that is even ...

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Perfect Monday outfit for school&College Winter Season

CUTE school outfits

What to Wear to School/college in winters Hello, lovely readers! I am Akviile a community fashion blogger on Outfit Trends. There might be a lot of school or college students reading this post, so I think that it’s a good idea to help you with choosing a cute but comfy outfit for those Mondays. Most of the girls want to look awesome ...

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Top 20 Countries With Most Attractive Female Soldiers In World


 Uniforms? A boring dark coloured, non-funky dress that can make anybody look dull & dry any time. People usually wear uniform due to some official requirement of it to wear. Some uniforms are for special purpose like for military or army people it is mandatory for them to wear uniform at their workplace but what if these uniforms are making ...

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Getting A Tattoo Tebori Irezumi Style – All You Need To Know

Tattoo Tebori Irezumi Style

Tebori Irezumi Tattoo. Tebori Irezumi tattooing is a unique and absolutely stunning way of creating amazing body art. There is only a handful of people in the world who can perform Tebori properly and in its original and true form. This post looks at tebori from its origins to how it is in the modern day. We will look at ...

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20 Cute Outfit Ideas for Black Teenage Girls This Season

black teen girls

Cute Outfit Ideas for Black Teenage Girls . To be a teenager means you are trying to find your self and fashion is something that inspires everyone be it a girl or a boy. It has become the most important element in the lives of today’s’ teenagers. They are not just adopting new trends for the sake of fashion but also ...

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Women’s Outfits for Airport-15 Ways to Travel Like Celebrity

Celeb like Travel Outfits for women (1)

Stylish Women Travel Outfits for Airport: Many of us travel a lot or even if it’s occasionally you need some special considerations when planning a trip. Your dilemma is how do you dress for comfort but still manage to look stylish in an airplane travel outfit. One wants to remain comfortable yet stylish in travel outfits with less or no ...

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