25 Lady Gaga’s Unique Outfits – Funky Clothes Lady Gaga

Check out  25 most crazy outfits worn by lady gaga. Lady Gaga has made her reputation for wearing unusual outfits in her show performances or awards. You might have seen her wearing really weird dresses on TV too.Lady Gaga might look really bizarre in her appearance but normally she is pretty elegant .I am sure after going through these crazy outfits collection of lady gaga you would be really shocked .

she , not doubt deserve a huge credit for carrying her self always in clothes that are not normal to wear.Moreover she has given some really electrifying performances in those outfits too.Following collection contains most funky outfits worn by lady gaga in different performances and stage appearances. We have put together all of her crazy dresses at one place. Most of the time she is critiqued for her pathetic dressing style .But she has never bothered about that .She in one of her interview mentioned that “i wear what makes me happy”. When it comes to performing on stage , she rocks the crowd with her magic voice.By the way what all dresses from this collection can you wear ? That would be funny question to ask yourself i guess 😛 .


Funky Outfit Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga in complete Black Funky dress.

Lady Gaga Black Costume

Lady Gaga Costume

Lady Gaga crazy hairstyle

Funky hair Style lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Crazy Outfits

Lady Gaga Fashion


Lady gaga wearing Meat dress during Grammy Awards ceremony with Eminem.He is shocked i guess 😛 .

Lady Gaga Grammy Dress


I paid Hell lot of Money to look this ridiculous :P.

Lady Gaga Hair Style

Lady Gaga White CostumeVia

Weird Hairstyle of Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga weird hair Style

Lady Gaga Weird Dress

Lady Gaga Vma

Lady Gaga unique Costume


Another appearance of Gaga in Red Meat Dress.This one is really crazy.

Lady Gaga Red Meat Dress

Lady Gaga Outfits


That is a pretty cool look of her . I really like her jacket and matching with sunglasses.

Lady Gaga Jackets

Lady Gaga handbags

Lady Gaga Funky style


Lady gaga Unique sunglasses.She loves to wear unique sunglasses along with other outfits.Check her 20 most weird sunglasses collection from here.

Lady Gaga Funky Dress

Lady Gaga Crazy Yellow hair style

Lady Gaga Costumes 2011

Lady Gaga Costume 2011


I really like her this look .really stylish coat and sunglasses.It is very rare moment to see lady gaga in such an elegant look.

Lady Gaga Black Coat
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