Top 5 Gift Ideas for the Teenage Girl In Your Life

Teenage girls can be a different breed from anything you have ever dealt with before as a parent. Once your little girl hits the teenage years it’s like they are living in a different reality from the rest of the world and Little Pony and pretty pink bows no longer get it as gifts. While keeping that in mind, read on below for a few of the top gift ideas for the teenage girl in your life to be revealed.

Cell Phone Accessories
It is very seldom that you’ll see a girl without her cell phone in tow. After all, it is the lifeline to everything important in her life. Giving her the gift of anything from a selfie-stick to a charger and from the best tempered glass screen protector available to an awesome case will have her squealing for joy and jumping around before you know it.

The Latest Fashions
Whether it’s for back to school, a casual date night, or just hanging out with friends, most teenage girls love clothes. Gifting them with the latest fashions in everything they love is the perfect way to get a hug and a smile from the teenager you barely get to talk to these days. Every girl likes to feel pretty and she will in the latest trends that you give her as a gift. The more clothes a girl has, the better off she is, didn’t you know?

The Latest Young Adult Books
Young Adult, YA, Novels are all the rage now. Whether it’s vampires or witches, sad stories or the end of the world fantasy novels that are being read enthusiastically by teen girls today, your daughter is sure to have her favorite authors and would love the gift of books to read. Whether it’s on her brand new Kindle or in paperback form, you can’t ever go wrong with books as a gift.

Concert/Movie Tickets
What teenage girl doesn’t love movies and music? Giving the gift of concert or movies tickets that she can share with a couple of her closest friends will put a smile on her face, even if she is grabbing her cell phone to tell her friends with the tickets in her hand. Who knows, she may even think to ask you to tag along for some daughter parent time as well.

No self-respecting girl would leave the house without her hair done and her makeup perfect. No doubt, your girl is the same way. Try putting together a basket of her favorite makeup. Add in nail polish, eye shadow and more and it will truly be a hit. Make sure to add in her favorite shampoo and some bath bombs for bonus points as well.
These are just a few of the top gifts out there that you can give your teenage girl to bring a smile to her face. Why not try a few of them or even all of them this birthday or even just because?

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