Game of Thrones Outfits-30 Best Costumes from Game of Thrones

how to dress like GOT characters

Best Game of Thrones Outfits and Costumes. The GOT fever is definitely not going anywhere especially with season 5 just around the corner. As always, fans are expecting to see some great outfits on their favourite GOT characters. But for now, we have compiled together some of the most awesome GOT costumes ever. We have girls and guys of all ...

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Cocktail Outfits for Men – 30 Tips Learnt from Celebrities

How to dress up like a celebrity for Cocktail party - A complete guide (2)

Cocktail Outfits for Men: Celebs can give you a complete style guide for latest trends, what’s in and what’s out. But One cannot trace the latest fashion all he time and neither can afford like our celebs. Now this is not difficult at all, as good things and old fashion keep returning. If you are invited to a cocktail party then ...

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Hijab Graduation Outfit-18 Ways to Wear Hijab on Graduation Day

18 Ways To Wear Hijab (1)

Hijabi Graduation Day Outfit Guide: Convocation is one of the biggest days in one’s life and many plans to look elegant along smart in graduation day outfit. Though wearing a graduation gown is  a dream but it somehow hides whatever you are wearing on that special day.  We can give you relief and no matter what age, body type you are, ...

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Gingham Outfit Ideas-18 Ways to Wear Gingham Dresses Perfectly

ladies gingham outfits (1)

Gingham Outfit Ideas: In today’s article I am going to guide you through a new trend that has set in; the gingham print. Although its been here for a long time but it has just now gained the attention of fashion divas yet again due to its versatility and style and of course its decency. Your outfit when incorporates gingham ...

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Monday Outfit Ideas For School-18 Dressing Options For Girls

Monday Outfit

Monday Outfit Ideas For School . Dreading Monday after a great weekend? Having to go back to school after the weekend is surely a horrible feeling. Well, guess what? Monday mornings do not necessarily have to suck. The best way to brighten up your Monday and begin a flawless brand new week is by putting an effort into styling your ...

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Boho Chic Outfit Ideas – 18 Ways to Dress Like Boho Chic

PicMonkey Collage

Boho Chic Outfit Ideas: Looking for Bohemian style outfit ideas? Wondering how you too can follow the boho trend? Use necklaces, hats, bangles or bracelets and use vibrant colors. Florals are a big part of bohemian culture but overtime other prints and fashion have amalgamated with this style also. Basically bohemian style is all about loose flowy dresses; be it in ...

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Beard Styles for Bald Guys-30 New Facial Hairstyles for Bald Heads

Best Beard Styles For Bald Men (6)

Beard Fashion for Bald Men: Growing old is good but if you are getting bald then it might be bit alarming. According to international fashion trends, a man bun was very in but in just a few months bald head took its place. Good news for naturally bald men indeed. But it might look too bizarre having no hair on face ...

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Gentleman Outfits-20 Ideas How to Dress Like Gentlemen

guide to decent dressing (1)

Gentleman Outfits: Dressing up as a gentleman only means that you need to be dressed up decently and can be adopted into different social circle and formal social gathering or for that matter can be of immense interest to the opposite sex. The only problem with men dressing up is that either they are trying too hard or they just ...

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Gothic Hairstyles-20 Best Hairstyles for Gothic Look for Girls

Gothic Hairstyles (4)

Gothic Hairstyles:  Women are not just obsessed with clothing trends but hairstyles are a major part of your personality. Haircuts, different hair color give a separate meaning to your personality. And especially when you associate yourself with Gothic people and consider yourself as Gothic then it is a must to define yourself in terms of your hairstyles as Goth is ...

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