20 Cool Double Nose Piercing Ideas with Tips

Double Nose Piercing Ideas – No doubt, the internet is full of ideas for everything. You can look for double nose piercing ideas all over the internet. Yet, you will still find yourself confused as to which one to go for.

Besides, some of the ideas are either too complicated or impractical to be applied. So, here we are providing you with certain ideas that include double nose jewelry as well. We are providing you with the basic ideas for a double nose like what kind of piercing you should choose, what kind of jewelry to wear with it, what kind of look to adopt, and so on. Choose whatever idea suits you better!

Tips on Getting Double Nose Piercing

  • Before anything else, make sure the instrument used for piercing is either sterilized or brand new.
  • Make sure the piercing is done by a professional piercer.
  • Look for infections. Be careful about it. If you find any infection, take neccessary precautions.
  • Try to be as creative as you can be as two nose piercings are all about being creative.
  • Never put any makeup product on your piercings.
  • Buy after-care piercing products that suit your skin.
  • Always wear clean and sanitized jewelry.
  • Clean the area thoroughly before wearing the jewelry.
  • When going for piercing with septum, give the proper time of healing before wearing any jewelry.
  • Try to wear jewelry that could be removed conveniently if needed.
  • Incase of piercing with hoop and stud, be careful of the metal used for making the jewelry. Sometimes the skin might show some signs of allergy.

15 – Piercing On Both Sides Of The Nose

In case, you are looking for a simple, and cute look, this look is definitely for you. Just wear tiny white studs with light makeup.


14 – How To Not Overdo ?


13 – White Piercing Jewelry

One of the coolest idea is to wear simple white jewelry, like studs and a cute septum studded hoop. To be honest, this idea is my personal favorite since it doesn’t involve any complications and is quite simple to go for. I would suggest this look as it is stylish, cool, and a decent look. Do follow all the precautions though.

12 – Same Side Of The Nose

Another way is to do it on the same nostril. In this scenario, you need to be careful of the space between the perforations as you would need to wear jewelry later on. If these are too close, you might not be able to wear larger jewelry items. Wearing studs would give you the classic look.


11 – When To Go For Hoops?

Jewelry is always there to give the look you want. You just need to know a way to do it well. If you are up for an individual look, go for hoops. Perforations on the same side of the nostril would be a bonus point for you. Besides, if possible, you can wear an additional hoop on your lower lip for a more savage look.


10 – Mobster


9 – Round septum chain

You can make your look more stylish by wearing a round septum chain like the one shown in the look. In fact, you can wear any kind of jewelry in your septum.


8 – With Septum

Get this look by wearing a hoop in one nostril with a clicker ring in your septum. Remember that the perforations are almost the same for everyone.


7 – Asymmetric

One more way to go for a double piercing is to let it be done asymmetrically. What I mean is that the perforations would not be aligned with each other. The way you wear jewelry depends on your face characteristics mainly. A well-calculated piercing with hoop and stud look might do wonders for you. Get a full studded look, by taking inspiration from this look. Wear a studded ring in one nostril, a stud in another, and match it with studded earrings.

6 – Piercing At The Bridge

A unique idea is to do at the bridge of the nose. This is, however, way more challenging than the other. You have to match it with facial structure. Apart from this, the pain level might be higher than other piercings. Since there is less skin, the attachment issue might be troublesome. Once you have decided on it, it can look cute as well as stylish. In addition, you can do dramatic makeup with it for better effect.


5 – Double Nose Jewelry To Wear For A Bold Look

For a statement as well as a bold look, go for a nostril hoop and septum horseshoe ring. In addition, you can get lip piercings for a complete bold look. Wear statement jewelry along with it. Make sure you walk and smile with confidence. As long as you are confident, you can rock each and every look you adopt.


4 – Rhino

Go for vertical tip piercing. You might not have seen this kind of piercing much. You might not find it quite comfortable. So, I would suggest thinking before leaping. What I mean is to think about all the risks involved in it. Look for all the pros and cons. Take advice from the experts if necessary. Do all the precautionary measurements before going for it. After careful assessment of the pros and cons, if you still find it applicable, only then go for it. As an example, you can replicate the look as shown below.

3 – Hoop For Erl

Besides piercing with septum jewelry or hoop and stud, another option for you is piercing at the bridge of your nose. Deciding erl jewelry might not be so tricky since the options are limited. The options are either studs or rings.

In case, your face matches with hoops, definitely go for the hoop. A simple hoop might be sufficient to give you a classy look. You can always try different colors though. A stainless steel hoop is a good option.

2 – For Women Above 40

If you are a woman above 40, this idea is for you. Who said you can’t go for two nose piercings if you are 40 plus? You can go for any type of piercing as long as you feel like it. I would suggest a simple piercing with hoop and stud. For inspiration, you can follow this lady’s look. It is simple, elegant, and cool at the same time. However, there are other options as well. For example, you can choose studs, or hoops too. A septum piercing might be too much for you though. As healing of the septum requires a longer duration (like almost 8 weeks, that too if performed correctly), it might not be ideal for you.


1 – Jewelery

As I already stated that two nose piercings are all about being creative to stand out among the crowd. Once you are done with the whole procedure like the piercings and healing, the next step is to choose a suitable jewelry. People are often under the wrong impression that the options are limited. In reality, you have a number of ways to try out different kinds of jewelry. Even the same jewelry with different colors would impart a different look. You can opt for studs with different colors like silver, golden, black, or any color that compliments your overall looks, and shapes like small round studs, flowers, heart-shaped, star-shaped, and so on. Apart from these, you can also pick different sizes like small, medium, large size jewelry.

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