7 sneaky ways to save money while shopping online

In India, online shopping has taken off in a big way over the last three to four years, especially with special and festive sales held several times throughout the year. With yet another sale approaching, here are some money-saving online shopping tips

How to get discounts, get price alerts, and use every method available to stretch every dollar spent on clothes, home decor, food, and everything else you might think of. So being a total nerd about this stuff could come in handy from time to time. 

A few suggestions to help you save money 

Things on your wish list should be held in your online shopping carts

When a price drops, you’ll get an email notification. Price drop warnings aren’t used by all retailers, but they’re becoming increasingly common in email marketing. Target is one of the companies that do it often. To receive updates, make sure you have an account on the shopping site and keep it logged in with your cart. 

Check the details on cashback, coupons, and coupon codes

When it comes to enormous online sales, several shopping sites have arrangements with a bank for debit/credit card deals. Cash back alongside EMI offers are also discussed and offered. There are also specific discount sites that share a portion of their partner commission with you if you buy something through their website or through a referral link. 

However, before you want to take advantage of those deals, make sure you read the terms and conditions: Discounts that are offered upfront and lower the purchase price are often preferred.

On shopping pages, look for “As Is” for heavy discounts on returned products

This trick works on Quicklotz.com , or you can use Amazon’s warehouse deals feature, which is close. When items are returned, they are sold at a discount of 50-60% to 70%. Simply look at the explanation to determine the reason for the return. 

It’s always discounted because the package has been opened, some stitching has fallen loose but can be repaired, or an object has a mark that can be buffed out.

On your credit/debit card or wallet, you’ll find special offers, cashback, and loyalty points

Regardless of whether or not your bank has a relationship with a shopping website, your bank may have ongoing discounts if you use your credit or debit card for a certain period of time or for a certain amount per purchase. 

These may take the form of coupons, cashback, shopping vouchers, movie tickets, and so on, or even bonus reward points. When a payment is made from their app, new wallet and payment applications continue to submit emails and reminders for deals.

It’s a plus to get free shipping

When it comes to shopping, every penny counts. Check whether the item you’re purchasing is delivered for free or at a discount. Some sites provide free shipping to their premium buyers, and you can check whether a seller offers it by clicking the “More offers from” button on a product page.

A better deal will still come along later

This may or may not be valid, as product prices fluctuate frequently; the point is, decide if you really want to buy anything right away or whether you can wait and are satisfied with the price, and then go for it. Avoid the desire to buy something only because it’s on sale or has a special offer. 

Buying clothes from wholesale liquidation stores

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing from wholesale clothing liquidation stores  is that it lowers the operating costs. Companies will command lower prices than they do if they bought the same items at a department store. The higher the price that can be negotiated, the greater the amount that is purchased. Cost-cutting will boost profit margins directly.

Bottom Line 

The strategies outlined above will help you stick to a budget and save for your goals while still allowing you to have some budgeted fun. It’s also worth noting that buying an item when it’s out of season will help you save money. Most products have their peak prices as their seasons are approaching, so you can learn to shop ahead of time to save more money.