Why you should consider shifting to daily contacts Lenses

Daily lenses are extremely popular among children and people who wear makeup regularly. It is also extremely convenient if you are on vacation.

Why you should consider shifting to daily contacts Lenses

Thinking about switching to daily contact lenses? Here’s what you need to know:

Before we jump into the benefits of daily contacts, please note that –

  1. Daily wear and daily disposable are two different types of lenses. A daily wear lens is one that you remove before going to bed because it is not approved for overnight wear. These lenses can be replaced daily, weekly or monthly depending on the brand. Daily disposable on the other hand are lenses that you wear and throw out at the end of the wear.
  2. Disposable lenses don’t always mean single use. You can wear lenses for two weeks and throw them out and still call them disposable.

Why is it better to throw out lenses?

With daily contacts that you can throw out at the end of the day, you make sure there is no bacteria or residual film on your lenses that can cause an infection. The more frequently you do this, the better it is for your eyes. There is some natural build-up on your lenses that you can avoid with daily lenses. You might argue that you clean your lenses regularly but the matter of the fact is that cleaning is not 100% effective. Some deposits may accumulate over time causing your eyes to get uncomfortable or cause infections.

Daily Contact Lenses: Why they are better for you

If you are following your doctor’s orders to a T and taking proper care of your lenses, then you might not want to consider daily lenses. But, if there is even the slightest chance that you can slip up or have slipped up, consider switching to daily lenses.

With daily lenses, no lens cleaning is required and they are extremely healthy because you throw them out at the end of each day which means there is no accumulation or deposit on the lens.

Daily Lenses: Are they too expensive to throw out?

When contact lenses first came into the picture, they were expensive which meant throwing them out was wasting a lot of money. To correct the situation, lens cleaning solutions were introduced to prolong the lifetime of the contact lens.

But now, this is no longer the case. Lens manufacturers can produce lenses at a high volume for a low cost which means your lenses are no longer expensive. Some of the daily disposable lenses are made from the same material as weekly or monthly lenses whereas some are made from new materials which are specifically designed for the purpose of disposing of them.

Colored contacts and daily lenses

If you intend on wearing colored contacts, you might want to switch to daily lenses. More often than not, colored contacts are worn by people who are looking to enhance their look and have perfect vision. In this case, it makes more sense to switch to a daily wear lens that can be removed or thrown away. Considering colored contacts? Try Bella Silky Green to enhance your natural eye color or Brown Shadow Bella

Can you wear daily lenses?

Yes, once your doctor approves of it. You can wear daily lenses. Just remember to throw them away when specified as they are not meant for overextended use.

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