40 Cute Mughlai Mehndi Designs

 Indian henna art is simply too magnificent for words. It’s wide-ranging and expanding all the time and easily incorporates different kinds of interpretations of a design depending on where the artist is from.

But all of those designs have one thing in common: and that is the fact that they all look magnificently beautiful. Mughlai henna art gives a royal and superior touch to the traditional designs, befitting queens and princesses.

In this article, we’ll present you with our top 40 picks for Mughal looking mehndi art that’s sure to make you feel like royalty.

Top Mughal Henna Art

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (4)

↓ 40 – Gorgeous Full Design

Just to get you started, here’s an amazing one. It gives you an idea of what a mughal design is supposed to look like/ Loving the full look.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (5)

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (41)↓ 39 – Breath-taking Bracelet

This gauntlet-like design is perfect for formal occasions. They can imitate real jewellery and convey simplicity at the same time.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (6)

↓ 38 – Magnificent Back Piece

Talk about dramatic! It’s absolutely heavenly.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (1)

↓ 37 – Fantastic Feet

Get your shaadi groove on with this stunning piece. It’s truly a traditional design with a full mughal look. Mughlai Mehndi Designs (42)

↓ 36 – Twin Tango

This look is love and we suggest you go and try this right now for a mesmerizing wedding look.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (2)

↓ 35 – Vibrant Henna

Eye-catching and inspiring. And surrounded by colorful henna candles that makes it stand out more, that’s even better!

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (7)

↓ 34 – Elegant design

This one is chic and sophisticated, yet conveys the feel of a mughal design without being too heavy or complicated.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (43)

↓ 33 – Figure Art

Nothing like a literal interpretation to get the message across. Here’s a mughal prince and princess to give actual royal vibes.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (8)

↓ 32 – Glorious Finger Art

Sometimes just painting the fingers is enough. The negative space shifts all the focus on the adorned area making it seem more beautiful.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (9)

↓ 31 – Stunning Curve

In this intricate piece, we see flowers of a different kind packed closely together and moving gently in a curving line. The effect is mesmerizing.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (10)

↓ 30 – Dazzling Design

Strut around like the princess you are by getting this other worldly art painted on your feet.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (11)

↓ 29 – Outstanding Henna

Such fine artistry! Such intricate strokes! We have been utterly blown away. Don’t you guys agree?

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (12)

↓ 28 – Exquisite Foot Piece

Another one to die for! The artist is from a beauty parlor in Pakistan and his/her page is filled with such marvelous creations.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (13)

↓ 27 – A Mughal Fairytale

Pieces that tell a story are popular, and rightfully so. It takes an incredible amount of steadiness, hard work and concentration, not to mention expertise and practice so don’t go and try this for yourself. Things like these are best left to the masters of the craft.

↓ 26 – Marvelous Design

A fine cone henna is best for such a job as you won’t be able to replicate pieces like this if the henna is coming out thick. Having the right tools is just as important.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (3)

Step by Step Video Tutorial for Mughali Mehndi

↓ 25 – Bejeweled Bohemian Design

This is the artist (@thehusnakajee)’s own description of the piece and you can definitely see how funky and cool it is.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (15)

↓ 24 – Let’s Match!

Paisleys, symmetry, mesh, feather-light strokes and filled in spaces later, we have these two masterpieces making us drool. Insane wedding henna inspiration.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (16)

↓ 23 – Flowers Galore

Nothing like a smattering of flowers and paisleys to make a cheery design. The shading effect applied here is amazing.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (17)

↓ 22 – Goth Look

Again, the artistry of thickening swirls and thin strokes, the negative space as well as packed together flowers, all of these things lend a darker and edgier feel to the design but most of all the credit goes to the leaves.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (18)

↓ 21 – Mughal Block

The main part is very simple but look how superbly it has been designed. It covers almost the entire back of the hand and is wonderful in its apparent simplicity.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (19)

↓ 20 – Meshwork

Mesh patterns are almost always guaranteed to work. The process is straightforward but a wobbling hand might ruin the symmetry.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (20)

↓ 19 – Fine n’ Full

It’s neat, it’s all over the place and it has roses. What more can you possibly ask for?

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (21)

↓ 18 – Demi-Mandala Cuff

Again, not taking credit for naming this, it’s the artist’s own invention. It’s really quite incredible. Who knew demi-mandalas could be so hip?

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (22)

↓ 17 – Wrap Around Design

An elegant choice for a bride who wants to fell special on her big day.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (23)

↓ 16 – Blissful Blossoms

It’s edgy and well-defined. The darker, filled-in parts are alluring and draw the eye immediately. It’s a bold look and totally recommended.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (24)

↓ 15 – Satisfying Neck Piece

Can’t find a beautiful necklace to complement your look? Well, here’s a solution to your problem! Get your throat decorated with henna resulting in a queenly look.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (25)

↓ 14 – Bare Back Delight

Charming is the word that comes to mind. Unimaginably bewitching even. This has us going oh-la-la!

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (26)

↓ 13 – Remarkable Design

Paisleys belong at the front and centre, like in this beautiful design. Don’t know what it is about them but they seem to carry the whole design they’re in.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (27)

↓ 12 – Mughal Glove

The title pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?! Loving the exquisite fine detail on this one.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (28)

↓ 11 – Stylish Henna

For a polished and refined, yet simple and quick look, this is highly recommended.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (29)

↓ 10 – Stupendous Feet Mehndi

The dotted lines give the impression of chains linking in an elaborate jewellery piece which is why such mehndi designs have a great mughal look about them.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (30)

↓ 9 – A Lonely Princess

That’s sort of what princesses in those days did, probably. Playing and talking with birds in gilded cages while passing the time in cages of their own.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (31)

↓ 8 – Extraordinary Feet Henna

Makes you lost for words, doesn’t it? We don’t blame you. We’re also picking our jaw off the floor.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (32)

↓ 7 – Impressive Design

When it comes to Mughlai designs, the focus is as much on the feet as on the hands. It’s so that when your feet poke out of your lehngas, they complete the royal look.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (33)

↓ 6 – Phenomenal Mughlai Henna

Let the picture do the talking.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (34)

↓ 5 – Pristine Peacocks

Peacocks are famous for being beautiful, arrogant and regal, all qualities associated with royalty. Helps that they were also kept as pets by kings and queens.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (35)

↓ 4 – Knockout Demi-Mandalas

Three words: Drop. Dead. Gorgeous!

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (36)

↓ 3 – Quirky Design

It’s possible to mix it up and still end up with an impressively majestic outcome.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (37)

↓ 2 – Spectacular Mesh Henna

Meshes can be tricky but it’s so worth the effort.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (38)

↓ 1 – Resplendent Henna

Ending it off with this comparatively less heavy but no less luxurious design by husna kajee.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs (40)

So that’s it! We do hope you enjoyed our top picks and found the henna inspiration you needed. So get a cone, get set and go! Oh, and don’t forget to check out our other articles if you liked this one.

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