Most Pouplular Lipstick Fashion Trends for this Season

If you know how and which lipstick you should use .It alone can dramatically change your overall look. If you are running short of time and you just want to look fresh and good, a careful and right way of using lipstick can do wonders for you. Here are a few simple tips and ideas on how to choose the right lipstick for you? what color of lipstick you should choose for you skin type and makeup ? what are the latest lipstick fashion trends? what color the celebrities mostly wear….

Stylish Lipsticks Fashion

Latest Lipstick Trends

Red Lipsticks Fashion

Red lipsticks have always been girls favorite choice .Red lipsticks suit with all skin tones it goes with all outfits and it goes for all occasion. what else a girl need …….. one thing you should remember is to keep your eyes make up as simple as you can . when wearing bold color like red for lips any other bold makeup with it can make it look quite over.see these models and get a idea how to wear red lipsticks to get a sexy look for this season.

Celebrities red lipstick Ideas

how to wear Red lipstick

Cara Delevigne Red Lipsticks Ideas


shiny red lipstick Trends and Ideas


Orange Lipstick Fashion

Though orange may seems a bit of strong color. But in the recent past orange color lipstick  is unprecedentedly on rise in fashion world . Many top celebrities have been spotted with orange lips.It is very trendy these days .Orange lipsticks are recommended to be worn with fresh face, meaning  with less of make up it looks stunning.see these models and get a idea how to wear orange lipsticks to get a sexy look for this season.

Orange Lipstick fashion


Orange Lipstick Ideas


How to wear orange lipstick

Purple Lipstick Fashion

The purple lipsticks color come in different shades so you got to be very careful while choosing the right shade that goes with your face and makeup.Here are some ideas for wearing purple lipsticks with make .Nevertheless it is hard color and for same reason many girls are afraid to try purple lips. But yet you can get elegant as well as funky look too from purple lipstick. See these celebrities and other  models how they have used purple lipsticks with other makeup , hair shade to get a glamorous look.So don’t be reluctant to try something new for yourself if you haven’t tried it before.


Magenta lips fashion

Katy Perry Purple Lipsticks

Emma Watson lipstick fashion


Nude Lipsticks Fashion

Nude lips are women’s safest choice to wear.They are easy to wear and easy to pull off  and yet gives very sizzling looks. That is one of the reason that nude lipsticks have never run out of fashion and it is  celebrities favorite choice. The best tip for getting luscious look  is that you should exfoliate your lips before  putting on lipstick.

The nude lips look very hot with little make up on. It is not recommended to be worn with fresh face or with very less make up . That is the reason most of the celebrities who are tan they used nude lipsticks it looks very hot with it . Tip for fair complexion girls is  make sure to add a little bit of color to your face, like  colored eye shadows and fairly strong contours, so that  you don’t look washed out.

From these pictures you can get lot of idea as how to wear nude lips stick, how to use nude lipstick with other makeup and outfits .Follow your favorite celebrities makeup  trends from here  to stay updated.


Kim Kardashian Nude Lipsticks


How to wear Nude Lipsticks


glossy nude Lips Fashion Ideas


Cool Lipstick fashion ideas


Celebrities Nude lips Fashion


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