Types of Henna Art: Their Names with Pictures– Complete List

Types of Henna ArtThe wonderful form of body art that is henna has evolved beautifully over the course of several decades. Experimentation is the key to progress and innovation and modern henna art is a magnificent mix of tradition and contemporary.

Henna is a well-known art form but times have changed and the people who aren’t enthusiasts and only get henna done a once or twice a year may not have kept up with the ever-fluctuating henna trends. So here we present a complete guide to knowing the different forms and types of henna.

Types of Henna Art (31)

A Complete Guide To The Types of Mehndi

Henna art is primarily of two types:

  1. Depending on the design
  2. Depending on where it is being applied

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Types according to Design:

Henna designs can be categorized as traditional and modern:

Traditional Henna Designs

Types of Henna Art (29)

These are:

  1. Indian
  2. Moroccon

↓ 1 – Indian Mehndi

Indian designs tend to be more organic, flowy and curvy. There are a lot of paisleys, flowers and peacocks. There’s a subset of Indian henna designs called the Arabic.

Types of Henna Art (10)

↓ 2 – Arabic Mehndi

These usually tend to be asymmetrical with a lot of open space and a mixture of thick and thin lines.Types of Henna Art (11)

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