8 Ultimate Makeup Hacks You Must Know About

Looking beautiful doesn’t mean you have to spend a considerable amount of money on a beauty salon nor it means spending long hours applying makeup. You can quickly get a fabulous look by trying some tested hacks of professional makeup experts.

For that turn to www.fabulive.com website, your helper number one, in learning a variety of fantastic makeup hacks that can enhance your looks without much effort. In this article, the best eight hacks have been discussed for your help, but before let’s focus on what makeup hacks are.

What are the best makeup hacks?

Makeup hacks are tricks that are used by makeup experts while applying makeup. Just like a magician tricks, these hacks also help in creating magic on your looks. These makeup tips are a way of improving your looks without even going in the depth of makeup techniques. To use these hacks you need to have makeup skills, and for this, you can turn to Fabulive, which is the perfect place for a budding makeup artist who wants to become a professional and have a bright future in the makeup field or be just a magician and create your own look that will collect admiration of the people around you.

And now, scroll down to know more about these 8 makeup hacks that will help you in applying makeup properly.

  1. Winged Eyeliner Hack

Smokey eye makeup makes you look amazing. Still, you need some time for practice to achieve perfect winged eyeliner. If you are also one of those who is ready to start, then this hack will help you as this is well-tried and tested. You need to take a business card of yours and hold it steady near your eyes at an angle of 45 degrees from the lash line. Now, draw a clean line with the help of the pencil eyeliner or liquid eyeliner. You can give it curved edges or opt for a straight edge. Just make sure you hold the pencil or the liquid liner steady and do not have a shaky hand. This way you can get perfect eyeliner flick.

  1. Eyebrow Hack

You must remember that your eyebrows are like fraternal, not identical twins. This means they are not the same so you must take extra effort to make both eyebrows look similar. For this, you need to balance the shape and density of hairs on the brows. You can do this easily if you have a good angled brush and know how to apply eyebrow pencil. Make sure that you do not make a line with the help of the pencil but make hair like strokes but before that outline the lower side of your eyebrow. Also, try to use a lighter shade of eyebrow powder concerning your natural eyebrow color.

  1. Concealer Hack

Many of you get confused what to do with a concealer. You do not know whether to use it before or after foundation. Now, you will be amused to know that the makeup experts use concealer in both ways. The difference lies in the fact that they use two different types of concealer – colour-correcting concealer and flesh-toned concealer. Strikingly, at Fabulive you can find these two types of concealer at a competitive price. Before applying foundation, you can use the former one with hand or a concealer brush, and after applying foundation, you can use the latter one which will ensure that you do not rub the concealer from the dark spots and blemishes.


  1. Lip Liner Hack

Your lips might be perfect or not, and it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that you know how to apply a lipstick and lip liner properly. You might be having thin lips or plump lips, but you can get a perfect shape if you use lip liner intelligently. For this, you need to understand that the right angle matters a great deal in the application of a lip liner. You must try to make a brush like strokes at a 45° angle with the help of the lip pencil and make sure you do not create harsh lines. Furthermore, it would help if you didn’t forget the natural lip line because you can make the lips look perfect only when you know your natural lip shape.


  1. Blush Hack

It is important to select the blush color that suits your skin tone. However, it is really difficult to know which blush will complement your skin. Surprisingly, the beauty experts have a hack even for this, and that is to select softer shades of pink if you have the lighter skin tone, and in case of dark skin tone, you better opt for darker shades of the blush.


  1. Compact Hack

If you want to have a fresh look all day long, then make a choice for a powder compact. You are the owner of the oily skin? Congratulations! A powder compact is your real lifeline. Apply it with the help of the brush and then, pat the extra powder. Having the air-like texture, it mattifies the skin of your face and gives you a flawless look. Thus, your face will appear charming.

  1. Foundation Hack

One of the major makeup products, when you are going to a party, is a foundation, but unfortunately, most women don’t know how to apply it properly. There are many foundation hacks, and one such is to warm it up slightly before using it on your skin. Take out some part of the foundation on your hand and with the help of a sponge or a brush warm it. This will give you less clayey and more natural coverage.

  1. Makeup-Removing Hack

You always spend hours on learning tricks on how to apply makeup, but if you love your skin and want to have an ever-lasting soft and glowy skin, then you need to give importance to the removing of makeup. One trick that most of the makeup experts use while removing makeup is that they do not rub their face while using a tonic or micellar water saturated in cotton pads. The beauty experts always gently put the cotton pad on the face and then softly remove the makeup. You may also use high-quality olive oil, and it can help you a great deal in removing your eye makeup.


If you are one of those women who want to apply makeup quickly, then the above-mentioned hacks are definitely for you. Use them, find more makeup tips on Fabulive- the first digital live streaming makeup video platform where you can learn makeup skills free of cost, and create your amazing look easily.

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