Fashion Trends for College Girls to Try This Spring

Spring Fashion Trends for College Girls – College outfits can be difficult to put together – you want to look cute and fashionable, but college is perhaps the time when you have the least amount of money to put towards that goal. Plus, because of that same financial strait, college clothes need to be both comfortable and hardwearing, to allow for the most use with the least need for replacements. Most people expect college clothing to be practical, which normally means non-fashionable, but experts from have put together some tips to show how people in college can be practical and comfortable without sacrificing their sense of style.

So, read on to see some outfits which could work in a college environment, with maybe a few modifications to allow for personal taste and style.


Yes, these are normally the preserve of train spotters and outdoorsmen, as well as people who have a rather worrying tendency to get overexcited about rain, but anoraks are making a huge comeback this year, and they are perfect for people in college. Anoraks are hard-wearing, which means that one will probably be sufficient to get you through your entire college course (choose one which won’t go out of fashion quickly), and they can come in such a variety of colours and shapes that you will definitely find one to suit you and your preferences if you look.


This year’s look is going to be utilitarian, with pockets and zips wherever you might hope to find them. This might make for an odd-looking outfit, but for someone in college, it can be a godsend. Finally, somewhere to put all of those pens and clips and papers that you need throughout the day! For 2021, you don’t need to worry about looking odd: this is the fashion, so there will be lots of choice, and you can see what suits you, and what is available in your area for anybody who wants the clothes and zips.

Bright Colours

After the past few years of neutral colours and black everywhere, spring will bring colour back with a bang, in the form of saturated colours. These colours can be worn either in blocks, or in a full monochrome, depending on your own tastes. For people in college who are trying to get the most out of their clothes, I would personally suggest sticking to blocks of colour, as this will allow you to mix and match your clothes with greater efficiency than you otherwise would, but this is of course down to personal preference and style. These colours will help you to look stylish, while still being in budget.


If saturated colours aren’t your thing, don’t worry – pastels are in this season too. The same rules apply – you can either use blocks of colour, or be completely monochrome, though again, blocks of colour will give you more outfit options, and let you mix and match what you are doing. Pastels are good if you feel like other brighter colours draw too much attention to you – you can still have colour, but just not with the same intensity as can come with saturated colours. It is a good way to break up neutrals as well.

Mixed Prints

Prints are back in, and as an added bonus, we also have permission to mix prints this season. Prints are good with blocks of colour, since they can be matched to that colour (making it pop in the pattern itself), or they can be matched with other colours. The new fashions show this being done either noticeably, or in a more subtle manner, so you can choose which way of wearing patterns you like, depending on how your style is, or even how you feel, if you buy a few patterns to mix into your wardrobe.

Shiny Fabric

Satin was the fabric which showed up the most in fashion shows, but the main point is shine, to give outfits a new look, a more sophisticated look. These shiny fabrics are good for outfits which need to transition from day to night looks, which can come in handy when college students need to go from classes to concerts and drinks at a moment’s notice. These shiny fabrics are supposed to help outfits be both comfortable (since satin is a very comfortable fabric to wear, and fits many people well), and also stylish, so it will allow you to stretch your fashionable side a little.

Wrapping it up

Clothes in college can be difficult – how do you be stylish but also practical at the same time? Most people would say you can’t, but hopefully this article will go some way towards showing that you can, and showing you how to go about it. There are ways to make your clothing practical while also retaining your own individual style, and also keep within any budget you have made for yourself during college. It’s just a matter of being careful what you buy, and how you wear it.

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