30 Cute and Latest Pictures of Princess Charlotte

Cutest Pictures of Princess Charlotte . Apparently the 1-year old does not know that the future of her country is resting on her shoulders and it will become what she will allow. She is the youngest child of Prince William – Duke of Cambridge and Kate Middleton – Duchess of Cambridge and has a single sibling – the young Prince George.

She is related to Prince William and James William Middleton and other important members of the Royal families. So here are about 50 latest and happy pictures of Princess Charlotte that you might have missed on this year around. So have a look and enjoy!

Latest Pics of Princess Charlotte

This post is all about the most loved princess ever, who came into the world on 2nd May 2015. Here’s all the basic information about her that you might not have known:

  • Full name: Charlotte Elizabeth Diana
  • Parents: Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
  • Position in line for the throne: Fourth
  • Date of birth: 2nd May 2015
  • Time of birth: 8:34 a.m
  • Weight at birth: 8 pounds and 3 ounces

latest pictures of princess charlotte

↓ 30 – A Copy of the Queen

Ever since her birth, people have been amazed by the resemblance that princess Charlotte has with queen Elizabeth. She literally has the same eyes, the same eyebrows and features and lately  even the same hairstyles. You should also see these Omar Borkan’s 100 Latest, Hottest and Most Stylish Pictures.

latest pictures of princess charlotte


↓ 29 – The Little Style Diva

latest pictures of princess charlotte


↓ 28 – Her Adorable Smile

princess charlotte pictures

↓ 27 – Enjoying a Children’s Party

latest pictures of princess charlotte


↓ 26 – Her Second Birthday Pictures

Here’s a famous portrait from Princess Charlotte’s second birthday that went viral. There were a number of mean and hate-filled comments on the pictures related to her outfit or hair but her fans were not taking any such hatred and immediately shut down all the trolls.

princess charlotte pictures


↓ 25 – The Most Brilliant Cover Girl

princess charlotte pictures


↓ 24 – Creating a Little Scene

princess charlotte latest pictures


↓ 23 – Stealing the Spotlight with her Cutest Curtesy

This video will surely melt your heart. The princess’s latest visit to Poland was filled with a number of cute and fun moments but the one everyone fell in love with was of the time she gave a cute little curtesy to the officials who were present to see her off. While no one really noticed her tiny and gently curtesy at the time, the media obviously couldn’t miss it out and within some time the whole world was smiling over her diplomatic etiquettes.

↓ 22 – On the Royal True

She looked perfectly adorable on the recent royal tour of Germany and Poland, here’s a sneak peek from her short stay in Berlin.

princess charlotte latest pictures

↓ 21 – Her Favourite Color

Both the mother and daughter have pink as their favorite color and rightly so because it looks great on them.

latest pictures of princess charlotte

↓ 20 – At Their Aunt’s Wedding

Here are some pictures of the princess from her aunt, Pippa Middleton wedding back in May 2017. Have a look at 100 Best Pictures and Videos of Harper Beckham.

latest pictures of princess charlotte latest pictures of princess charlotte


princess charlotte pictures


↓ 19 – Happy Together

princess charlotte pics (1)

↓ 18 – Simply Adorable

princess charlotte pics (29)princess charlotte pics (28)

↓ 17 – Sleeping Peacefully

princess charlotte pics (30)

↓ 16 – Happily Playing

princess charlotte pics (31)

↓ 15 – Winter Feels

princess charlotte pics (32)

↓ 14 – Like Mother Like Daughter

princess charlotte pics (33)

↓ 13 – Baby and Granny

princess charlotte pics (34)

↓ 12 – The Day She Was Born

princess charlotte pics (36)

↓ 11 – The Adorable Siblings

princess charlotte pics (35)princess charlotte pics (37)

↓ 10 – The Perfect Family Picture

princess charlotte pics (38)princess charlotte pics (40)princess charlotte pics (39)

princess charlotte pics (41)

↓ 9 – Always the Prettiest

princess charlotte pics (42)

↓ 8 – Charlotte through the Years

princess charlotte pics (43)

↓ 7 – New Born Princess with her Brother

princess charlotte pics (44)

↓ 6 – Playing in the Garden

princess charlotte pics (45)

↓ 5 – The Cutest Little Angel

princess charlotte pics (46)

↓ 4 – All Dolled Up

princess charlotte pics (47)

↓ 3 – The Royal Baby’s Christening Ceremony

Here we see the princess being honored as the 7th royal baby to have worn the Honiton lace robe for her christening. The picture is from back in 2008 when she was just around teo months old. Don’t miss out these 30 Hottest Pictures of Zayn Malik so far.

princess charlotte pics (48)

↓ 2 – Pretty in Pink

The pink color has always looked beautiful on her.

princess charlotte pics (49)

↓ 1 – Snow Day

Looks like both the baby and the father share their love for snow.

princess charlotte pics (50)

All images have been taken from Pinterest.


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