Joining the Skincare Revolution with FOREO BEAR™

Joining the Skincare Revolution with FOREO BEAR™

There has been a huge shift in the anti-aging niche in recent years and with beauty-tech innovators like FOREO developing a host of skincare devices that deliver the results everyone has been hoping for, The Lady couldn’t wait to get involved with the BEAR™ device in time for Black Friday.

What is the BEAR™?

Taking the most worthwhile elements of non-invasive anti-aging procedures from the salon to the homes of everyday users, not only is BEAR™ the most effective microcurrent skincare device available, but it’s also the only one approved by the FDA.

As the face and neck have over 65 muscles, over time, these can begin to show viable signs of wear like sagging. One of the biggest problems facing men and women of all ages is keeping their skin taught and firm. In later life, collagen production lessens, so skin plumpness begins to suffer and fine lines and wrinkles can appear. This is where skincare specialists FOREO step into the fray, with the BEAR™ device.

Joining the Skincare Revolution with FOREO BEAR™

Users can lift and train their facial muscles like never before; all without going to a salon, spending excessive amounts of money, or committing a significant chunk of time to their endeavours. In fact, adding the BEAR™ to a skincare routine for just two minutes a day can provide noticeable results in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, help with contouring and reduce sagging skin with little effort.

Combining an Anti-Shock System™ with anti-aging microcurrent tech via T-Sonic™ massage, the BEAR™ is both safe to use and highly effective with pro-level power.

Outstanding, clinically proven results backed by celebrities, skincare specialists and users alike.

Joining the Skincare Revolution with FOREO BEAR™

Celebrity GP and skincare specialist Dr. Anita Sturnham is one of BEAR™’s biggest supporters and says:

“Three minutes a day vs 30 minutes for most other at-home devices. This makes a big difference in terms of someone using the device consistently. I personally find 3 minutes a day easy to manage, but 30 minutes a day just wouldn’t work for me.”

There are a host of celebrities speaking highly of FOREO and with endorsements on a range of products from the likes of Rita Ora, Venus Williams, Jessica Alba and Myleene Class, it’s not hard to see why they have had such an impact on the beauty niche.

Here is a rundown of user statistics:

  •  90% of users notice visible results in just 1 week
  •  98% would recommend BEAR™ to a friend
  •  98% of users report skin looks healthier and brighter, and feels more energized
  •  98% of users report skin looks plumper, smoother and more nourished
  •  98% of users report skin feels more supple and elastic – with a reduction in visible pores
  •  95% of users report their face looks younger, with lifted cheekbones
  •  93% of users report an improvement in puffiness, sagging and fine lines around the eyes
  •  93% of users report facial muscles to look and feel more toned
  •  90% of users report an improvement in skin condition, including pigmentation

What to look out for this Black Friday

Joining the Skincare Revolution with FOREO BEAR™

Get celebrity skin today with FOREO’s huge Black Friday campaign.

There will be up to 50% off and free gifts, making it the best opportunity to stock up on the most effective beauty tools for your skin!

What’s important is that you could combine the effects of your BEAR™ device with items from the LUNA 3™ collection or with the UFO™, which offers the added benefit of full-spectrum LED light, alongside heating to maximise the absorption of facial cleansing serums. There is simply so much to love in FOREO’s range that Black Friday can be the perfect time to buy.

High-end skincare has never been more accessible or affordable, and with BEAR™ you know you’ll get clinically proven results every time.

Black Friday deals don’t last, get outstanding skin RIGHT NOW!

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