Combining Jewelry — 6 Golden Rules

Do you like wearing fancy expensive jewelry, faith-based jewelry, or any other kind? And you probably do not risk wearing earrings, rings, and pendants together if they are from different collections. Well, there is certainly a logic to it. But it’s only a short step from strict to boring when it comes to style. And that’s not our goal at all, is it? Here are a few simple rules for those who wear jewelry — maybe you’ll find a rule here that will improve your style.

Фотография ювелирных изделий крупным планом

Rule 1: Consider Your Age and Figure

A narrow ring is lost on a chubby finger — larger stones are more appropriate on larger hands. Or consider fragile girls with a thick ring or heavy earrings — the combination is funny rather than stylish. If you have a thin neck, long earrings with a pendant on a delicate chain will look much more organic.

Rule 2: Don’t Mix Materials

A bracelet with large stones does not go with gold earrings. A silver chain will not harmonize with a gold ring. In general, the principle is clear. It is also unacceptable to wear jewelry made of the same metal but in different colors. A white gold bracelet does not look good in one set with a ring of yellow gold and earrings of red gold. The exception might be a design that combines these colors within the same piece.

Rule 3: Stones Must “Agree”

White cubic zirconia and emerald don’t look harmonious together. Garnets clash with turquoise and jasper. Every gemstone requires the right setting and the right “company.”

Here are some other “unhappy families”:

  • Red stones (coral, garnet, ruby, tourmaline) do not go well with any other stones.
  • Yellow stones (amber, spinel, citrine) do not look good with blue and purple.
  • Bolder combinations are allowed for black and white stones. But there is a condition — do not get carried away and do not go after quantity.
  • Black, blue and purple stones are a “heavy” combination. They are not to be worn together.
  • While green stones (emerald, malachite, and jade) may be easily combined with others, they look better alone.

Rule 4: 3 Pieces of Jewelry Are Enough

It can be a ring with earrings and a bracelet, a necklace with earrings and a bracelet, or a  watch with earrings and a brooch. But do not wear everything at once: a ring, earrings, a watch, a necklace, and a bracelet!

Many people know the rule of three pieces of jewelry. But it is also important to remember that you shouldn’t wear all your jewelry in one part of the body: your head (earrings, a chain, and a brooch),  your hands (a bracelet, a watch, and a ring), etc. By the way, it is not recommended to wear more than three rings. Also, keep in mind that earrings must harmonize with bracelets and rings with neck jewelry.

Rule 5: Jewelry is an Extension of Outfit

If you follow this rule, the jewelry will help to accentuate your whole image. A massive necklace in the ethnic style should not complement gold earrings. Choose right away: either graceful and thin or large and flashy. Also, take into account how your jewelry corresponds to the environment. Here are a few tips:

  • As mentioned above, the business dress code includes the rule of three jewelry pieces and requires a proper combination of materials.
  • In the evening, glittering jewels look advantageous.
  • At work, moderate jewelry made of gold and silver — rings, elegant chains with pendants, and so on — is appropriate.
  • Representatives of the creative professions can afford to take liberties. Their style depends on the effect they want to achieve.

Rule 6: Use Only One “Highlight”

If you want to decorate yourself with a non-standard product — a ring covering an entire finger, a luxurious designer necklace, a wide belt, or a bracelet — it is unnecessary to complement it with other equally eccentric items. Such an approach leads to chaos and distracts attention from the main thing. In everything, you need to know the measure!


Follow these simple rules, and don’t forget about common sense. Be creative and develop good taste. Whatever you do, let your jewelry help you present yourself in the best light!

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