How Top Male Celebrities Would Look If They Were Women

Male Celebrities As Women – Have you ever wondered what your favorite male celebrities would look like if they were women? Well, it is so funny to even imagine it. Let us tell you in one word that it would be hilarious. And who doesn’t need a good laugh every now and then? Luckily, we are going to show you what these handsome and charming men would actually look like as their opposite gender. These pictures might just make your day with their creativity and the genius work of the artists.

Male Celebrities As Female

Today we’ll be looking at some of the most popular celebrities including politicians, actors, and singers, and seeing what they would have looked like if they had been born as a female. You might not be able to recognize them, some of them look really beautiful while some of them look funny. Whatever they look like, we are sure you’ll find this to be ridiculously hilarious and you might even wonder who has the time to do this stuff but the aim is to just give you something to smile about. So scroll down, and find your favorite male celebrity as a woman in this article.

Some think they would look disgusting or creepy, others think they would still look as hot as they do now. Thanks to photoshop and other photo editing tools, we can now actually find this out. So we have compiled together for you the pictures of some of the best celebrities, dressed up as women and well, we personally feel that some of them actually look better as women! Let us know what you think.

Tips For Transforming A Picture

  • Choose a clear HD picture to edit.
  • Select the app or software that you can easily understand.
  • Only replace the face of the person and do the necessary editing to make it look more realistic.

24 – Barack Obama

The famous politician and the former president of America, Barack Obama is also included in our list. We must say that curly hair and a wide beautiful smile suit him a lot. He would look like an elegant lady. What do you think about his look? Doesn’t he resemble his wife here?

male celebrities female version (2)

23 – Eminem

Did you ever imagine Eminem as a female rapper? No, right? Well here he is, and no doubt he looks amazing as a girl with those pink highlights. We can imagine him as an emo girl wearing baggy shirts and piercings. Whatever it is, he looks beautiful in this photoshopped picture.

male celebrities female version (3)

22 – Justin Bieber

The heartthrob of every teenage girl and the very famous singer Justin Bieber looks like a Chinese supermodel in this picture. The fringe also suits him well. We have to admit the fact that he would look really beautiful as a young female singer and would be winning our hearts.

male celebrities female version (4)


 21 – Taylor Lautner

The handsome hunk Taylor Lautner also looks unrecognizable. His female version doesn’t look any less than miss world. The cute earrings suit him a lot.

male celebrities female version (5)

 20 – Tobey Maguire

male celebrities female version (6)

 19 – Tom Cruise

This charming actor has mesmerized millions of girls around the world and he looks completely unrecognizable as his female version. We have to appreciate the photoshop skills. I can’t really tell who this beautiful girl is. Tom didn’t disappoint as he look charismatic as a girl and no wonder many boys will also have a crush on him now.

male celebrities female version (7)

18 – Tom Hanks

male celebrities female version (8)

17 – Willem Dafoe

male celebrities female version (9)

16 – Nicolas Cage

how male celebrities would look as women (1)

15 – Hugh Laurie

how male celebrities would look as women (2)

14 – Elijah Wood

how male celebrities would look as women (3)

13 – Leonardo DiCaprio

We had high expectations from Leo as he is one of the handsome men out there and a crush of many girls and he didn’t disappoint us. The female version of Leonardo looks absolutely gorgeous with those blue eyes however the beard looks a bit odd. We can imagine this stunning woman working in action movies.

how male celebrities would look as women (4)

12 – Daniel Craig

how male celebrities would look as women (5)

10 – Harrison Ford

how male celebrities would look as women (6)

11 – Jim Carrey

how male celebrities would look as women (7)

 9 – Rowan Atkinson

Our very own Mr. Bean as known as Rowan Atkinson made us laugh again as he looks quite funny as his female version with all that makeup. We can totally imagine a show with this woman called Mrs. Bean, what do you think about this idea?

how male celebrities would look as women (8)

 8 – Matt Damon

how male celebrities would look as women (9)

 7 – Hugh Hefner

how male celebrities would look as women (10)

 6 – Woody Harrelson

how male celebrities would look as women (11)

5 – Adrien Brody

how male celebrities would look as women (12)

 4 – Robert Pattinson

how male celebrities would look as women (13)

 3 – Clint Eastwood

how male celebrities would look as women (14)

 2 – Richard Gere

how male celebrities would look as women (15)

 1 – Ben Kingsley

what top male celebrities would look as women

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What app makes a man look like a woman?

Ans. You can also transform your picture and see yourself as the opposite gender. For that purpose, there are many apps and software where you can edit your pictures and do a lot of other fun things with your pictures. Apps like face app, photoshop, and gender swap filters can help you with that. All you have to do is download the app, upload your picture and apply the gender swap filter on that and have fun.

Q. Which male celebrities look most beautiful as women in faceapp?

Ans. According to our article, Tom Cruise, Justin Bieber, and, Eminem are some of the male celebrities that looked gorgeous as women. Even though they are already handsome in real life, they also looked beautiful in their female version. With different hairstyles and makeup, their looks were completely changed and looked realistic. Many of them were unrecognizable. You can also do this to your pictures with the help of photoshop or the face app.

Q. How do you change a boy into a girl in Photoshop?

Ans. You can also transform men’s pictures into women’s by using Adobe photoshop. You will a picture of a girl and a boy. All you have to do is put men’s face on a woman’s body with some alterations. You can also do many other fun things in photoshop like changing your hairstyle, hair color, and even your eye color. You can even do makeup with the help of it.

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