These 13 Vintage Style Trends Have Made a Roaring Comeback

If history has shown us anything, it’s that clothing trends that have fallen out of style will always come back in full swing decades later This is especially true for vintage wear. From paisley patterns to oversized clothing, fashion from the past has always made a comeback in one way or another. Because of this, vintage fashion has certainly become a staple in many closets around the globe.

But with so many different eras to consider, choosing exactly what type of vintage clothes to wear can get confusing. The fine line between drab and fab can be hard to skirt, which is why we’ve done all the hard work for you. So before you grab your mom’s old leopard print and buy cotton leggings to go with them, consider these popular trends that have been ripped right from the past.

Trends from the ’90s

The ‘90s were all about expression and liberation. Indeed, the era of grunge, hip hop, and everything in between also has something to offer the world of fashion.

Mom Jeans

One of the biggest things to come out of the ‘90s is mom jeans. These jeans are known for their high waist and loose fit, allowing the mom of the era to go about her day. However, while they may have not been the rage before, mom jeans are now back in style thanks to a casual movement that can pair them with anything. Try rocking some mom jeans with a black turtleneck or even a plain, white tee and thank us later for turning you into the hottest thing in denim.

Chunky Sneakers

Speaking of the ‘90s, chunky sneakers are also making a comeback. These kicks are not just for sneakerheads, with many designer brands like Gucci and Balenciaga putting out their own pair of high fashion high tops. Pair them with your favorite jeans or even a dress for that sporty sophistication that’s all the rage today.

Trends from the 80’s

If you want to jump back a bit further in time and aren’t afraid of shoulder pads, then the ‘80s might be your period of choice.

Prairie Dresses

These puffy-shouldered dresses were all the rage during the times of the New Wave, and are still much-desired items in anybody’s closet. Prairie dresses are not only roomy and comfy, but are also versatile enough for the beach or a night out in town.

Bum Bags

Whether you call them bum bags, fanny packs, or slings, these staples of the ‘80s are making a huge comeback thanks to their portability and convenience. Not only that, but bum bags have also made appearances as accessories of choice in some high fashion outfits.

Bike Shorts

While we’re on the ‘80s train, you may want to add bike shorts to your closet. The same shorts that grew in popularity in sports have now found their way to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid. Pair them with an oversized sweater and t-shirt. Better yet, mix up pieces from different timelines by pairing bike shorts with chunky sneakers for that sporty, stylish look.

Trends from the ’70s

If the ‘80s and ‘90s aren’t doing it for you, then the era of Woodstock might just have your answer.

Peasant Blouses

Peasant blouses might be something you might have seen in old pictures, but these loose-fitting tops are all the rage nowadays. Their free-flowing silhouette and colorful, pastel patterns are a hit among fashionistas who prefer more casual wear.

Printed Silk Scarves

Another vintage fashion piece that will always be in style is the printed silk scarf. These splashes of color that draw their inspiration from the ‘70s have been turned into everything from a headband to a loose wrap or sarong. Their light material adds the perfect pop of brightness to any ensemble, especially summer outfits.

Bell Bottoms

Bell bottoms are possibly the most iconic thing about the ‘70s. These wide-bottomed pants were everywhere during the disco era but have since been reinvented for modern-day use. You can now find bell bottoms used as casual slacks or even formal trousers. Bring your mom’s bell bottoms into the present by pairing them with a nice-fitting top and some sandals.

Trends from the ’60s

The ‘60s were a time for fashion experimentation. But just because it was so long ago doesn’t mean that it can’t come back in vogue.

Women’s Suits

Fashion icons like Blake Lively and Zendaya have drawn inspiration from the ‘60s by sporting haute couture suits on the red carpet. Wearing a tailored suit for men with the jacket as the top not only provides a splash of class, but also a bit of sex appeal. Pair it with some stilettos and watch those heads turn.


This once scandalous garment first caused shockwaves in the ‘60s but has since become a fashion staple in any woman’s closet. The miniskirt’s versatility is unparalleled, as it can be worn for a casual night out of town to a concert with just a few simple tweaks.

Trends from the 20’s

Fashion from a hundred years ago may seem like a stretch, but the 1920s also had a lot to offer in terms of style. Because of the rise of America at the turn of the century, many fashion choices of the time were glitzy and glamorous. And while they may feel out of place today, after reading through these next suggestions, you’ll be shocked to know that these vintage trends came from the same time as J. Edgar Hoover and the First World War.

Oversized Coats

Oversized coats first grew in popularity in the ‘20s. Back then, they were paired with glamorous gowns. These days, oversized coats can add flair to an otherwise casual look, especially in the wintertime. They’ll go a long way to upscaling your simple jeans and t-shirt into something much trendier.

Shiny Accessories

From glittering rhinestone accessories to gold bauble earrings, the 1920s had no shortage of bling. And while today’s style is much more toned down, it wouldn’t be out of place to sport an accessory from the era to add flair to an ordinary outfit today.

Slip Dresses

These seemingly casual pieces may look easygoing, but donning them with the right footwear can have you looking like a celebrity overnight. You can go with heels and faux fur jackets for a fancy vibe or put on a pair of sneakers for a more laid-back look.

No matter what era it’s from, vintage fashion will always be in style. Don’t be afraid to look through the popular clothing items of the times and see if there’s anything that catches your eye. With a little reinvention, you too can travel through time with a great-looking outfit inspired by the past.

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