7 Summer Casual Dress Colors That Are Trending

The colors you wear every day have a lot to say about you and they also have a great impact on your mood. So when it comes to deciding what to wear today, it’s important to consider how you feel and how you want to feel.

In fact, knowing what colors help you feel better can help you design the best wardrobe for yourself. But there are also many colors that are trending every year and incorporating them in your wardrobe helps you create more stylish and trendy looks – and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want that right?

What Colours Are Trending This Year?

7 – Classic Blue

Let’s start with the Pantone colour of the year: Classic Blue. It’s simple and yet it’s also dramatic and it goes oh so well with Summer vibes. You’ve probably seen the combination of yellow and blue all your life, it might even remind you of Snow White’s bright yellow skirt paired with a blue top. Well, wearing classic blue on a bright sunny day will have pretty much the same princessy effect on you! Another great thing about blue is that it is a very professional color so you can always wear it to work, for meetings or even to your class and make a lasting, positive impression. Light blue casual dresses at searchbycolors.com are also very trendy these days.

6 – Hot Red

For those who won’t let the weather stop them – red is the color to go for. For centuries, it has been considered the color of passion and romance and even to this day, it is the best option for those special date nights.

5 – Pastel Pink

Not everyone is a fan of bright and dark colors, especially in the scorching summer heat. This is why pastel pink comes in, it looks ridiculously beautiful in Summer and to take things up a notch for special occasions, you can pair it with any metallic shade of rose-gold, silver or bronze.

4 – Powder Blue

Another favorite color for lovers of the pastel palette! This Summer, instead of investing in an LBD we recommend you go for a powder blue midi dress or if you want something more modest, you can choose always a maxi dress. You’ll be surprised by the calming effect that this dress will have on you.

3 – Pale Sunlight Yellow & Off-white

When we’re talking about Summers, how can we ignore Yellow. But this year, the trend has been more towards the paler shade of yellow and you can always mix things up by pairing it with other colours. However, in our humble opinion, the most visually appealing combination that we say in 2020 is of pale yellow and off-white.

2 – Tie-Dye

There are certain Tik-Tok trends that we can’t help but consider trying and this has definitely been one of them this year. Tie-Dye may not technically qualify as a ‘color’ but considering how popular it has been lately, we just couldn’t ignore it.

1 –  Millenial Purple

This color is basically a beautiful merger of lilac and lavender and it has been literally everywhere this year. From fashion ramps to Parisian street style, it has been the most popular color that no one can stop talking about. The best part of course is that it looks great in the Summer season, especially if you’re attending a party or a wedding function.

So these were the most popular colors of the year in our opinion. Which one is your favorite? Or is there a color you think we missed? We would love to hear from you.

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