Mother of the Bride Style Guide

While many people continue to celebrate traditional weddings, in the last decade, weddings have become increasingly eclectic in style, broadening the range of what’s possible in terms of decor, location and dress code

Mother-of-the-bride outfits have come a long way since the days of matronly, unshapely pastel dresses. Thankfully, proud moms can now break tradition and choose something they can look and feel beautiful in on the big day. 

It’s enough of a challenge to know what to wear to events like these without being faced with a multitude of options, so to help narrow things down for you here is our guide to mother of the bride style:

First, a few Guidelines

Knowing a few do’s and don’ts can help simplify your outfit options – while avoiding any potential wedding-related fashion faux pas:

  • While we have mentioned breaking with tradition,  wearing white is still considered by many to be poor etiquette, so unless it’s been specifically requested, try to avoid this.
  • As the mother of the bride, you may be aware of the overall theme and color scheme of the wedding. If you are, plan your outfit accordingly. If not, be sure to check the dress code well ahead of time.
  • It’s true that the best outfits reflect your own personal taste and aesthetic, but if yours tends to be a little more vibrant than most, run your ideas by the bride and groom first. It’s entirely  possible to be your stylish self, without becoming a distraction from the main event.

Find Your Style

Knowing your personal style can help to define exactly what might suit you. If you’re not sure what that is yet, a few great ways can be to look at your color season and body type, in addition to looking for inspiration online and create a mood board of ideas for yourself.

Tailor it to You

Whether it’s a cuff that’s a little too long or a dress that doesn’t quite fit the way you want it to, consider a visit to your tailor: a few adjustments can make all the difference between an outfit that suits you perfectly and one that looks like it belongs to somebody else.

Use Accessories to your Advantage

Use accessories in keeping with the general theme of your outfit. Generally, the plainer the attire, the bolder you can be in your choice of accessory, whereas less detailed pieces tend to compliment patterned or detailed outfits better. Try to keep it to one or two items to avoid things looking too “crowded”.

Wear What Feels Good

Practicality plays a key part: if you are likely to be on your feet for most of the day, flats may be better than heels. If temperatures are likely to dip during the event, packing a cozy wrap can be a chic way to stay warm. 

Similarly, you’re also more likely to feel comfortable in items close to what you’d usually wear: if you prefer pants, these can look great as part of a flowy twinset. If you prefer to wear dresses, Jovani has a fabulous collection specially selected for mothers of the bride.

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