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Edith Head once said, “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”
She couldn’t have been more right because when we dress better, we tend to feel better, happier and so much more confident. This is why we, at the Outfit Trends, aim to help you look your best, without any worries.
So let us guide you in dressing right for all occasions, seasons, and simply for every single day of your life.

The idea for creating this space started back in 2009 when a student with love for fashion decided to start a blog that would help individuals around the world to discover and define their personal style.
Over the years, the blog has grown tremendously to include a number of writers from all walks of life. We have doctors, teachers, engineers, artists, fashion designers and many more professional writers who are all united for the love of fashion.

We thank you whole-heartedly for visiting the blog and we hope that you find everything that you’re looking for. We love connecting with you and appreciate any feedback, which is why you’re always welcome to get in touch with us here.
Now let’s dress well together!

Our Team

Editorial Content Director – Zoona

A content writer by the day and a reader by the night – two things that she loves the most. When Zoona isn’t writing, she’ll either be thinking of what to bake next or where to travel. When it comes to writing, she has always been a storyteller and one of her short stories was published in 2014 in the Oxford University Press’s anthology of contemporary Pakistani short stories, I’ll Find My Way.  Her love for fiction writing also drove her to complete a short course on “How Writers Write Fiction,” at The University of Iowa. Her other interests include binge-watching Netflix and online gaming.





Content Manager – Caz Jones

Caz, aka Vixen, has been freelance creative writing for several years. She has a lot of experience in different fields including high street fashion, tattooing art, and even the gothic and historical costumes. Caz has a Diploma in Fashion and Textiles and also a Bachelors Degree in Historical Costume and Corsetry. Her passion lies with gothic design, corsetry and any other styles considered to be taboo or unusual. Style-wise Caz has a love for Vivienne Westwood and her take on the punk era. Although Caz loves the weird and wonderful, she has a deep love for all fashion and allows this to show through her work.




Features Editor -Lainie Gutterman

Lainie has always enjoyed spreading the word and sharing her opinions on pop culture, celebrities, food and fashion trends and current events pertaining to celebrities. She starting blogging close to ten years ago when she was pursuing a career in public relations and pregnant with her first child. Lainie prefers reading fiction books, shopping and going to specific movies to watching television, but she is obsessed with several shows she refuses to ever miss, including “A Million Little Things” and “The Bachelor” franchise. In college, she scheduled her classes around “All My Children”, which her mom got her addicted to at a very young age. She named her daughter after the character Greenlee and would be thrilled if she marries someone who looks like Josh Duhamel or Cameron Mathison (who played Greenlee’s on-screen husbands Leo and Ryan.) Lainie tries to take Flywheel spin class a few times a week to allow her to pig out on Ben & Jerry’s, eat out and celebrate with bubbly. She blogs about her family’s life in New York City at Lainie of Leisure.



Senior Fashion Editor – Akvile

Based in Kretinga, Lithuania, Akvile is an incredible fashion influencer. You should follow her on Instagram to keep up with her OOTD, her flattering looks and the picturesque locations that she visits.





Senior Fashion Writer – Roha

A student of fashion and textile, she loves drawing, thinking, and writing about fashion. Her other hobbies include painting landscapes, talking about food, and curling up in a corner with a good book.







Beauty Editor – Zahra

Young and energetic, Zahra got married two years ago and put a crazy twist to the term housewife. She also started writing due to her insane love of reading and to keep herself busy but she’d love to pursue writing as a full-time career. She’s also all about outdoor activities/sports & physical fitness – although a good fried chicken burger (with fries obviously) is her biggest weakness. She’s a huge extrovert, absolutely loves making friends and thoroughly enjoys her life. While she was living in Dubai, she did a little volunteer work with Ewa’s women’s shelter because, you know, hardcore feminist. So at the moment, she’s getting her degree in Banking and Finance to give her inner manager a boost towards the corporate world. Join her when she goes for a world tour, soon.



Lifestyle Editor – Fariha Baloch

c’est la vie – that’s Life. For her, life is all about BLOGGING. FOOD. TRAVEL. LIFESTYLE, MINDFUL LIVING. She writes about everything including Mindful living, beauty, food, decor, minimalism, and organization 🙂




Fashion Blogger – Hira

A graduate in Economics from NUST School of Social Sciences and Humanities. Hira shares a passion for the upcoming and trending silhouette couture. In the meanwhile, keeping an eye on celebrities’ styles and wardrobes.



Modest Fashion Blogger – Mahnoor

Our Dubai based blogger, Mahnoor likes to change abstract into concrete and therefore, she writes. To write about anything is what she calls an innate trait of a blogger, and so she serves people’s craving for reading with her words flowing for fashion, modern era dilemmas, sentimental content or something she’s certain you would find unusually interesting. Currently doing her bachelors from National University of Science and Technology and hoping for a great entrepreneurship opportunity if blessed by God. Food is her soul and nowadays she’s working on how to abandon her chronic nail-biting habit. In short, you can call her 22-year-old to-be entrepreneur who is only passionate about binge blogging! You can check out more of her work on mahnoorofficial.wordpress.com


Fashion Blogger – Aleena

Aleena is a young, passionate writer and a keen observer. She loves fashion and is always looking for new trends and styles. Besides writing, she is a very good speaker who strongly believes in serving humanity and focusing on the positive side of things.




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