Islamic Quotes About Life-50 Best Quotes which describes life in Islam

Islamic Quotes About Life. Nothing gives a better pinch of inspiration and a look into the morality than a well-written quote. We all our aspired by quotes once in a while and feel dependent on them to have a focus and be on the right track again when the track gets a bit tougher. The importance of quotes come alongside to our elementary needs, which serves as food for the soul for many.

Although it gets a bit different when we reflect on the impact of Islamic quotes and sayings from the Holy Quran which is a lot more about inspiration, motivation, and a meaningful life then we may know and gives unlimited guidance about how to live a wonderful life in this world and also after this life. So here is presents, some top 50 best quotes that describe the sole purpose of life in Islam. Have a look and complete your daily dose of inspiration.

Beautiful & Inspirational Sayings in Islam About Life


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#50 – About Patience

About how patience in this life leads to endless and infinite rewards that reveal themselves later, probably after this life. All you need is patience and faith.


#49 – About Racism

One sole purpose of your life is not to be a racist, it’s harmful and self-destructive and Islam is a peace-loving religion which does not allow inequality or favor of one entity over another. Hence, racism is something to be eliminated.


#48 – About The Beauty in Life

About how faith in Islam is all one really needs to have a wonderful life in this world and also hereafter. Your implementation of your faith will lead you towards the right and successful path.


#47 – Equality in Life

All the gender segregation and patriarchal approaches come down to pit when Islam clearly states the equality offered to both men and women. Islam judges both the species in a righteous and just manner.


#46 – About Avoiding Suspicion, Sin

How the sole purpose of your life should be to be generous and to avoid evil perceptions and approaches.


#45 – About the Importance of Salat

Islam has reflected quite diligently on the consistent importance of Salat and how Salat has the solution to every issue and all it requires is a meaningful practice.


#44 – About Gratefulness

Being grateful comes with endless perks. And talking from a religious aspect, being grateful makes you more likely to receive more from the creator.


#43 – About the Relation with Allah

About how the maintenance of your relation with Allah is the most important thing you can do with your life. Pleasing Allah, implementing his teachings and passing over his commands.


#42 – About Humbleness

About retaining humbleness, generosity and a down-to-earth approach to your personality is perhaps, the very significant factor of leaving a meaningful life.


#41 – About Opportunity

About how life is to be lived, with keeping a keen eye on opportunities and chances, particularly those that have the power to change you into a better Muslim.


#40 – About Brotherhood

The worth and value of brotherhood are kept as the top base of any other peaceful religion. As peace-loving religion Islam is, the worth of brotherhood is the core of life.


#39 – About Imperfection

Islam teaches its followers consistently about how imperfection can be solved. The biggest source of imperfection is within and that needs to be cured first before looking into others’ defects.


#38 – About Harm

About a further meaningful life, Islam has implemented the harm that comes with self-destructive approaches that harm the peace of mind and therefore, Muslims are recommended to abstain from it.


#37 – About Hope in Life

About how some things not working out for us has a much better alternative for us in the future. All we have to do is hold on.


#36 – About Jihad in Life

About the significance and rewards attributed to jihad and those who perform it.


#35 – About Eemaan

About how much peace, contentment and a sense of fulfillment comes when you have a strong belief.


#34 – About Toughness

This quote implies how hard it will be one day to truly hold on to your faith.


#33 – About Finding Peace

About how finding peace in every situation will lead you to a much successful life then you might imagine.


#32 – The Transformation

About how Islam can not only transform you but transform you into a better version of yourself.


#31 – About Non-Muslims

About how non-Muslims are just as much worthy of dignity and respect as any other Muslim.


#30 – The Life Hereafter

About how the life hereafter is much better and more rewarding than this one.


#29 – The Responsibility of Life

About how life and each breath you take is a responsibility to be appreciated.


#28 – The Power of Dua

The power of dua that heals all, all issues, discomforts, and hurtful instances.


#27 – The Test of World

About how this world is just a test to prepare you for what lies ahead at the end of the tunnel.


#26 – About Suicide

Suicide cannot be forgiven, for those who dishonors Allah’s gift of life will be harshly punished.


#25 – The Mystery of Blessings

That you might never know that what you considered a misfortune, was rather a good luck.


#24 – Enlighten not Force

That Islam is to be taught with enlightenment and not with force or infliction.


#23 – About Discipline

About how each desire is valued and has worth.


#22 – About Mercy

About how Allah is the most merciful yet He will carry out justice and His every being will be treated equally.


#21 – Islam is a Peace-loving Religion

Islam does not allow the slightest bit of violence, against women, men, children or any other living being. Islam encourages the love for all.


#20 – About Worrying


#19 – About Jannah and Life After Death


#18 – About the Right Way


#17 – Influence of Islam


#16 – About Obedience


#15 – About Importance of Kindness


#14 – About Visiting Mosques


#13 – Allah Knows Better


#12 – Rewards of Obeying Allah


#11 – Relation with Allah


#10 – It’s more than just 5 Times Prayer in a Day


#9 – About Equality and Humbleness


#8 – Love for Allah


#7 – Wishing Upon Something


#6 – About The Endless Possibilities


#5 – Comfort Found


#4 – About Raising Kids Right

Raise kids right, they reflect more of who you are than anybody else possibly can.


#3 – Closeness to your Creator


#2 – Love and Generosity


#1 – Clean Heart is a Light Heart



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