20 Most Hottest Players from 2018 FIFA World Cup

Hottest Players from 2018 FIFA World Cup– Every four years the world comes together celebrating the biggest sport of all; Football. Nations stand by their respective teams with passion and extreme emotion as they represent their countries in the most prestigious league of international football. That being said, players train long and hard in making sure they are in top-notch shape for the tournament.

AND IT SHOWS! FIFA World Cup is not just a football tournament, it’s a month-long convention where skill, hard work, determination are on display and while we’re at it some really hot dudes. Sorry, but it had to be said. Players spend over 4 years in intense training sessions, diets and physical exercise to be ready for the World Cup. While many of the players are recognized for their incredible skills some are recognized for their skill of being hot. Yes, and we have handpicked 20 of the Most Hottest Players from the 2018 FIFA World Cup for you.

Who Are the Sexiest Players at FIFA 2018

Everyone knows the World Cup is Christmas time for football lovers and a free hall-pass for ladies to look at hot guys without shame! We countdown to the hottest players in 3…2…1!

Disclaimer: This list excludes the likes of Ronaldo and Neymar Jr because let’s face it, there are hotter players on that field!

hottest players fifa

↓ 20 – Yoshinori Muto

This 25-year-old cutie plays forward for the Japanese National Team and  1. FSV Mainz 05 in the German Bundesliga.  He may be #20 on our list but he is #1 at cutest smile list BECAUSE LOOK! And Don’t miss out these 20 Most Hottest Spectator Girls at FIFA 2018.

Hottest Players In 2018 FIFA World Cup


↓ 19 – Ramadan Sobhi

Hailing from Egypt , Ramadan Sobhi is 21 years of age and plays winger for The Egyptian National Team. His career began in 2014 and has no signs of slowing down.


↓ 18 – Amir Abedzadeh

Following in his father’s footsteps, Amir Abedzadeh is the Iranian goalkeeper who also plays for the Portuguese club Marítimo. Not only is he an excellent “guardian of the goal”, but his looks are also making waves.

hottest fifa players


↓ 17 – Mathew Leckie

Making his way to number 17 (and OUR HEARTS) is the socceroo; Mathew Leckie. 27 and gorgeous, he is giving us all the reasons to move to Australia.

↓ 16 – Marco Reus

Proneness to injuring himself and hearts of many MANY of his fans, Marco “the rocket” Reus is known for his speed technique and versatility on the field. He surely is Germany’s finest (in all ways) *wink wink*.

hottest fifa players male


↓ 15 – Mats Hummels

Germany’s #5, Mats Hummels is giving us major Orlando Bloom feels. Exceptional on the field, Hummels knows his way around a ball and looks good doing it. Here are 20 Most Hottest Athletes from the Olympics.


↓ 14 – Filip Kostić

Serbia might be one of the coldest countries but Filip Kostić is anything but cold. His hotness can help survive the coldest Serbian winters. ALSO, HIS JAW LINE CAN CUT GLASS! (metaphorically of course)

hottest fifa players

↓ 13 – Fabian Schär

Donning the “Old Hollywood charm” Fabian Schär is a sight for sore eyes. Defending for the Swiss National Team, he is dreamier than Swiss chocolate.

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↓ 12 – Antoine Griezmann

Hailing from the land of love, Antoine Griezmann is beloved by million. His ability to score goals and looking adorable makes him a star in his own right. And his duck lips are to DIE FOR. See for yourself…


↓ 11 – Jack Butland

If David Beckham was 25 and a goalkeeper he’d be Jack Butland. This young brit is glorious on the field and we can stare at him all day and we just might.


↓ 10 – César Azpilicueta

Spaniards are known for their rugged manliness and César Azpilicueta is the perfect example of it. Playing full back and defender for Spanish National Team and FC Chelsea César is a promising talent and he’s really really HOT. Check out these 21 Most Beautiful Biker Girls You Should Follow.

best looking fifa players male


↓ 9 – Roman Bürki

Us, being of sound mind dub Roman Bürki, goalkeeper of the Swiss National Team a certified hottie. 


↓ 8 – Dulje Ćaleta-Car

Croatian defender Dulje Ćaleta-Car may only be 21 years old but his hotness goes beyond his years. Playing defender for the Croatian national team he is stealing hearts all around.

best looking fifa players male

↓ 7 – Ragnar Sigurðsson

Iceland has been the most talked-about team this World Cup. Fans have been receiving not only amazing football from this team but some B-E-A-UTIFUL players. Ragnar Sigurðsson being one of them. He plays as a defender for the Icelandic national team and we are hoping someone would defend our heart because he’s coming to get it.

best looking fifa players male

↓ 6 – Nicolás Tagliafico

Admit it, Leo Messi is the only player you can name from the Argentinian team. Let us educate you. Meet Nicolás Tagliafico, 25 years old playing left-back for the national team. He’s gorgeous and that’s all you need to know. Here’s a photo of him reminding you to stay hydrated.

best looking fifa players male

And Now! Brace yourselves as we enter our TOP 5 Hottest Players! *takes a deep breath* 

↓ 5 – Olivier Giroud

Known to many as “the french Beckham” Olivier Giroud is a world-class player. He has the fourth-most goals scored for the France national football team. Ain’t nothing better than a hot guy who can score goals. Advance in years and advanced in hotness, he scores number #5 on our list. Here are Top 20 Countries With Most Attractive Female Soldiers In World.

↓ 4 – Kevin Trapp

The lesser-known German goalkeeper might not have much (or any) time on the field (sad emoji) but that doesn’t stop us from including him in our list. Stop scrolling for a while and stare at him because YOU deserve it and HE’S worth it.

best looking fifa players male

↓ 3 – Isco

Spain, a team of footballing legends who has given us many classic players. This world cup the eyes have been fixated on a young player, talented and good looking Isco scores #3. 

best looking fifa players male

↓ 2 – Hólmar Örn Eyjólfsson

Offering his services as a defender on the Icelandic national team Hólmar Örn Eyjólfsson has eyes as deep as the ocean and smile that could light up a room. Permission to get lost in his eyes? 

best looking fifa players

↓ 1 – Rúrik Gíslason

Topping the charts of good looks is the Icelandic midfielder Rúrik Gíslason. Rúrik Gíslason has been the most talked about player this World Cup. His ocean blue eyes are the stuff of legend. His golden locks are giving Thor a run for his money. Making an impressive debut for his nation against Argentina Rúrik Gíslason is a remarkable talent with even remarkable good looks.


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