Non Surgical Skin Tightening Procedures

Many people want tighter, smoother skin, but not by using surgical methods. They want to be treated and get back to their daily routine in as short a time as possible. These days, everyone tries to avoid going under-the-knife to look younger. Fast, efficient, and non-invasive are what is preferred. Here are several skin tightening procedures that use non surgical methods to give the skin a younger looking appearance.

What Are The Different Ways Of Skin Tightening Without Surgery?

Laser Skin Tightening

Non-ablative skin tightening lasers use light-based energy to produce heat in the dermal or deeper layers of skin. That causes the skin collagen to become inflamed and produce more collagen in reaction to the injury. The skin contracts as well, pulling the cells closer together. A cooling apparatus on the laser keeps the skin from heating on the surface so the client is not burned in the process. Many clinics have used aesthetic devices over the years to perform skin tightening with great results.


This procedure is FDA approved for using radio frequency technology to tighten and smooth the skin. Radio waves target the deeper layer of skin called the dermis. It produces heat in the cells to contract the skin, melts collagen to smooth the skin, and stimulates the cells to produce fresh collagen to heal the skin. There is no downtime involved.


This non-invasive procedure lifts and tightens skin though ultrasound technology. It uses sound to produce heat which in turn causes the skin to contract. The deeper tissues are then stimulated into producing collagen, which heals the skin, resulting in younger looking skin. It has only been FDA approved for wrinkle reduction in the face, neck, jowls, and décolletage areas at this time.

Result Expectations

Each of the treatment methods listed – Laser, thermage, ultherapy – should have similar results. The skin will be noticeably tighter the day of treatment, though it will take a few months to see the full results. It may take several sessions to achieve the desired results. If the skin had minor wrinkles and skin laxity, one treatment should work. Moderate wrinkling and laxity will require multiple sessions. Heavy wrinkling or laxity will not improve much with non surgical methods. In that case, only plastic surgery will give the dramatic results desired.

Preparing for Treatment

Before heading to the clinic for a skin tightening treatment, follow these rules:

  • Do not wear makeup or apply topical items to the skin (suntan oil, perfumes, etc)
  • Avoid smoking for two weeks prior to the appointment
  • Make sure skin is clean
  • Avoid overexposure to the sun
  • Avoid treatments during skin breakouts

Risks and Side Effects

Side effects that may happen with the listed procedures includes swelling, reddening of the skin, bruising, and soreness of the treated area.

There is always a risk in any procedure. Outdated equipment, poorly trained operators, and outside factors all contribute to potential problems with the procedure. Do your part to avoid issues by:

  • Making certain the technician performing the procedure is certified in the use of the device
  • Inquire about how old the equipment is
  • Make sure your skin is prepared for treatment
  • Ask your dermatologist who they would recommend
  • Check the reviews on the clinic before scheduling an appointment with them

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