Quarantine fashion trends college students are obsessed with: stay home, stay stylish

Most, if not all, students are usually concerned with style almost as much as their grades. Clothing trends change every so often, but there are always some that stand the test of time. The pandemic changed the way lots of things work, and that includes school terms as we knew them. Most colleges will remain closed until it is safe for normalcy to resume, but that doesn’t mean the end of studying.

Schools may have closed their physical doors, but learning did resume in the form of online classes. A student now has to choose whether to show up in her jammies or fully dressed to make it look like business as usual. As distance learning automatically means students have more assignments to do and less time, no wonder they often choose more comfortable clothing, like PJ’s or onesies to wear. Since coursework is still part of the school year, students can profit from custom essay service help with taking some pressure off their shoulders, which in turn allows them to increase their ‘me’-time and indulge in some fashion tricks.

Let’s take a look at some college fashion trends that seem to have been inspired by quarantine.


When showing up for a class through a laptop, the most important part is the upper body unless you plan to get up at some point during the class. For this reason, cute cardigans have become a prominent fashion item that students find easy to style. They are quite versatile too since they are available in different colors and textures, and so you can get some for the cold season as well as lighter ones for when it eases up. Even better is the fact that long sweaters and cardigans can be worn without pants and still look decent.


Hats are perfect for hiding a messy head. There are days you just cannot be bothered to wash your hair, especially if you have to be up for a morning lesson, and this is when hats come in handy. We consider them to be part of popular campus trends as they are convenient and quite fashionable when worn stylishly. A bonus is any hat’s versatility as they go well with practically any item – pants and dresses. They also stay cool regardless of the season.

Chic Tees and Jeans

T-shirts are a forever staple for students for their casual air. You can comfortably pair it with a skirt, a pair of jeans, slacks, and still, make a statement. You can even dress it up by throwing on a blazer to make it less casual. T-shirts come in all manner of color and fabric, and they are also dirt cheap, so nothing stops you from owning as many as possible.

No need for research to establish that jeans are the most worn item at educational institutions. They are super easy to style since they go well with anything from a basic tee to a nice button-down shirt and sweaters. You can pair them with heels or boots to take your outfit to the next level when you have a point to prove or an image to maintain.


The fact that classes are online is no reason to look shabby or neglect your image. Even though your teacher and fellow students may not see beyond your waist, your shoe game should still remain strong in practice for when you finally resume physical classes. A nice pair of sneakers is essential for that polished look without feeling as though you made too much effort.

Roomy Sweatpants

Nothing says ‘comfortable’ like a nice pair of sweatpants. The roomier it is, the better it feels. They are made the ideal comfort-wear when you pair them with a top to match the purpose – playful tee for super casual sessions and a denim jacket for an edgier look. If stepping out after your class in college, a pair of nice shoes completes the picture.

Dressing up Makes School Fun

Online classes aren’t as much fun as offline ones since you won’t get the chance to see your friends or even show off a new style. But as we wait for some form of normalcy to return, we will not allow ourselves to languish in fashion despair. Academic essay writing and reading is more fun when paired with cute clothes.


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