Can a Man Understand a Russian Woman?

  Many Western men are dreaming about Russian young women and girls. Reasons are obvious. Russian brides are beautiful and pretty and so much attractive. To make this dream comes true, foreign men are looking for them on different websites. A man makes his registration, creates his personal profile and can easily find various beautiful girls willing to meet somebody online. Watching all these pretty faces and perfect bodies, every man can lose courage at once. On this territory of the dating site, Russian girls feel free to get in touch first with every man. Just registered, the man can open his account next day and find hundreds of smiles and invitations for chat from Russian angels. Then, the man starts answering to the letters, typing in chats for hours, constantly browsing girls’ profiles and admiring their gorgeous photos… Time flies and the man is ready to give up. The man spent so much time and he did not feel he has found his love, because he didn’t know how to communicate with Russian girls. Here are several important points to know about Russian girls.

          The Russian girl are very emotional. They always want to have good feelings. The man is very practical and doesn’t want to spend his time for nothing. Maybe, that’s why the man doesn’t seem to understand her and to be understood by her as well. So, whenever the man decides to stop communicating with one “irrational” girl to find another, more “reasonable”, to his opinion, he should know more about Russian girls’ way of thinking.

          She usually says: “When I feel cherished, willing and loving, I want to be always with you!” The man probably already knows this truth about women: physical intimacy must be a result of her emotional intimacy. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t want a physical intimacy at all, if there is no emotional intimacy. But the man should take into account that rude offers or strict sentences like “You want me? Yes or no?” surely can wound her soul and, as a result, damage your relationship. So, the man has to find how to attract girl’s attention and awaken her feelings to him.

         “I want to be your lady.” This phrase usually means that she wants the man to be gentleman, generous and kind. Chivalry sounds clumsy and very old-fashioned, however, Russian girls are expecting exactly such behavior from the man. They want that her man would treat her with dignity and respect. If the man says: “You are unique and I’ll do everything for you!”, he won’t wait too long for the perfect reaction.

         Using negative or deceiving words are strictly forbidden in the communication with Russian girl. Even if the total meaning of the sentence is positive. By choosing wise, kind and sensitive words, the man can enrich the communication and totally fascinate the Russian woman. Russians don’t believe at once. They need a time to accustom to the man. So, being persistent is the good way to her heart.

         At the same time, when a man writes and says her: “I love you. You are so beautiful, mmmmm” too many times and misses her questions, it is getting her nervous. She knows she is beautiful, then what? Bla-bla-bla and nothing else. To amend situation, it is better to present her flowers, even virtual. The effect will be perfect. The same as if the man gives her real flowers!

         Simple questions about her weight, her ex-boyfriends, comparing her with the mom and the former love may insult the Russian girl very deeply. Once wounded, even if he asks her to forgive him the way like that: “I didn’t want to hurt you”, the man shouldn’t expect for total forgetting. Most probably, the girl will answer: “Ok!”, but she can remind these words to the man later!

         To the opinion of Russian women, the man must be confident, reliable and strong. Of course, if the man is complaining all the time, if he is not satisfied with everything, if he has trouble with his job, how he could he attractive for her? She waits for a man for protection, security and sincere love. Due to the customs and traditions, Russians do not aim to the freedom and to the equal rights with the man, like Western women do. She understands her second role both in the relations and in the family. She wants to be protected and overprotected. So, Russian girls are searching for the healthy, fashionable ,wealthy and reliable man first of all.

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