Tips to Match Your Glasses with Your Face Shape

What kind of glasses should you wear if you have a round face? What about a square or oval? If you’re struggling with what shape to choose, don’t worry! I’ve got the perfect guide for understanding how to match your glasses with your face shape. What glasses suit my face? With a virtual try on glasses online you can upload your photo and shop now!

Find the perfect frame size.

Finding the right sized frame can be as important as the right shape. However, what size you need can depend on the shape of your face. If it is long and narrow then a smaller frame will be more flattering to your features while if round-shaped, larger glasses are recommended as they’re usually designed with wider frames that add balance to their typically smaller faces.

Try on different frames to find the best fit for you.

No matter what you do, you’ll want to try on different frames. In person fittings are so 2010 – luckily, you’re able to try on new frames at virtually any online glasses retailer. There are many good reasons to try on frames before you buy, including finding the right size and shape as well as seeing what they look like with your skin tone.

If you’ve found one frame that looks great but is a little too pricey (or vice versa), be sure to either bookmark it online or add it to your Wishlist so you can continue looking for other options!

It’s important not only when buying glasses, but any time you’re shopping for anything really: don’t settle. You deserve the best-fitting frames with a style that complements your face – take some time out of your day and find them! Don’t forget about tinted lenses – there are many different colors available in most stores these days

Make sure that glasses are comfortable and not too heavy or tight on your head.

There is no way to do this without trying your glasses on, so make sure you’re ordering from a store with a strong return policy. If you’re wearing glasses that are too small, they will be difficult to keep on your face and it may put pressure on the bridge of your nose.

Know your face shape.

There are a few different ways to do this. The easiest is to upload a photo of your face, and use a website like this one to determine what shape you have.

Another way that’s just as accurate is using the hand mirror test. The prime feature on any face are their cheekbones which will generally always be at eye level when looking into the mirror. With your chin up (about 30 degrees), look in the mirror with both eyes open, but focus on your cheekbone area while pressing lightly under each side of it with your index finger and thumb respectively from about an inch away. If there is no space between them then you’re most likely round-shaped!

A quick guide on face shape and frames:

Square faces are best suited for round frames. This is because the round frames balance out the angles of their face. Frames should be about the same size as your eyebrows arch or slightly below it if you’re square shaped, but not so far down that they cover up your eyebrows completely.

Oval-shaped faces look good in oval glasses. There is something that plays on symmetry here. Keep frames above the brow line to highlight cheekbones. Round faces need frames at least an inch away from their eyes in order to balance out angles on their face (but still look stylish).

Rectangular faces should have rounder lenses with no curves at all when looking straight ahead of themselves into the mirror while pressing under each side of their cheeks with index finger and thumb respectively from about an inch away. This will produce the desired slimming effect.

A triangular face looks great in rectangular frames that have straight lines on the sides or triangular-shaped glasses for a really bold look that should be narrower than the oval and more angular in shape to match the slant of a triangular-faced person’s eyes. Avoid anything rounded or with curves as this will make them appear even wider (which they most likely already do).

Heart-shaped faces can wear any shape of frame as long as it’s not too wide or too narrow

Oblong shaped faces should avoid round lenses and opt for square, rectangular, or angular shapes instead.

If you are not sure what size or shape of glasses will suit your face and be comfortable, upload a photo to the site. You’ll have access to an interactive 3D virtual mirror that lets you try on different frames in real time. This is a great way to understand which styles look best for your facial features before making any purchases. Have fun trying out new looks!

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