Eid Mehndi designs – 20 Cute Mehdni Designs For Hands This Year

Simple Eid Mehndi Designs-Eid is just around the corner and everyone’s busy with their preparations now. One of my favorite things for eid is the mehndi, the smell and the variety of designs are just so symbolic of eid. While preparing for eid, a mistake that most of us make is to not look for the right mehndi design before hand. This leads to us choosing any random design on the last day or just going with whatever the lady at the parlour draws for us, which can often be a failed experience.

A bad mehndi design can simply ruin your eid look. This post intends to bring the same along with ideas how to apply mehndi on hands tutorial .So be prepared before hand and choose from these epic mehndi designs  for Hands.

Latest Mehndi Designs for Eid 2018

The perfect design for young girls. The flower patterns in it are totally lovable.


A very simple double shaded design that you can also apply yourself. If you dont know how to do the shading, try using an orange marker for this one. It would give the same effect. The design is perfect for long and fair hands. There is also enough space on fingers to wear large rings that are in fashion these days.  Bridal-Mehndi-Design-2014-especially-for-girls-and-women-41

A traditional arabic mehndi design, love how the duck has been incorporated in it though.  1962620_471185386344016_1534240535_n

This might look cheesy but still it is too cute dfa31dfa94869cf0e2a5a6cc9c4a59bf

The traditional double shaded design with round motifs.


Interesting jaali design motif-based-pattern

This is definitely the simplest mehndi design I have ever come across. I believe it would look adorable on little girls and can easily be done by their mummies. 934b947a95a043102f6381aa2a0f02d4

The traditional round motid mehndi design, but with a new twist. b9609a035917ca423408e4c7601e56d5

Another round mehndi design that has been done in black and red mehndi black-mehndi-for-hands

Here’s a really beautiful mehndi design, made even more attractive with the use of glitter. If you are trying this yourself and don’t have any glitter then you can always use regular nail-polish instead to give the same effect.  intricate-designs

Here’s a traditional Indian style design, ideal for the newly wed brides.  stylish-floral

It is said that the peacock feather is a symbol of love and I am loving how this symbol has been incorporated in this mehndi design. If you are good at painting or have a steady hand you can easily do this yourself too.  mehndi-design

The crescent moon is a symbol often related with Islam. You might have notices that the flags of many Muslim countries hold this symbol. Similarly the blessed month of ramazan and the eid, all are dependent on a vision of the moon. So why not apply a crescent moon themed mehndi design this eid? festivals-like (1)

Here’s another beautiful floral design everyone will fall in love with. I specially like how this design leaves the ring finger empty at the bottom, giving room for you to wear your ring.

A beautiful Arabic mehndi design.


This is a design that works best for the newly wed girls.  be461c79874fd65a7a6609fe2bf12e4d

One of the most intricate designs is the lace design. The best part is that if you are wearing a lace dress then you can customize this according to to design of your dress.

The very simple and traditional Indian design.  718316173c21d47b64dfa6222ae2d82c

Another crescent moon themed design


Elegant and simple

Latest Eid Mehndi Designs 2016

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