7 Best Ways Of Wearing A Cotton Dress this Summer

Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics to wear in the summer months. It is affordable, can be machine washed, discourages bacteria and yeast growth, and is extremely breathable. It’s a great fabric for a hot and humid day. Very comfortable to wear, you can style with cotton in many ways too. Here are some cotton dress outfit ideas you can wear for the summer.


White Maxi Flared Dress


Dressing minimal is a good idea during the summer. All you have to do is wear a maxi flared dress. You can try a two-layered high split design or an off-shoulder design like this one here. White will be refreshing and will make you keep looking pure. You can pair the dress with brown strappy sandals for completing your look.


White Off The Shoulder Cotton Mini


Planning a summer vacation? Make sure to include this skater dress when you pack. This dress will go very well with a straw hat and a white heeled sandal. You will enjoy the laid-back feel and look cool in this outfit.


Short Sleeve Mini With Boho Necklace


Here’s another casual way of wearing a white cotton dress. A white short-sleeve shift dress, when paired with your boho-style statement necklace, is always going to rock the show. It’s the boho neckline that will make you look gorgeous. Expect your outfit to be a definite eye-turner. Add a refreshing touch to your look by wearing nude heeled sandals with this outfit.


Striped Maxi Flared Dress


White is a good color to wear in the summer because it will reflect the sunlight back and keeps you cool inside. White cotton fabric is the best choice for the summer undoubtedly. But that doesn’t mean you have to wear white all the time. You can combine white with another color, like this striped flared dress, or you can try another color as well, such as light blue, brown, or pink in different combinations. The striped flared maxi will make you look breezy and playful.


Vertical Striped Shift Dress


A striped dress may make you look more creative and sophisticated than a white solid dress. Once again there are several options for you to choose from like a striped shift dress in white and grey with long puffed sleeves, or a plunge boxy white and black striped dress. The stripes can be horizontal like the one before or vertical like this one here. This will surely be a very stylish outfit.


Shirt With Pencil Skirt

This is a gorgeous way of wearing a white shirt with your patterned pencil skirt. Tuck your shirt in for a neat and crisp look. You can complete the outfit by wearing a peep-toe block heeled sandal with this.


Shirt With Denim


A white top whether a shirt or a tee with blue denim is a classic combination. It works all the time. You can tuck in the denim into your ankle suede boots for a cool look. Chambray is another option. It is lightweight and often better for the summer. Complete your outfit by adding a leather tote bag and a brimmed fedora Hat.

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