A complete Guide to Women’s Fashion in 1 picture

Finding a right outfit as per your body type and figure is a little tricky job.Here is an ultimate Fashion guide for women in simple one infographic.Girls keep looking for different outfits ideas on many blogs which is actually quite a cumbersome job. So here is an idea to bring all the women fashion Guide in just one pic at one place.So every thing you need to know about women’s fashion you find it at one place.

The first thing you should know that what type of body you have .Then choose the right outfit for your body so that it doesn’t give too tight or too lose look .This is guide that what outfits will suit women as per  body type. so whatever your body type is , whether you are plus size, athletic, curvy, straight up and down,hour glass , pear shaped, etc. You can find the right skirt, pant and jeans , shoes and other outfits  that will flatter your figure , if you know how to choose them. Follow this women fashion guide and we assure you next time you go for shopping you will feel the change.Good luck



Women Fashion Tips

Guide to Girls Fashion


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