14 Top Celebrities Inspired Short Hairstyles To Follow This Year

Further to our collection of cute short hairstyle and easy updos hairstyle we bring you now celebrities Short hairstyle fashion and trends. For a Sexy summer look you dont have to escape from glam repertoire of short hairstyle inspirations.You can look as sexy as the gorgeous celebrities by adopting these cute and simple short hairstyles.

Because Hollywood is the best place to keep an eye on if you are looking for trendy mini-cut hairstyles. This collection of celebrities short hairstyle can keep you up-to-the-minute with the voguish evolution of modern hair dressing.

Short hair gave a great comeback during the year 2016 and it seems like it’s not going out of fashion this year, at least. We saw some great pixie cuts, bob cuts and some short wavy styles that some great celebrities rocked. Looking back in time, Courtney Cox in the very popular TV show ‘Friends’ rocked a great short hairstyle that won several hearts. The classic bob can never go wrong and this was proved by the very charming and chic Lily Collins. Short hair are pretty easy to handle and can change one’s appearance greatly. However, it definitely isn’t your piece of cake if you’ve got frizzy curly hair.

The classic bob still leads the list as one of the trendiest hairstyles of all times. There are a number of bob cut hairstyles, these include Asian Bob, A-line bob, shingle bob and buzz cut bob along with a few others. The shingle bob, also known as the ‘boyish bob’ is one of the oldest hairstyles. It is symmetrical from all angles which makes it look quite neat and clean. The bob cut is quite a bold hairstyle but is one of our favourites because it is easy to maintain and is quite appealing. The beachy bob has always been one of the celebrity favourites and we saw Emma Stone wearing one. The American TV personality Ali Fedotowsky was also seen with short locks styled as a fun beachy bob.

Another very popular and trendy short hairstyle is the Pixie cut which remained popular throughout the year 2015. This style has been worn by a number of celebrities including the ‘Hunger Games’ actress Jennifer Lawrence, Pamela Anderson, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson and the very talented, Grammy award winner Beyoncé. The Bollywood actress, Anushka Sharma, was also seen rocking a Pixie hairstyle courtesy a wig for the movie PK. The pixie haircut involves shorter length around the back and sides, and slightly longer towards the top. The pixie cut can be easily maintained and can look great on all kinds of outfits with nice side-swept bangs. The edgy Pixie cut looks fabulous on Jennifer Hudson and we would love to rock the hairstyle like her. You can get this look by using gel or frizz that brings out the toughness or the edginess of the hair.

Celebrities Short Hairstyle Fashion


Trendy Short Hair Styles      Jessica Stroup                                                                 Evan Rachel Wood

Stylish Short Hairstyles Michelle Williams                                                                              Ruby Rose

Rihana Mohawkh Hair Style Rihana                                                                                           Toni Braxton

Cute Short Hair Styles Emily Browning                                                                                Emmawatson

Clebrities Hairstyles Pink                                                                                                        Ruby Rose

Celebrities Short Hair style Ashlee Simpson                                                                    Michelle Williams

Celebrities Hair Style Ideas Halle Berry                                                                             Ginnifergoodwin

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