60 Seconds Quick Eye Makeup Tutorial Anyone Can do Easily

Today i am going to discuss about how to get eye make up done quickly.So all the girls who are either lazy or running short of time to reach some place this simple and quick and flawless eye make up tips would always help you.you don’t need much accessories and tools for it .Just 2 tools and 60 seconds of your time and you are ready to go .

We keep bringing some new ideas in eye makeup . In the last article we brought 25 Dramatic Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials that you can do easily.And women with the green eyes we exclusively talked about Top 10 Smokey eye makeup tutorials for Green eyes.So with so many varieties you can choose the best look as per your face.

Step by step Quick Eye Makeup Tutorial

1st – clean the strays around the eyebrows using slanted tweezers
2nd– After cleaning up the strays use powder to fill them in with the small angled brush
3rd – Now the most important step that can turn your look dramatically . Use Eyelash curler with one coat of mascara.

how to do quick eyemakeup

That’s all you are done.Were you really expecting it to be that short ? Lolx  Must try it out you would be surprised yourself that with just 3 steps and less than 60 seconds you can get ready .If you are a girl who is always in hurry then you should have a look  at these timeless dresses .I am sure that these Timeless outfits and Makeup tips can be a life saver for you.  Good Luck.

quick eye makeup tutorial and tips

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