15 Easy DIY Sneakers Makeover Ideas with Tutorials

DIY Sneakers Makeover for Teen Girls. What we can achieve from our very own creativity will never be able able sum up what’s available in store. Yes, new designs and trends always keep pouring in the markets all year around, but it is always fun if you do something yourself.

So why not buy a pair of less expensive simple sneakers, and add your own school of creativity to it? But need not worry, you are not left out all by yourself to succeed in this. Here are some cool and immensely easy ideas to redecorate your sneakers. Have a look.

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How to Create New Look of Sneakers

How to Create New Look of Sneakers


#15 – Make Your Own Ice-cream Patterned Shoes

It is all a game of some thick threads. Sew from the insides to give a look of topping.

Make Your Own Ice-cream Patterned Shoes


#14 – Indigo Water Color Sneakers

It all merely depends on your painting skills. You can give it a pattern/drawing of your own choice and creativity.

Indigo Water Color Sneakers


#13 – Dot-patterned Sneakers

All you would be needing is some markers and a net of a dot pattern or any pattern of our choice and draw on!

Dot-patterned Sneakers


#12 – Rhinestone Embellished Sneakers

Some rhinestones, beads or any artifacts that you like and some glue. And there you go with matchless shoes to date.

Rhinestone Embellished Sneakers


#11 – Glitter Stenciled Art on Sneakers

Get ready to do some crazy awesomeness to your sneakers with nothing but stencils, glitter and mod podge.

Glitter Stenciled Art on Sneakers


#10 – Jeweled Slip-on Sneaker Art

Get some large stones of the color you like and some glue. Jeweled slip-on simply stands out like nothing else.

Jeweled Slip-on Sneaker Art


#9 – Chain Sneakers DIY Art

Just recommending – if you do this artwork, then try maroon and gold as in the tutorial below or maybe black and silver.

Chain Sneakers DIY Art


#8 – Leopard Print Slip-on Sneakers

Surely the easiest, the simplest and yet the coolest DIY shoe art up till now. A small piece of Leopard printed cloth and glue would do.

Leopard Print Slip-on Sneakers


#7 – Water Melon Sneakers

A smooth, confined pained brush and extremely neat painting skills is all you would need to nail this.

Water Melon Sneakers


#6 – All Glitter Artwork on Sneakers

Just a plain pair of white sneaker, glitter bottles and glue and there you go outshining.

All Glitter Artwork on Sneakers


#5 – Pretty Print Slip-on Sneakers

Get a pretty printed cloth (net) and just some glue. And your all new creativity out of shoes.

Pretty Print Slip-on Sneakers


#4 – Color Blocked Sneakers

Some thin stripped stickers and markers to color in the empty spaces and then you may take the stickers off with a classy artwork.

Color Blocked Sneakers


#3 – Pencil Slip-on Sneakers

Very simple though, but looks immensely cute and artistic and furthermore, is very easy to create with less colors, in a short time.

Pencil Slip-on Sneakers


#2 – American Flag Art Sneakers

You can create a very creative, attractive and capturing artwork with simple stationary items; scale, markers and pencil, etc.

American Flag Art Sneakers


#1 – Cute DIY Chambray Artwork on Sneakers

A very nice and peaceful looking artwork on sneakers with different sizes of dots on each area.

Cute DIY Chambray Artwork on Sneakers


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