Best Drugstore Mascara Primers for Beautiful Lashes

Mascara is mandatory for all makeup styles and occasions. You integrate mascara even into those basic makeup styles. The mascara primers, on the other hand, keep your lashes healthy while boosting their length, volume, and color.

Best Drugstore Mascara Primers for Beautiful Lashes

They actually almost look like the original mascara – except that they’re either transparent or come in the soft full shade. The best are packed-up with vitamins and ingredients that minimize any risk of triggering irritation or allergies. Let’s see what makes these products stunning!

#1 L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Mascara Primer

The best OTC product, as per users’ reviews, is the L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Mascara Primer. Read more about this product to see what makes it the number one drugstore mascara primer and scrutinize some of its top alternatives.

Note that this primer expertly nourishes the eyelashes making them have more volume and a dramatic length. It prevents lashes from sticking to each other throughout the day while allowing you not to feel it due to its lightweight formula. You will no longer need to apply two coatings of mascara. One layer of primer and another one of mascara will be enough.

#2 Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer

If you’re health-conscious but care for your stylish eye makeup, then this product suits you perfectly. The Urban Decay primer is all about long and high-volume lashes. It has a creamy formula which contains vitamin E and Panthenol for conditioning and lashes protection. However, it doesn’t contain parabens or any fragrance.

The primer is equipped with an extra-large brush which helps you cover the entire length of the lashes as a preparation for the mascara. Manufacturers even claim that your complete makeup look will make your beauty beholders ask if you’re wearing false eyelashes or extensions.

#3 Tarte Opening Act Lash Primer

Tarte is a brand which highly promotes cruelty-free formulas and products which pay attention mostly to the skin’s particularities and needs. The Opening Act Lash Primer has a surprising ingredient list for a cosmetics product. There are beeswax, olive esters, and cellulose.

The product helps you have super-sized, natural looking and soft lashes. You can use them with or without mascara without adjusting your makeup procedures as it dries quickly. The primer is part of a collection of products with clinically-proven lash extension effects.

#4 Pixi Black Lacquer Lash Primer

The Pixi Black Lacquer Lash Primer is among the best of its kinds, thanks to its ingredients and the harmful chemical it lasts. The product can be used before or after the mascara to increase the lashes’ volume and definition. You can even wear it alone if you prefer a makeup-free look.

The primer is paraben, phthalate, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate and aluminum-free. It also comes without an added fragrance. Other said you can use it even if you have allergies or sensitive eyes. The primer is mostly thickening the lashes. It also fits the best dark and black mascara types.

#5 LASHFOOD Conditioning Collagen Lash Primer

According to a study, women have high expectations from all fields of their life and they shouldn’t – including their makeup products. Let’s assume that the best drugstore mascara primers should be convenient and high-quality. You’re searching for a glamorous look which is also healthy and easy to achieve.

The LASHFOOD primer is paraben, phthalate, and sulfate free. However, it compensates through a rich content ins collagen, a Nano-Peptide Complex and microfibers. The product is easy to apply, even though its pigment is white. Overall, the primer has a full false-lash effect even for thin and straight hairs.

#6 Eisley Rose Cosmetics Caught My Eye Mascara Primer and Lash Base Conditioner

The Eisley Rose primer and conditioner enriches the performance of your mascara, while it also revitalizes the lashes that daily face the weight of cosmetic products. Your eyes won’t have a flake look, as the primer’s wet formula dries quickly. The two main ingredients are beeswax and lecithin.

You can use it as a base coat which conditions the hair and as a top coat for whenever you just don’t feel like wearing mascara but long for those rich lashes. The product helps you avoid lashes that stick to each other due to a product you like but comes with side effects.

#7 Smashbox Photo Finish Lash Primer

Everyone dreams of ultra-long and yet lightweight lashes. The primer promises to deliver them thanks to a nutrient-packed formula. This Smashbox treatment contains panthenol which strengthens and conditions your eyelashes while holding the mascara on for longer.

You can apply the primer only on the root and wiggle its way to the end of the lashes. Then, use the mascara while the primer is still wet. Such a technique also saves you time when you’re in a hurry.

The best drugstore mascara primers undoubtedly provide you beautiful, long and voluminous lashes. Meanwhile, it also keeps them healthy and promotes their growth. You only need to find the products that fit you most and grab them in your purse whenever you plan to leave the house!

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