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Bridal Boho Makeup: Your special day is right around the corner, and looking your best is guaranteed. After all, you are going to walk down the aisle to your loved one with all eyes on you. Therefore, looking perfect is a no-brainer. However, finding the make-up style that suits you best is of utmost importance! You might want to consider your wedding dress style and the theme of your day while choosing the kind of make-up you want to go.

Between all the different styles of make-up out there, boho make-up is an excellent option for all kinds of brides. If you are the kind who likes minimal, airy, whimsical, and magical vibes, then a bohemian make-up look is definitely the one for you!

While the traditional boho make-up reminds us of more out there looks appropriate for festivals and carnivals, this style of make-up on brides has an entirely different definition and execution. Keep on reading to find the perfect bohemian make-up look for yourself!

What are Some Bohemian Make-up Ideas for Brides?

Boho make-up on brides is all about enhancing your natural beauty. Contrarily, it is perfect to go bold and make a statement! Thus, it all comes down to the kind of bride you are and the style of make-up you prefer! It is all about warm, soft, romantic tones and highlighting your features with artistic, radiant strokes.

You can go for a soft, natural look with natural skin and alternate with bold lips or eyeliner. Or you can also go with an overall simplistic look, allowing your natural beauty to shine through. For a daytime bride, opt for a dewy make-up look, glossy lips, and bronzed skin for a sun-kissed effect. And a muted make-up look with bold eyes or lips would look perfect on an elopement bride!

Tips for Boho Make-up on Brides

  • Focus on your skin the days before the wedding to create the perfect canvas to work on the big day.
  • Make sure to prep and prime the skin and choose a long-lasting, medium coverage foundation for an effortless base.
  • Stick to your comfort products rather than trying out new products on your wedding day.
  • Create a balanced look with warm-toned eyes, natural lips, and bronzed skin.
  • Smudged eyeliner is a hit for bohemian brides, so wing it out with a smudged liner look.
  • Do not forget to carry a pressed powder to blot all the excess oils.
  • Do check out these Bridal Birdcage Veil ideas if you plan on opting for a veil.
  • Remember that bohemian makeup means you need to give your skin lots of love before the big day so invest in good skincare products and make sure you stay hydrated.

21 – Bohemian Hair & Natural Makeup

Alia Bhatt from India is one of the latest celebrities who went for a boho look at her wedding. She chose bohemian hair and a no-makeup look that made her look like a breath of fresh air.

boho bridal makeup

20 – You Can’t Go Wrong with Bronzed Make-up and Dark Lashes

For an effortless boho vibe, go for a similar dress with whimsical sleeves and hair falling in gorgeous waves. Pin your hair back in a half-up half-down hairstyle to allow your make-up to shine through. This bride opted for a sheer coverage foundation allowing her tiny imperfections to shine through.

Furthermore, she kept her look in cool brown tones and dark lashes. Pop on a neutral lip color – not too cool and not too warm – for an ideally balanced make-up look!


19 – Gold Freckles are the Perfect Accessory for your Rockstar Boho Wedding

If your wedding is unconventionally boho, a look similar to this is perfect for you! Braid your hair and accessorize with a flower crown. And for make-up, please make sure to go all out! I am talking glitters, shimmers, and bold features.

Gold freckled distributed artistically on the cheeks compliment the rockstar boho vibe. And the pop of red on the lips looks phenomenal with the red accents of the floral headpiece. Do not forget to get your partner to jump on the glitter bandwagon and decorate his beard with sparkle!

You can also take inspiration from these Vintage Bridal Dress Outfit Ideas.

18 – Embrace your Natural Beauty by Going for Dark Brows and Perfect Skin

This bride took the definition of natural beauty to the next level. She chose to stand out in a perfectly balanced no-makeup makeup look. The bold brows and smudged eyeliner make her eyes stand out, and the dewy skin looks so natural that it is uncanny.

I would advise adding a touch of color to your lips to avoid looking washed out. A hint of pink-tinted lip balm would be the ideal addition to create an effortless.

boho bridal make-up 18

17 – Match your Make-up to the Accents of the Floral Arrangement

A great way to create a perfectly balanced look is to match your make-up to the accents of the floral arrangements. This bride chose to go for a pinkish nude-hued look to compliment the pink flowers. Swipe a layer of blush on your cheeks and go for nude eye make-up.

Moreover, line your lips with a dark nude liner and fill in with pink lipstick. There you have it! A perfectly balanced and stunning look!

boho bridal make-up 17


16 – Highlight the Shape of your Eyes with a Subtle Bright Inner Corner

Bronzed cheeks and bright eyes are the ideal way to stand out as a boho bride! I would advise going for fuller lashes similar to this bride and a rosy mauve lip color. Fill in your brows and add a highlight to your brow bone for the ultimate natural glow!

boho bridal make-up 16


15 – Make your Look the Perfect Blend of Edgy and Romantic with Feminine Make-up

This entire look is the ideal blend of the edgy and feminine bride. I love the non-traditional ways of this couple, from the bride’s tan dress to the groom’s floral tie – which matches the bride’s bouquet effortlessly!

Furthermore, the addition of the leather jacket and hat breaks all norms and defines this couple’s dynamic in the best way possible. After all, it is all about the details!

The bride’s make-up is an ode to the entire theme! The warm-toned blush and red lips compliment the bouquet. The rest of the make-up is kept fairly simple, including dark eyebrows, clear eyes, and voluminous lashes! Talk about bringing an edge to a gorgeous bride!

14 – A Bright Red Lip Compliments the Trendy Brows Effortlessly

This make-up look is trendy, chic, and classically bohemian! The dramatic lashes pair phenomenally with the bright red lip giving this bride her classical aspect. Moreover, the freckled skin with soapy brows is super trendy.

And overall, a look that is balanced and chic comes forth! Opt for a sheer coverage foundation to allow your natural freckles to shine through.

boho bridal make-up 14


13 – Opt for Dewy Skin and Nude Pout for a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings call for the most natural brides to step forward and allow their beauty to shine through. The best make-up for them is dewy make-up with accentuated features. This will ensure you look stunning on your special day and fits the mood perfectly as well.

Get inspired by this bride and allow your skin to shine in its natural beauty. Moreover, go for a smudged liner and natural-looking eyelashes. Bronzed cheeks contribute to the sunkissed look, and nude lip color is a perfect pick for the day!

bridal boho makeup

12 – Go for Warm-Toned Eye Make-up and Lips for the Perfect Fall Wedding

At first glance at this bridal look, I am immediately reminded of sunsets, fall, and the golden hour. The reason is that the make-up is done perfectly in shades of brown and warm tones. The smokey brown eyes look captivating, and the shades complement the flower crown phenomenally.

Moreover, the smooth, bronzed skin and nude lips give the bride a fresh and bright look. I would advise filling in your eyebrows and giving them a fuller look, and voila, you are the definition of a radiant bride!

bridal boho makeup


11 – Highlight your Features to Allow your Natural Beauty to Shine Through

Choosing sheer coverage products is great for allowing you to show off yourself in all your natural glory! This bride did just that and made us all fall in love with her gorgeous look! She went full, with dark eyebrows and dark lips to stand out!

bridal boho makeup


10 – Get the Perfect Blushing Bride Look

You can’t go wrong with a blushing bohemian bride vibe! Just remember to pack a bit more blush than you usually would to avoid looking washed out and stay fresh-faced all day long!

bridal boho makeup


9 – Keep it Natural and Beautiful with a Bold Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliners are a classic regardless of the occasion. Similarly, a dramatic eyeliner bridal look is ideal if you plan to elope! It is simple to do, looks classy, and matches the mood for your wedding!

bridal boho makeup

8 – Match your Shimmery Eyes to your Lipcolor for a Cohesive Look

bridal boho makeup


7 – Line your Lips with a Dark Lipliner and Fill them in with Nude Lipstick

Talk about emitting a natural glow on your big day! This bride took the definition of boho brides and decided to make it her own. Her skin looks fresh and sits naturally instead of looking flashy. Furthermore, I love that she went with natural lips.

The key to attaining similar lips is to opt for a lip liner a shade darker than your skin tone. And fill them in with a peach or light pink tint closer to your natural lip color. However, please make sure to blend the edge of your liner with the tin or nude lipstick. Top it off with a subtle lip balm or lip oil, and you have fresh and hydrated lips!

bridal boho makeup

6 – The Bolder the Brows, the Better the Look!

boho bridal make-up 6


5 – Warm Tones are the Epitome of Creating the Perfect Boho Look

bridal boho makeup


4 – Opt for a Radiant Look with a Dark Nude Lipcolor

Even if you do not decorate your eyes with eyeshadows, you can simply grab a pair of gorgeous lashes and pop those on for a wide-eyed and fresh look!

bridal boho makeup


3 – Beam in your Natural Beauty with Dark Brows and Tinted Lips

What is not to love about this look?! Everything complements the other effortlessly. The lips are bright and in line with the flowers. Moreover, they are the feature that captures the most attention. The eyes and skin are kept relatively natural. And thus, a perfectly blended look is created!

bridal boho makeup

2 – Dramatic Lashes with a Dark Crease is the Game Changer for a Dramatic Look

Jewelry and headpieces are a given on your big day. Some brides opt for minimal pieces while others go all out. And this bride did just that for a boho look! Her lashes are long and dramatic and pair phenomenally with the muted tones of her make-up. I would advise adding bronzer to the cheeks and opting for a light nude crease to make your eyes look bigger and stand out.

Bridal Boho Makeup


1 – Go for Natural Lashes and Bronzed Skin

This bride went with layering mascara on her lashes and accentuating her lower lashline as well. Her freckled skin looks effortless and stunning, and the lips that look bare are tinted to create a cohesive look. Moreover, the bride’s nosering blends with the entire look bringing forward a boho-chic vibe!

Bridal Boho Makeup

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a boho chic bride?

A boho-chic bride is the one who channels her character and thoughts into her wedding to create the perfect boho mood. A boho bride usually opts for a flowy dress with lace or cutwork details and nontraditional silhouettes and cuts.

Furthermore, they love to pay attention to detail and go for warm, earthy tones. You might even find a boho bride wearing a flower crown to match her bouquet and beaming in her radiant make-up.

How do I make my wedding boho?

Getting the ideal bohemian mood for your wedding is of utmost importance. First and foremost is to choose a venue. Natural scenic venues are an effortless option, but for an indoor wedding, a rustic barn or farmhouse are likable options. Next, please make sure to choose lots of fabrics, flowers, and leaves and incorporate nature into your decor.

Rustic lighting is also a great way to ensure a bohemian ambiance! And go for a naked cake instead of a fully frosted one to take your boho vibe to the next level. And finally, complete the bohemian aesthetic by opting for the appropriate clothing for the wedding party and the bride and groom.

Which products are the best for bohemian make-up?

The following products are long-lasting and provide a natural finish which is just what you are going for at your boho wedding:

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