19 Indian Actresses Street Style Fashion Ideas this Season

celebrities street style (15)

Street Style Fashion from Bollywood. Bollywood celebrities surely have the best street style in the world and who wouldn’t want to look like them? If you are thinking of what to wear then we have a collection of the best and coolest street style fashion, inspired by the top Bollywood actresses. These street style outfits can be tried in both ...

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Lulu Skirt Outfits-22 Ways How to Wear Lulu Skirts Fashionably

Outfit ideas with Lulu skirts (5)

How to Wear Lulu Skirts. No matter what the season is, Lulu skirts create the cutest outfits that you can where to any place and at any time. The skirts look amazing and never go out of fashion. Many of us are confused about how we can wear these skirts to work? Or about whether Lulu skirts can be worn ...

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Girls Sweatpants Outfits- 20 Chic Ways to Wear Sweatpants

cute sweatpants outfits for girls 6

Chic Outfits with Sweatpants for Girls – If you’re in the mood for sports or relaxation, sweat pants are a super stylish outfit to try on! This is because they are practical, comfortable and can be made fun if dressed properly. Dress your best this fall season with the perfect sweatpants, using our pictures as a source of inspiration. Whether you ...

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How to Look Preppy- 18 Preppy Hairstyles for Women

preppy hairstyles for women 17

Preppy Hairstyles For Women of All Ages – With the winter season fast approaching, it is important for women to appear chic. Experimenting with new hairstyles is a favourite amongst women of all ages. However, often it can get confusing or difficult to come up with new preppy hairstyles. Women need hairstyles that they can wear in the office or ...

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Preppy Hairstyles for Men-20 Hairstyles for Preppy Guy Look

20 preppy hairstyles for men 11

The Best Preppy Hairstyles For Men – These days, men are more concerned about their hair than women. In order to appear stylish and sexy, men will go to all lengths. One such method is by dressing well, and keeping their hair well-maintained. A preppy hairstyle is one where the overall look is neat, tidy and well-kept. It is a ...

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20 Cute Bermuda Short Outfits for Girls for Chic look

Cute bermuda short outfits for Girls 10

Cute Bermuda Shorts Outfits for Girls – The hot season still seems to be upon us, causing us to head towards the beach. Aside from casual Saturdays spent by the beach, there are many pool parties, picnics, weekend brunches and shopping trips to plan for. The perfect chic outfit for girls to wear outdoors are bermuda shorts. These look good on ...

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African Curvy Women-15 Fashionable African Plus Size Models

Plus Size Black Models (16)

Are there any African Women who are Famous Plus Size Models? Of course there are. A few decades back, it might have been unimaginable for Black African women to be top models, but today the plus size African Models are changing the face of the fashion industry. These Plus Size African Models are an inspiration for all the plus size ...

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How to Wear Brown Shoes-16 Men Outfits with Brown Dress Shoes

men outfits with brown dress shoes 12

Men Dressing Ideas with brown dress shoes – Men are often confused about how to dress stylishly with their brown shoes. There are many ways to make these shoes turn a look into a classy, sophisticated or casual one. It all depends upon how you accessorise your outfit, and what colours you choose. So what outfit to wear with brown ...

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Stylish Beards-21 Beard Styles for Teen Guys

Teenage Beard Styles (2)

Top Beards Style Ideas For Teens– Teenage boys often think that fashion is limited to clothes and accessories. But that isn’t correct, because fashion is all about expressing one’s self. It is important for boys to express their inner style and personalities through their hairstyles and beard styles. You may think that beards can’t be fashionable, but they sure can be. This ...

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