How to Wear Cologne Rightly-Top 8 Tips to Make Fragrances Last Longer

How to Wear Cologne Right Way. Looking good, smelling pleasant makes your personality look more presentable. Everyone is naturally attracted to such people. Everyone wants to present themselves the best in front of others and most importantly for themselves which is.

The sense of smell is one of the most effective and powerful in triggering the memories and making new memories. So let’s learn how to make good memories with good scents.

How to Make Perfume Last Longer on Clothes

There are many sort of perfumes and colognes available, let’s learn how to apply colognes properly and some easy hacks to make them stay longer. Before learning the tips and tricks let’s learn the difference between fragrances shall be known. RECOMMENDED : Top 20 Amazing Outfits Ideas For Valentine’s Day

how to make perfumes last longer on clothes
Almost all the fragrances serve one main purpose, the only difference between is based on the concentration of perfume oil in alcohol and water.

Let’s have a look at the different types:

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Eau Fraiche: This has usually 1% – 3% of perfume oil in alcohol and water and is the most diluted of all. the scent will generally last for one hour.
Eau de Cologne: With a lower concentration between 2% – 4% of fragrance oil and a higher concentration of alcohol, this lasts for an hour or two. It is generally known as cologne.
Eau de Toilette: This contains 5% – 15% of pure perfume in the alcohol. it is one of the famous fragrance and last for two to three hours.
Eau de Perfume: A perfume for both the genders and is usually 15% – 20% in level of concentration. This can stay up to 5 – 8 hours.
Perfume: The most concentrated of all. Perfume contains 20% – 30% of perfume essence. If worn well, it can stay up to 24 hours.

So now that we’ve learnt about the differences among the scents, let’s learn some tricks to make them stay longer.

Tip # 1: Begin All Clean

First thing first, remember whenever you want to wear a perfume and make it stay for long, begin all clean and fresh. Take a bath; this will help up in opening the pores of your body and the scent will be absorbed more and last for a longer period.

Remember, scents are not a cover up, if you just spray colognes on sweaty or dirty body instead of making you smell better, it can worsen up. When the scent mixes with bad body odors they might end up smelling even worse.

Tip # 2: Moisturize

Dry up your skin completely after a bath, because if the skin is not dry the perfume won’t stick to your skin and won’t help. After drying off the skin it is highly recommended to use a fragrance-free moisturizer. Petroleum jelly is the best option in all.

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The plus point for using petroleum jelly is that the perfume tends to stick to the molecules of it and will preferably last longer than directly spraying the mist to the body.

Tip # 3: Know the “Pulse Points”

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Pulse points are those pointed where the perfume applied will be most effective too. While applying perfume these shall never be missed. The pulse points include: feet, knees, elbows, collarbone, wrist and neck. However these are not the only pulse points.

Always, always apply the colognes here for an elongated time period. Pulse points are basically parts of your body which create maximum heat, so this heat basically helps in smelling good all day long, which may not be the case if you spray on your clothes or on any other body parts.

Tip # 4: Choose Your Location:

Decide where you want to apply the cologne. You don’t want to overdo the perfume nor under-do it. Remember, less is more. The rule is either “two places or two sprays”. For men chest and biceps are the most favorable areas. Whereas for women the inner wrists, behind the ear, knees or on the neck. Select any two places to spray the fragrance.

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Remember to refrain from applying the perfume on to the sweaty areas of the body, for instance don’t apply it to your under arms as they are sweaty and the mixing of odors can cause really bad odor which isn’t favorable.

Tip # 5: Mixing of odors  

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Mixing different perfumes for longer application may seem a fascinating idea but remember this may not be favorable most of the times. The combination may not end up making you smell good.

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The most favorable thing to do is using the scents from a same product line, which complement each other so that they are absorbed in the body more deeply and keep you smelling good all day long.

Tip # 6: Perfuming the Hair

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Another great way to keep you smelling good all day long is to mist the hair with the fragrance. Just spray the comb/ brush with the perfume and comb it well through the hair instead perfuming on specific spots.

Remember to always use soft and diluted colognes for hair, as using highly concentrated perfumes can end up drying hair due to higher level of alcohol.

Tip # 7: Applying from a Distance

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If your wrist/ or any other part where you are applying gets wet, so you are holding the bottle very near. The nozzle should point to the body but maintaining the distance of almost 7-8 inches so the cologne is sprayed on a larger area.

Many people spray the perfume in the air and then walk through it, this may be a good idea but can waste a lot of the perfume.

Tip # 8: Storing the Perfume Right

Though learning to apply colognes and perfume is essential but it is very important to know how to keep them safe and store them. Perfumes must be kept and used with respect too!

Always store your fragrances in a cool and dark area. Don’t store them in bathrooms as they are extremely humid place and the perfume can go bad in such environment. RECOMMENDED: Home Remedies for Glowing Skin for Teenagers -20 Skin Care Tips

Also, remember to keep the caps and lids closed after you’ve used the cologne, don’t leave it open as this can cause the perfume to oxidize and it won’t have its effect.

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Step by Step Video Tutorial – How to Apply Perfumes

In the end, let’s review and remember how to make the cologne stay for longer by the help of  this video tutorial.

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